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Jacques Smal

18 May 2019

Sheree has a wonderful gym, nice equipment


Nikail Singh

5 February 2019

Best place to be in Durban


Sheree Mardon

5 February 2019

It will be the Best mistake that you'll ever make ..... when You join JUMP GYM !!!


Isabelle St Ange

5 February 2019

Five Stars!!

Incredibly effective!! a good way to keep positive!! Try it !! you will hooked!! :)


Kyle Bush

5 February 2019

Best gym in Durban.. great vibes and great music.. Definitely recommend it


Bjørn Mikhail Crinall

5 February 2019

Extremly helpful to students who study out of KZN. Just message and you will be helped with open arms!


Charné Carol Dall

5 February 2019

Love going to the bootcamp sessions. You go and work out muscles you didn't even know you had! You can also go at your own pace, so long as you keep trying :) There is no judgement, you go there to work up a sweat, and get those muscles pumping!


Josh Viviers

5 February 2019

Excellent gym. Good vibe/music and top notch equipment to assist in your training requirements. Great gym to focus and grind at achieving your goals!


Tasha Fourie

5 February 2019

Retha knows her stuff!!


Antoinette Groenewald

5 February 2019

Bootcamp is the best ! I didn't even like to exercise but Sheree makes it so much fun :D Will recommend Jump gym / Bootcamp classes to everyone . Fun , fantastic workout and awesome people :) :) :) More...


Claudine Basson

5 February 2019

I'm pretty sure Sheree could do this in her sleep and be just as effective! She's working with me to rehabilitate muscles that haven't exercised in 2 years after drastic surgeries and chemo which has left my system in a heap on the floor. The first part of the hour feels tough - no doubt - but Sheree keeps me entertained and focused on getting through the motions. As easy as hard work can be! More...


Dustin Mulder

5 February 2019

So today I was really unmotivated to train but as I walked into jump gym and heard the music going, I quickly changed my attitude and had one of the best leg sessions ever! Loving the music and style of gym. I’m really happy with it � More...


Zac Schwartz

7 November 2018

Best small "family gym" around has alot of veriuos workout areas.


Pam Pillay

13 May 2018

I love Jump Gym, most friendly people and atmosphere, I love it there

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