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Sue Reaney

30 June 2019

Testimonial for Julie Gravelle: We all have times in our lives when things become difficult. What most of us do is battle on in silence, often feeling very alone. We think that no-one will understand how we really feel, yet alone be able to help us to reach a resolution. Sometimes, when we try to talk, we are told we are “Being silly”, or people tell us what to do, and sometimes expect us to do it, even if it is not appropriate!That was me. Until I met Julie Gravelle. I had tried other two other counsellors, both of which were very negative experiences, so I was incredibly nervous and not expecting much before our first appointment. But Julie has such a wonderfully relaxed, calm and friendly nature, that I very quickly felt at ease and comfortable talking with her. I felt that she genuinely understood how I felt, and that, not only did she want to help me, but that she actually could. I left that appointment that day with something incredibly precious. Hope. There was so much going on in my head, that it was quite a tangle of knots, but Julie expertly and patiently unpicked those knots. She never told me what to do, but gently guided me in the right direction by asking questions that made me focus and to look at things in different ways. By doing this she enabled me to work out for myself a way to navigate around the obstacles that were blocking my path. I have never felt ‘silly’ whilst talking to Julie. She has never said “You’re wrong to feel like that” or judged me. She has never pushed me to discuss things, but allowed me to go at my own pace, and because of that, I have always felt able to talk to her about absolutely anything. And I have done!She is a fantastic listener, totally focused on what you are saying, (she is even able to keep up with my habit of going off in different directions, and talking about several things at once!). She is also amazingly empathetic, and no matter how dreadful I have felt at the beginning of an appointment, by the end, I have always left with that same feeling of hope that I felt at that first appointment. When others have pushed me down, Julie has given me strength, not just to get back up again, but to say that I deserve to be treated better. I know that Julie is always on my side because she genuinely cares about her clients. She has a wonderful gift and uses that to help people reach their full potential in many different aspects of their lives.Julie has made such a huge positive difference to my life, which I appreciate so much. When someone tells me about their own difficulties, I always suggest they speak to Julie, because I know that she will definitely be able to help, whatever and however large or small the problem. Rating for Julie Gravelle: 5* out of 5* More...

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