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Just a Season counselling offers counselling and Psychotherapeutic services that can help you tackle the trials that arise in life.
Services include:
General Counselling
Family Counselling
Ministerial Counselling
Pre-Marital Counselling
Post-Marital Counselling
Video counselling

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23 August 2019

Wonderful service .
She's a great listener and gives really sound advice.

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Helping people come out of pit like situations. In life we are guaranteed to go through but we do not have to go through alone .What I love most about my role as a counsellor is supporting people through instances they think they cannot get through. I use my role to be a beacon of light and a change agent .

My passion to see people better coupled with my interest in the field of counselling.

They are guaranteed of impartial advice, a keen listening ear and a practical strategy thereafter to see situations turn around.