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Rachel Roszmann

21 May 2019

My only regret is Apple Pay isn’t set up to tip here (at least I wasn’t given the option) because the woman at the counter was exceptionally delightful and she deserves a bonus for making my day sweeter. Also, the doughnuts are fabulous. I got the raspberry old fashioned. So dense. So fried. So good. More...


Ian Brandt

21 May 2019

i love visiting here. looking forward to going back again. prices were reasonable. food is similar to a cafe in indianapolis i liked.


Ted Eicher

20 May 2019

Fantastic doughnuts! Nuff said


Douglas Acosta

20 May 2019

there was fast and courteous service. it has a good feel to it.


Carla Navarro

20 May 2019

came here on a friday i think. quick, helpful, and friendly service. the prices are well within reason for the quality.


Marc Ewing

20 May 2019

The food was tasty. The service was very friendly and kind. The bill was decent. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.


Hans Dojč

13 May 2019

Best doughnuts ever! Awesome place that I recommend to everyone.


Simone Luciani

13 May 2019

Amazing doughnuts! Really enjoyed it. Only note, is the fact that this is another place with no baby changing facility in the toilets, despite the spacy rooms toilet. What is wrong with this city? Almost no restaurant has baby facilities!!! More...


Anastasia Hannan

6 May 2019

Best doughnut experience EVER! Omg! The variety was great! I'm sad they were either out my favorite doughnut shop staple or they didn't make them, but all the other flavors more than made up for it! Wow! The dough! Heavenly! They even have yummy VEGAN options that taste AMAZING! More...


matthew briggs

27 April 2019

Great specialty donuts. Try the crodough.


Tracy Brien

27 April 2019

What can I say... I gotta a thing for the occasional donut, especially when it's warm, a little crisp, with melting glaze -- I think I inhale it, it's so good!


David Leimsieder

28 March 2019

Delicious and unique. The fritters are terrific, and all of the different doughnut glazes and fruit fillings are perfectly sweet and fresh. And the coffee... Get a Mocha with homemade chocolate sauce! Well worth it. Go early and get em' fresh! More...


Julie Rabnett

28 March 2019

Clean interior and clean feeling after eating these incredible doughnuts. What a treat. Gluten free fritter was probably my favourite thing to eat in San Fran!


Jennifer C.

27 January 2019

Once in awhile splurge. A bit pricey. But hey, the only place I know of in Marin, that makes vegan donuts using yam flour. I believe they still offer Equator coffee too. Yum! More than enough seating. Great location on 4th Street with plenty of street parking. More...


David Maddison

29 October 2018

I actually visited this place 12 months ago when it first opened and it’s just as good as what it was last year! The classic vanilla is dense but not too heavy and of course absolutely delicious. The girl who served me was so sweet - we even sang along together to the store music. Will come back on my next trip to SF More...


Scott Shawver

26 June 2018

Most excellent handmade, thoughtfully-chosen, delicious donuts possible. Like perfect.
Experts throughout, including and especially the counter. Easy to be a first-timer here.


Ryan LaFrance

20 May 2018

Nice little spot. The people are friendly, the donuts are good. If I were to critique them at all I'd say they're a touch big and the frosting is applied way too heavy. It the components are all there.


emanuele olgiati

18 May 2018

The donuts are amazing, the glazed ones are the best in my opinion. You have almost certainly to wait in line but it’s worth it. The coffee is fine and so is the staff More...



29 April 2018

Ok, if your like me and enjoy new tasts, this is the place to go. When you walk in your immediately happy! Service is great and food is delicious!


Mikhail Panko

14 April 2018

King-size doughnuts and pastry made in-house. Super sweet. Wish they had smaller sizes, not so sweet pastry options and more types of drinks.


Natty Coleman

3 April 2018

Amazing donuts. Service was a little awkward. Also they need music in the place to make it not such a weirdo vibe. But again awesome donuts.


Ksenia Naidyon

4 March 2018

Perfect donuts! Coffee was fine, and so was the customer service - ladies seem to do everything they could to reduce our waiting time in a line (which, as for me, is a natural thing in a good place on a Saturday morning). The place itself is really nice and sunny, too, with plenty of tables. So I was happy I didn't choose to take my donuts out. The bismark with wild berry jam was to die for! More...


Aisha Guillory

3 March 2018

I have to wait 10 minutes because they were out of every donut that a customer ordered from on delivery. Wonderful place beautiful inside the very popular. So if you don't arrive when the donuts right out of the oven fresh and may not be any left your acquire for your taste buds More...


