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What we do is provide lead generation services through a brand-new, highly effective, method of lead generation for high-ticket products or services, which has have been perfected and tested over the years.

This new method will initiate contact with your entire hi-value prospect database within the first 30 days of campaign launch to find the exact prospects who want to talk with you now.


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12 August 2019

I do not appreciate unsolicited emails

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I love helping business owners and professionals grow their business .

I have many years of experience in sales and lead generation. What I have noticed is that in terms of lead generation, most companies are still using outdated methods which do not work as well as they did a few years ago.

I use a proven lead generation method, along with social media and email marketing to generate hi-value leads at a fraction of the cost of advertising. I am also willing to show exactly how I generate these leads through my free online workshop https://www.justexclusiveleads.com/free-online-workshop.html


We use an in-house automated marketing solution that will contact and continue to go after prospects automatically. This solution works best for small B2B companies and professionals with limited marketing budgets.

Our cold email marketing reaches out to thousands of potential prospects in a very short period of time to ensure your sales pipeline fills quickly and continues to stay full. We source the lists, write the copy and send everything out for you! This solution works best for any size company wanting to make a big impact quickly.

When structured properly, event marketing can bring you close rates of 30% or more for all who attend. Even if you are an average closer! This service is only available with our Fully Managed Marketing Campaigns.

Our fully managed marketing campaigns will initiate contact with most of your hi-value prospects within the first 30 days of campaign launch to find the exact prospects who want to talk with you now. It also automatically follows up with anyone else to make sure your sales pipeline is full and no money is left on the table. We use a combination of LinkedIn Marketing, Cold Email Marketing & Event Marketing for these campaigns.

If you would like to find out how to generate hi-ticket sales leads without spending a whole lot of time prospecting, we host a free online workshop. Just go to the link below to find out more: https://www.justexclusiveleads.com/free-online-workshop.html