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Jen Chen

23 August 2019

I use Mike Li of JT LLP as my accountant (personally and for my business), we also refer many family members and clients to him. I have heard only good things about Mike as he is very professional and demonstrates both skills and proactive planning. More...


Karen Knill

30 June 2019

I have used Jay and his team for 20 years! They are the BEST!!! 5 stars! Thanks for everything !


Grace Kang

26 February 2019

Very tax savvy! Helped my personal tax and corporate taxes.


Monica Chen

27 January 2019

Very professional and reliable accountants! Using their service for personal and company’s tax issues.


Serge Mayeur

29 October 2018

I previously posted a review, Cary Mayeur, under my husband s email. For some reason, it only
allowed me one star, where. I intended five. I have found no way to edit this, but the rating should be five star all round. More...


mark Watson

27 May 2018

helped me with my personal t2200 T4A needs and found missing money from another firm last year! Thank you Jay & Steve!


Anne Blinch

27 May 2017

We give this company five stars!! We have been very pleased with Jay and his team to do our business and personal taxes.

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