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Hey, am Jonathan Tucker & am here simply to help you achieve your goals through a training program I create for you. This will be based around an in depth consultation where we identify your goals & put plans in place to achieve them.
I specialise in Body Transformations which I define as wanting to change the way you look.



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Simply by understanding each client on an individual basis who have individual goals & needs.
From here we discuss their goals & agree on goals to achieve.
I then create a program for them & we work to that program.
Regular fitness testing & health assessments to monitor progress so that I can show them how they are progressing is important as well as being an excellent motivation tool.
Clients love seeing progress & feel great when they realise how far they have come.

Not to chase the body of your dreams & being obsessed however being confident in how you are going to achieve the changes. My training programs will give you that confidence to achieve the results that you want to see.

My clients achieve the best results when they combine DIET & EXERCISE through the program I create for them.
The number of clients who previously have lost weight through a fad diet yet unhappy with their body have seen such a difference with my training programs & the diet advice I provide.

Working with great people who I can work with and build friendships with too. The training sessions are great too & I have satisfaction knowing that a program I have put for a client to work through to achieve results is amazing.

Ive inspired many clients to achieve what they wanted to and Ive motivated myself as well as being disciplined to run my own business. 2 different concepts with the same principles and its working for me.
I read a statistic that about 80% of personal trainers give up within their 1st year. Ive been going nearly 15 years so im obviously doing something right at the moment.

Ive worked with many different clients who have different personalities & goals. Therefore I am easily adaptable & can recognise that each client is an individual so I will have an individual approach for each client. I am adaptable & versatile in terms of who I can work with..
This is the key as I am confident in my training programs & sessions will deliver results.