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Judi Summers Design

Avondale, Sarasota County


Judi Summers Design

Avondale, Sarasota County


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Murray Miller

30 September 2019

We engaged Judi to help us in our home design project. She proved to be an excellent resource, with great ideas and endless valuable contacts and sources. After identifying our preferences, she steered us to choices that achieved our desires and avoided mistakes we would have made on our own. We enjoyed working with her and we recommend her without reservation. More...


Pamela Gurrentz

23 September 2019

Judi has collaborated on redesigning my Master Bedroom, Living Room, and Nursery for my first grandchild. She is warm and enthusiastic. Her connection with local merchants helped us to narrow down how many places my husband and I had to physically travel to. Judi solved many of our lighting and flow issues. We are enjoying the response of our guests as they use our home and Judi has become a dear friend in the process. We highly recommend her work. More...


Amy and Michael Rowell

1 December 2016

We initially contacted Judi Summers for help with draperies and bedskirts for our bedroom. We then enlisted her help for living room design and decor.
Judi has innovative ideas and wonderful contacts to produce top quality results. She is very collaborative in her approach to clients, and fun to work with. We are so happy that we found her!


Barbara Mei

27 November 2016

Judi Summers is a delight to work with. She listens! Whether you need advice or want her to take over the project and everything in between, she does a terrific job. Judi is a delight to work with and does not the ego that so many decorators exhibit. More...



22 April 2016

Not only does Judi Summers have great taste, but she easily adapts it to her clients' preferences - add to that budget consciousness and ability to manage a project and you have a winner! After already purchasing furniture for our new home in Florida, we came across examples of her work on HOUZZ. Never having met her, we called from Connecticut and asked if she could act as an on-site project
supervisor, accepting delivery and swapping out pieces if they were unsuitable, consulting with us by phone and email. The process went so smoothly and she managed interior repainting, instillation of computers, a home entertainment center, wall hangings and lighting fixtures, again all with phone and email consultation. The place was ready-to-go when we moved in and we haven't a single regret.



29 August 2015

I moved from a large home to smaller condo and Judi Summers helped me find uses for some of my furniture, buy some new furniture and accessories, and arrange my rooms. We went shopping together. Judi is very creative and is knowledgable about all of the stores, new, antique and consignment, in our area. She had great ideas and was lots of fun to work with




6 September 2014

After a couple of bad experiences with another free-lance interior designer and a designer linked to a furniture store (don't make the mistake I did and align with a furniture store decorator even if they are "free"), I decided to try one more time to find someone that would actually help me furnish and decorate a new build vacation home. I searched on Houzz and found Judi and am so happy I did. We are Canadian so we were outfitting our new build from afar and didn't know the stores or where to shop, plus I actually don't enjoy interior decorating. I just knew that I wanted to step into my vacation home and love it. I also was conscious of my budget. Within minutes of meeting Judi, I knew she was the one to help me. Judi does not waste your time or your money. She assessed our situation, helped me get out of some poor furniture decisions that had already been made (even helping me negotiate the return with the local furniture store), and made cost effective suggestions. I shopped both on my own and with her to help keep costs down. On her own she chose lamps, art, fabrics, headboards, faux plants and accessories that I love. Anything I didn't like, she would happily return though I can't say there was anything that wasn't a great fit in the house. My custom headboards are beautiful and less costly than buying retail. Her billing is prompt and detailed, and you do not pay for any excess or frivolous time. She is incredibly efficient with the time she spends on your project. Judi also has the installers readily available to deal with draperies - both off the shelf and custom, as she will select what makes sense for your budget and your design. Judi is fantastic to work with and you will be a satisfied and happy customer - you will love her design flair and appreciate how much she listens to you. More...



17 June 2013

Judi was an absolute delight to work with. She is professional, has impeccable taste and very flexible. She meets you where you are, for me that meant close minded and thinking of very few solutions, and she was patient and showed me lots of options. It was really fun shopping with her, too. I highly recommend her for creating designs that are current and beautifying your environment. She transformed my condo into something beautiful!! She is a great person and knows design!! More...



15 April 2013

To whom it may concern:

My wife and I bought a 1600 square foot, two bedroom condominium at 1350 Main street in Sarasota in 2007. Because we live in Toronto, and through the recommendation of a friend, we asked Judi Summers to help us with the furnishing. Judi, essentially started with bare walls and did all the work, conferring closely with Kathy and me for sign-off on interior design and other details. She was very sensitive to our needs and tastes and we were always happy and pleasantly surprised with her choices. Judi quickly accommodated the few changes we requested.

Kathy and I both rate Judi 'outstanding' on all aspects of the job, including selection of wall colours, art, furniture, towels and linen, arranging for the installation of built in cupboards for the laundry room, pantry and walk in closets, etc. Judi was excellent at keeping us current on progress and maintained excellent records of amounts spent.

Judi is a pleasure to work with and we were always comfortable with her. We would recommend Judi and her company highly for anyone requiring interior design assistance and advice.

John Doran & Kathy Roberts



14 April 2013

Just prior to making an offer on a 4 bedroom unit in one of the nicest condominium complexes on Longboat Key we asked our realtor to recommend an interior designer with whom she had experience. While the condominium was spacious , the room layout the best we had seen and located right on the Gulf of Mexico, the interior design taste of the prior owners was very unusual(every surface in the unit was a different shade of yellow including the ceilings;2 living room and one bedroom walls were covered from floor to ceiling with a dark green/blue slate) Our realtor had shown the unit to two other couples both of whom walked out in less than 5 minutes. Our realtor recommended Judi Summers. From the beginning we were impressed with Judi's energy, ideas, and confidence that the condo could be resurrected. She was a tireless worker and never tried to impose her contemporary inclination of our more traditional taste. She was a good listener. We were very impressed with the subcontractors that Judi used. Her " painter " was a skilled craftsman and was equally skilled in tearing out and rebuilding 3 interior walls, rerouting heating and air conditioning ductwork, repairing drywall, and hanging heavy mirrors, light fixtures, and artwork. Fifteen feet of the main living room wall was occupied by a hideous entertainment center that needed to be replaced. Judi contacted another of her subs who was a furniture designeer who designed and built an elegant, warm entertainment center that made the living room the place to be. Days spent shopping for interior furnishings were well organized and productive. In advance of 4 day shopping trip to Sarasota, Judi would send us pictures of things she had seen in stores to get our feedback so little time was wasted going to stores that carried things we did not care for. Judi's fees were reasonable and made even more so by the frequency with which she could get designer discounts on things we purchased. Needless to say we would highly recommend Judi Summers More...



9 April 2013

Judi was fantastic. Very respectful of my budget and worked some miracles. She is very creative and has wonderful taste. Working with Judi was a wonderful experience and I recommend her to anyone! More...


Carolyn Fletcher-Hedstrom

28 March 2013

Having seen Judi's work first hand, I can only give her the highest star rating possible for her unique, professional and outstanding design work in this field. I would highly recommend her to any prospective client knowing they will be totally satisfied from beginning to end of any project she is performing for them. My experience is based on decorative and unique items purchased to use for furnishing a home as well as many ideas using my own furnishings that arrived to a successful and happy ending for all. More...