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26 September 2017

Under no circumstances should you believe anything this company tell you. I originally contacted them and we agreed a price, to have the installation on the 8th August 2017 as that was the date the carpenter was available to start the extension. The company contacted me asking me to allow them to erect the scaffold before, even though It would be standing unused until the 8th August, as they had a lot of work around 8th. I agreed as they also advised that, as I agreed to have the scaffold early they will let me have it for as long as I want, within reason, but we agreed and I wanted it down as soon as possible, around the end of September. I asked for another level to be erected during 2 weeks later, and was quoted a price of £250 , which I felt was a little to much and refused. I then asked for part of the scaffold to be moved as part of the original agreement, but it took them 5 days to come round using excuses about wife's cars etc. . I then receive a text on the 2nd September saying the time of the hire was up, which was less than 4 weeks from the agreed date or I could pay for an extension to the verbal agreement. Today is the 21st September which is still only 6 weeks from the original requested start date, and apparently they are at my home , they only took half of the scaffold and agreed to return on 23rd at 1 pm I made myself available at this time but he didn't turn up another date was agreed for 24th at 2 pm but, as thought they didn't turn up as agreed instead they broke onto my property and took the scaffold after being told I wanted to be there. they must have broken onto the property as the gate is locked and taking the scaffold. I Refuse to be blackmailed into paying more. So please learn from my mistake and don't pay upfront and don't believe anything this company tell you, and get a written agreement, but believe this company would stick to the agreement. I have since discovered that the telephone number is linked to selsdon scaffolding, use your own judgement. More...

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