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Jon Paul Tutor

Mahwah, NJ


Jon Paul Tutor

Mahwah, NJ


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Tim Bbb

6 August 2015

I decided to sign up for Tutor Pace online tutoring because my brother used their program and had great results.

I took the 3 months tutoring plan and the depth their tutors explains each question helped me understand the core fundamental of each problem and alternative ways to solve a problem. Great thing with Tutor Pace, I can select a same tutor over and over to feel more comfortable with my favorite tutor.

After 3 months of tutoring program, I signed up for SAT tutoring program with them also. SAT tutors helped me develop a systematic approach to each problem, which allowed me to avoid careless mistakes and to logically think through each problem, no matter how complex it was. They also offer me to take their free practice tests which really a awesome tool with them, I took few tests which really enable me to find out my weaknesses and strengths before I actually appear for SAT exam.

After completing their Tutoring Program, I actually improved my score in the class. I am very happy with my score and highly recommend Tutor Pace for anyone who is preparing for the SAT OR just to get homework help or online tutoring.


Keerthi Sekar

24 March 2015

Tutor Pace is a great place to learn. They have great teachers available to help you. I was confused on some topics and I took a session and all my questions cleared up. Its a helpful site. They can make their technical capabilities more robust, however I am happy with their service. More...


Rajeswari Rajamani

16 December 2014

I give 5 stars to Tutor Pace. It is different from other online tutoring services in the point that it gives good environment for students and tutors to interact very flexibly and clear all the doubts.
The white board has all tools necessary for drawing and understanding the subject.
The chat box is very clear with different colors for students and tutors.
I enjoyed tutoring in Tutor Pace Inc. as it was a good service.
The students found it very useful and informative. Knowledge sharing was extremely good. Socratic method was the method adopted with student completely participating in the learning process as if they were playing a game.
The sessions were very interesting interactive. Flexible as per student's level of learning, previous knowledge, his time, and his choice for the tutors.


My Tutors Online Sapna Jha

9 December 2014

Tutor Pace is a great place to work. One can work from home with lots of flexibilities and earn a good income. It has given me a good experience in delivering audio sessions, and chat sessions through this great place to work. I would recommend every online tutor to be a part of this company and spread the knowledge of one's domain. I would also recommend each child of this world to come and have a session with us on Tutor Pace. Feel the same aura during the session as you feel getting tutored at your home from your personal tutor.
Come, let's begin the journey to spread the vast knowledge through Tutor Pace...