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We offer affordable marketing services including:

-Social media management/Digital Marketing
-Marketing Consults
- Website Design through Squarespace
-Branded gear
-Educational marketing classes and resources for business owners (Coming Soon!)

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Claudia Sammer

23 June 2019

Easy to work with and on time with projects. Will listen to needs and new ideas and will work with clients until they are truly satisfied.

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The combination of imagery, branding and ease of use are what make a great website. If it looks appealing and it's easy to use, it's far more effective.

What is your vision for this project?
What aspects are most important to you?
What is your desired goal for this project?
What is your timetable?
What is your budget?
What strategies do you have in place already? How are they working for you & what do you want to change? Why?


Create, post and manage original content for social media channels. Experience with paid ads and video marketing.

Need a hand in planning your marketing strategy? Or maybe you need suggestions on how to grow your business? Schedule a consultation so I can help you make a game plan on how to grow and what tools you'll need. That way you're better prepared!

Get a stunning new website with all the tools you need to do your business right! I use Squarespace for all my website design because they offer the most benefits and tools included in their sites than any other platform. Most sites like Wordpress are much harder to use, outdated, and you have to download 3rd party plug ins for EVERYTHING! This makes it very tricky to effectively use your site. Squarespace sites are beautiful, user friendly and have everything you need already formatted in the site. They are mobile optimized and have complete flexibility. It also allows me to be able to finish websites faster than most. Most websites take about two months or so to create from scratch. I guarantee my sites in 6 weeks or less.

If you need branded gear to help in your marketing endeavors, I can help you design and order any gear you might need!