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? Looking for someone to grow your business using the power of social media?

You came to the right place!

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I am the owner of JR HAVEN Media, a Social Media Marketing & Management Agency
that is dedicated to helping your brand grow and gain more customers online.



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What I love most about my job is the ability to effect real change in peoples lives through assisting in growing their business. Small and large businesses are the engine that drives our society forward. I know that the more our peoples businesses thrive the more of a positive effect they have on their communities, through hiring employees and adding positive cash flow into our economy. The ability for the internet to help changelives for the better and knowing I provide a service that gets to take part in that t process is what I love most about my job.

I have been an entrepreneur almost all of my adult life. I quickly found that marketing is a fundamental part of any companies success. So I set out to learn marketing that is relevant in this day and age. As I began to use these digital marketing skills in my own business I realized that I can use these skill to help other businesses grow. That is what inspired me to start my business....as well as the fact that I sought after a why to make an income while freeing up schedule in order to be more available to my daughters.

First off, I am very excited that you are taking the first leap into social media because a lot of businesses don’t realize the great impact it can have on business growth. I know you are serious about your business and I want to help you make it strive. You will not regret selecting me because I will work as hard as I can to generate your business phenomenal results.

My name is Jamaal Rashad, the owner of JR HAVEN Media. We are a digital marketing and social media management firm dedicated to growing businesses by generating them more revenue, customers and engagement with social media. We have created advertisements that have generated amazing results for our clients. Now I want to utilize those skills and knowledge to get similar results for you.

I have been mentored by 3 very successful social media marketing and agency owners, to develop my knowledge and skills. Additionally, I have studied marketing at university as well as spent thousands of dollars on online courses to know every strategy and trick to generate any business results.

If you want to work with a serious business owner like yourself, I am the perfect guy for the job
When selecting me, you can be ensured that you will receive the highest quality of work and someone who truly cares about seeing your business succeed.

I do offer a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about your business, job requirements, and see how my services fit in. If you want to take me up on that offer, just let me know.

Thank you and I look forward to a prosperous relationship,