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John Izod

Stirling, Stirlingshire

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John Izod

Stirling, Stirlingshire

2 hires on Bark.com


I am a trained shamanic practitioner and offer healing by traditional methods. The core of shamanic work is the journey - a journey of the imagination undertaken either by clients themselves under the guidance of the practitioner, or by the practitioner who can travel on their behalf.


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Angela Bailey

8 November 2018

Attended the ancient ways shamanism workshop. As soon as I arrived at Anam Cara, I fell in love - with the buildings, the people, the views, the grounds, the meditation spaces, the food, our room (a whiskey barrel!)... Anam Cara will forever hold a special piece of my heart. It calls to me even now, as I sit at home in Canada. I feel a pull to come back and journey further, learn more, and grow with this wonderful community of beautiful souls. I was only there for 2 days but I created lasting friendships with several people in the workshop. I do not have words for how much I loved this experience and the community itself. The views of Inverness are gorgeous, from atop the mountain - as you ascend toward Anam Cara, your consciousness also ascends. I can't think of a better place to meditate and journey - as soon as I arrived, I felt as though Anam Cara was a piece of non-ordinary reality! More...


Rebecca Skillman

8 November 2018

Unlike many retreat centres Anamcara is easy to get to - a short drive from Inverness centre. But it is set in countryside and feels quite remote. So you have the best of both worlds. It has a range of interesting courses, and internationally renown course providers. Meals (vegetarian) are tasty and healthy. Accommodation is cosy and for that reason pricing is less expensive than you might find in other places. The community are friendly and welcoming. Thoroughly recommended. More...


Dave C

8 October 2018

Fabulous venue & terrific company. Recommended - 5*!!


Jennifer Francis

8 June 2018

Beautiful spot, great courses, wonderful community.


Stephen Bracciale

4 March 2015

Outstanding as recommended by my life long best friend Lisa Marie Walmsley --- Steve

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Journeying with clients to find the ancient ways that enrich them.

The desire to share the wisdom that shamanic training teaches for the benefit of my clients.

They should decide to work with me if they want to enhance their understanding of their psyche in a grounded process of self discovery. What these clients told me are a typical responses:

"Thank you for taking me on these magical journeys, for listening and understanding. You have developed me so much through our counselling sessions and have aided me in my path to healing and self-discovery and acceptance." GP.

"Thanks again for a really insightful session. As someone who talks a lot, I wasn't sure when I started these journeys what I would get from them. I thought I needed to almost 'talk my feelings out of me' but I'm actually getting a lot more from our sessions by not speaking. I believe it's because it's forcing me to stop, think and listen to myself. " AM.

"Another journey is not yet a pressing issue. I’m still benefiting from the last one and am still following paths that have opened up. I’m so grateful for your work." NM .

"The experience of 'journeying' was so interesting and creative for me, and now I feel I should take time to process it all and see where I go next. Thank you for your guidance and wise counsel." LMcQ