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Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance

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At Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance we offer:
Certified Transpersonal Life Coaching: Life Coaching gets you on track with your goals, personal and professional and gives you the support you need to create your best life. Sessions are $100 per hour and there is an initial 90 minute consultation that is $175. Reaching out directly via phone at 585.532.6006 will be the quickest way to make contact. You can also send an email to to ask questions or get more information.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Regression: These process allow you to release negative habits that are holding you back and to create new and healthful patterns for a better life. Spiritual Hypno-transformations allow you to access your inner guidance system and connect with your authentic self as well as personal path. Regression work assists with resolving past life or current life issues that are creating obstacles to your success and happiness.

Parent Coaching & Mentorship: Get on the right track with your kids and spouse! Support and education are provided to move you from behavior management with your kids into a thriving and supportive relationship. This guidance helps parents get on the same page with their parenting strategies and focuses on mindful and non-violent parenting.
Spiritual mentorship: Lets explore your gifts together! I love to guide my clients into a deeper understanding of their natural gifts, how to use them, and the appropriate boundaries for psychic and emotional protection. Seeing my clients dive deeper into their unique spiritual path is one of my passions. Our spiritual practices and paths have the potential to give us so much support, tap into that higher power and allow it to bring more into your life! All paths welcome.

Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance Reviews


Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Jeremiah Shackelford
5 01/07/2018 Jeremiah Shackelford

I think what I appreciate the most about my talks with Joy is being shown a perspective on my life that is motivating, empowering, and full of hope. Instead of being treated as something broken that needs fixing, Joy speaks to me as a capable individual who owns his decisions and overcomes obstacles. Embracing this perspective has helped me to be more productive, more creative, and more confident. With Joy's help I have realized that my story is not about a victim - it's about a hero!

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Liza Ramirez
5 01/07/2018 Liza Ramirez

What an amazing experience it is to work with Joy! I had the pleasure of receiving a Past Life Regression Hypno-Transformation session from Joy and I am so grateful for the gifts she shared with me. I’ve met with other Intuitive Guides in the past and was sometimes left with a feeling that the person just didn’t get me, or as though they just weren’t quite tuned in to my Spirit.
My Past Life Regression was held virtually through FaceTime. The distance made no difference. Joy handled herself in a professional manner and focused all of her attention on my healing as if she were right in front of me. She really tuned in to my life-long issue with cuticle picking and nail biting and she chose the perfect imagery to guide me through. Her voice was comforting and pleasant and allowed me to connect with my past life. It was quite a memory! I am so grateful to Joy for being a part of this healing and for helping me the space to connect a missing piece of my puzzle. I’ve made it a full week without returning to my bad habit – it would have never happened without Joy’s help! Thank you for your time and energy, Joy!

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Karen Keller
5 01/07/2018 Karen Keller

I have seen many counselors over the years. Some were helpful, others were not and a few did more harm than good. I have found my telephone sessions with Joy to be more useful and more productive than many of those I have had with medically degreed psychology professionals in nice offices! Joy intuitively knows just how to get to the heart of the matter, without wasting words. She is astute and gentle. She is professional and caring. She is not judgmental. Her insightful questions often reveal a whole new perspective on an issue. My talks with Joy have helped me to navigate through a time of transition after my husband passed away, as I grappled with many major changes in my life. Our sessions have given me clarity during very overwhelming periods of time in my life. The hypnotherapy session she recorded for me was soothing and the toe reading was very enlightening. I continue to reap benefits from the time we spent together. I can confidently recommend Joy without reservation.

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Summer Cross Ewart
5 Summer Cross Ewart

Joy brings her life experience and intuitive nature to the session with compassion and love. Her authentic heart is a gift to anyone she assists to find empowerment

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Gwen Sipes-DeRungs
5 Gwen Sipes-DeRungs

Joy's presence is thoughtful, caring and genuine. I appreciate her positive and practical approach to overcoming challenges. In my experience, her readings and insights are like flowers - as time passes they continue to blossom in depth and beauty parallel to the events unfolding in my life.

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Jeremiah Shackelford
5 Jeremiah Shackelford

I've been working with Joy for several years. Her guidance and insight is something I can't put a price on. Life is full of hard knocks and difficult lessons; having a guide there to help apply emotional intelligence to these situations and help uncover opportunities to grow and thrive is a privilege I wish every one had. I am so grateful for the her wisdom perspective and insight.

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Mandy Troxel
5 Mandy Troxel

About two toes into my reading with Joy I thought "Oh, Wait a minute!!! This is for real!". I was surprised by how much truth and insight my toes had to offer! It makes sense, of course, that the feet that have carried me through my life have insight to give. I'm so grateful to Joy for relaying that message to me with compassion, humor and wisdom. It was a significant conversation worth having. Thank you, Joy!!

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Liza Ramírez
5 Liza Ramírez

I had a past life regression with Joy recently. Even though it was a FaceTime Virtual session she set a safe and sacred space that allowed me the comfort to easily find my peace with a dis-ease from a previous life.
She’s a beautiful gem to the Hypnotherapy modality!

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Robin Black-Callison
5 Robin Black-Callison

I just had my first reading with Joy. She was insightful, caring and most importantly gave me guidance on what could/should be my next step in my spiritual journey. She is very inspiring. I am grateful for the time we spent together and look forward to more in the future. I highly recommend bringing "Joy" into your life.

Review of Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance by Amanda Melissa Dodd
5 Amanda Melissa Dodd

Joy is a delight, who shares her insights with accuracy, compassion, and brilliantly calls you to action where you had previously let be yourself stagnant. As a professional coach and intuitive myself I’m highly choosy of who I work with but you can bet that Joy is top of that list! You’d be hard pressed to find a more grounded and well rounded practitioner!

Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance

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Joyful Life Intuitive Guidance Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I am passionate about working with individuals who are seeking to live intentional, authentic and deeply satisfying lives.
It is my honor to assist my clients to connect deeply with themselves and discover who they are and how to live their purpose on the planet.
As a Consulting Hypnotist and Intuitive Guide, it is my honor to journey with you into your own authentic spirituality. It is my desire to see you connect with your inner knowing and wisdom, engage your ability to self-heal and overcome any obstacles to your happiness and wholeness. I offer Reiki as support for this journey as well as Aroma-Auriculotherapy, Intuitive Abstracts processing and Holistic Life Coaching.

​As a Parenting Coach with nearly 20 years of experience, I encourage parents to engage in meaningful and authentic relationship with their children. Through our work together you will have the opportunity to gain skills to be more successful on your journey through parenthood. I can assist you to move past behavior management into genuine communication and understanding of your child.
I believe that through mindful parenting we can set our children up for complete success by allowing and encouraging them to be their authentic selves.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always been passionate about bringing more of what makes life awesome into the lives to others. I have dedicated my self to deeper learning and education so that I can serve a larger population. I love the life that I have created for myself and am passionate about seeing others have the same sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Why should our clients choose you?

I am a naturally gifted Intuitive and have been actively developing these skills for the last 20 years. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, certified Transpersonal Life Coach and I received my Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma with a focus on Clinical Hypnotherapy from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I have a background in Arts and have been working as a professional artist for 20 years.

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