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Joseph Skeen & Associates

Springhill Lake, Maryland


Joseph Skeen & Associates

Springhill Lake, Maryland


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Patricia Donaldson

29 August 2019

I first met Mr Skeen last November he was referred to me by my Brother, of whom he had helped his family with there paperwork for there Green Card, My Brother and his wife could not stop raving about Mr Skeen, at that time I was having a rough time dealing with another Attorney, so I decided to make an appointment for a Consultation with Mr. Skeen , Best thing my Brother has ever done for me, there was a time when I was getting so nervous and I said to Mr Skeen I hope am not driving you Crazy Sir, he calmly said to me no you are not Miss Donaldson you are not I do understand, now I have my green card and the rest is history, I will and do recommend Mr Skeen to anyone who needs a great Attorney I mean a really great Attorney, I Can't say enough about this man, thank you Mr. Skeen I am so so grateful for all your help, looking forward to work with you again in the near future Sir, Mr Skeen you are the best, thank you so much, Just for being who you are Sir. More...


Glo-Marie Lennon

29 August 2019

Mr.Skeen is the best lawyer ever!! Super friendly and I love his personality plus he’s honest with me. He explained everything about my case and all my option.


Joseph Wilson

30 June 2019

Mr skeen is one of the best immigration lawyers in the United states of America. He is extremely professional as he takes the time out to explain everything you need to know with your case. His professionalism is one of a kind. He helped with the immigration process of my family to the USA in a very short period of time. I couldn't be more happier with everything he has done on behalf of my family and i . We thank you for an outstanding representation. Best regards, Maxine Wilson Joseph Wilson. More...


Sam Arshelawes

28 March 2019

Joseph is the most skillful and knowledgeable attorney I was so fortunate to work with. He treats his clients as friends & family and will go out of his way to accommodate their needs. I’ve worked with Joseph for over 9 years and can say with no doubt that he is the most well respected and acknowledged immigration attorney in the dmv area. Highly recommend! More...


David Braut

26 February 2019

Mr Skeen is a fantastic attorney. I went to him when my situation was in very desperate condition. He was able to turnaround my case with his astounding knowledge and experience.


Marvin Mckenzie

26 February 2019

I would recommend anyone a mean anyone to mr skeen he dealt with my case and my family is so comfortable now that it's ok


Alfanzo Campbell

27 January 2019

Me.skeen is one of the best ever. I recommend everyone to him . Thanks a lot for all your work and help you have provide for me.


Romeo Silva Filho

27 January 2019

Attorny Mr. Joseph Skeen was very patient and extremely professional. He made me feel secure by explaining all the details involved in my case. I am very thankful and highly recommend him! More...



28 December 2018

Lawyer Joseph Skeen is a great Lawyer and no matter the immigration issue he makes sure you get the best result


Nonnie Firley

28 November 2018

Excellent attorney!! Our case was approved the very next day!! Mr. Skeen is very experienced in immigration law. I couldn't have asked for better representation! I'm so happy to have come across him, I and my husband are truly grateful!! God bless you Mr. Skeen More...


Vanessa Marenco

29 September 2018

Joseph Skeen is a lawyer that provides, integrity, information and wisdom through the long and complicated process of immigration. He helped me through the successful application of my student visa, sponsored work visa, greencard and citizenship. I highly recommend him as he is a lawyer that can be trusted to be a guardian of the immigration process. Mr. Skeen is simply talented and the best in his field, he will make a success of your case. More...


Elliot SH-AWD

30 August 2018

My experience with attorney Skeen has been always great, he handled besides my case my bother's and parents', all with fantastic results. Attorney Skeen is very knowledgeable, professional and talented, he is always up to date with the newest laws and always welcomes you warmly. I recommend attorney Skeen to those looking for advise on immigration related cases, do not hesitate in contacting him, you will not find a better attorney. Thanks attorney Skeen for what you have done for my entire family! More...


Freda F. Ferguson

1 July 2018

Attorney Joseph Skeen is a very unique and knowledgeable in immigration laws. I just got my green card!I will recommend his services anytime and any day to everyone who need timely intervention and follow-up on any immigration concerns. He gives results and doesn’t play around when it comes to immigration cases. Thanks very much Attorney Skeen. It’s been more than a pleasure being part of your winning team.I’m very grateful! More...


Racquel Scoobydeeva

17 February 2018

The best immigration lawyer in Maryland. Will get the job done.