Greta Simpson

20 February 2018

This place was amazing. We found it randomly when we were driving around the neighborhood. Would totally recommend the Sugar Daddy donut, and their Dirty Chai! Get in your car and GO NOW!!


Jolee Nebert

10 February 2018

We had a great experience here with friendly staff and plenty of selection. The old fashioned caramel chocolate donut was delightful, and perfect for splitting between two people. Americano was smooth and very drinkable. More...


George Goh

1 February 2018

Loved the doughnuts! Coffee could be better though, but that's expected considering that that's not their main sell.


Matthew Neumark

7 January 2018

Incredible mouth-watering selection of handmade donuts. Each one looking more delicious then the next! Incredible flavors, beatiful location, and amazong staff. A must see!


Kevin Davila

31 December 2017

ok i’ve passed by this place a couple of times but i’m always in a hurry, until yesterday when i finally had some time to stop by at this place, i already knew that the doughnuts at this place are made fresh on the spot from all those times i’ve passed by in the past since they have big glass windows that are right in front of the kitchen & you can literally see them mixing the dough & making the doughnuts so from that once again i repeat i knew that the doughnuts that i would be buying here are fresh! & boy was i not wrong! i ordered the raspberry delight! & yes it was a delight eating this doughnut, the dough was difinitely fresh! & the raspberry filling...even if i described it, it wouldn’t make it justice, u have to try it to know what i mean, it was something i have never tried before in a doughnut, it was a delight! the prices are a little pricey but its soooo worth paying because your difinitely getting what your paying for. If your ever in the neighborhood & u pass by this place, don’t think it twice just go in & enjoy the best doughnuts in the city! oh! & the staff super friendly! P.S. i think this place beats Dynamo Donuts by a little, i’ve tried them both & i have to say Johnny Doughnuts beat Dynamo by a little bit just a little, but both are quality donuts. More...


Brenda P Mejos

14 December 2017

So delicious!!! Hours need to be longer in the afternoon. Loved the place, overall.


S.A. D

22 November 2017

The doughnuts are thick, but not overly sweet. The lemon poppy tastes really good. However, the Apple Fritter is not so tasty, and does not have enough apples to my liking.


David Allan

4 October 2017

If you didn’t have a reason to come to San Rafael, you do now. Johnny’s is a beautiful shop with great doughnuts and coffee, and beautiful people. You don’t want to miss out on this place. More...


francisco delatorre

22 September 2017

for our wedding reception, shawna and her team supplied us with 200 donuts, as well as a sturdy-as-hell metal pegboard to hold them all, creating a veritable wall of donuts. this donut wall was, without question, the feature that generated the most excitement and drew the most guests. and hey, bonus, the donuts are super tasty! they are also LARGE. so, if you find you're still hungry after eating a normal donut for mere mortals, this is the place for you. More...


Marissa Patton

16 September 2017

Johnny's is a family favorite for a breakfast outing. It has a neighborhood vibe that is casual and lively. We love to bring our daughter here because it is kid-friendly and stroller accessible. The indoor space is large with ample communal seating. While it can get crowded on the weekends, the staff is expeditious and the line to order moves quickly. Make sure to check out their fridge which offers fresh Equator cold brew. More...


Michael Tuchband

16 August 2017

Some of the best donuts in the bay area! Love the croissant-donut they have. Also an awesome vegan sweet potato donut!


Deeann Kelly

16 July 2017

Dare I say how their gluten free fritters embody perfection? I shouldn't because I went a few weeks ago and they were sold out! Got there early today though and it was nothing but smiles eating that beast More...


jeph foust

12 June 2017

If you get there early enough to have pick of the doughnuts, you are lucky, if not, you're still lucky, everything is great at Johnny Doughnuts.


Ryan Williams

12 June 2017

The doughnuts are top quality. Staff is very nice. I just hate paying $3-$5 for a doughnut when most places sell them for 50 cents.


Grace Angel

29 May 2017

Donuts made in heaven! Leave your belts at the door and come in for some gut busting donuts. Great coffee and friendly staff. Invitingly open space where you can digest your donuts all day. More...


Dylan Capello

4 February 2017

donuts were tasty, looked very pretty too. wanted to take a picture, but my girlfriend dove in a little too fast. lol! employees were pleasant and made me feel like i was welcomed into their own kitchen. can't believe i am just trying out this hidden treasure. will be back much sooner than later :) More...

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