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Julian ernst PT

Welwyn Garden City

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Julian ernst PT

Welwyn Garden City


Have over 9 years experience in PT.

'To take you from Point A to Point B'

Most enjoyable + effective time possible

Current Certificates

Bsc Sport and Exercise Science

Level 3 PT + Nutritionist

Level 2 Fitness instructor



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In training motivated then making sure they r hitting short term target and long term aims. Outside making sure they r recovering correctly with monitoring them weekly.

Consistancy, patient, hard work
Listening and following instruction everyone is different just need to find the way to get to your goal as with a PT should quicken the process.

Seeing people change into the best version of themselves

The value of what I could give my clients needs and goals . As working in a big company, I.e for gym you don’t get your worth per customer the gym does.

They should only choose me if they r ready to change into a better version of themselves.
‘ As change is inevitable, as we are constantly changing just make sure you change in a positive way not negative’

If you do not focus on how you want to change or were you won’t to go ‘no plan’ you will progress negatively.