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I offer photography services that include weddings, portraits, proms and commercial. I particularly enjoy undertaking projects with clients in venues or locations that have a special meaning for them.
With regard to wedding projects I have a simple payment structure which is based upon providing a professional service at sensible prices, I.



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Light, location, fun, and practical experience. Plus engagement from/ with the client.

What is you really want to remember with the photograph?
Is there a specification c reason n for the photo ,session?
What format do you want the photographs in?
Do you want full editing, including photoshopping, or just reality photos?

Meeting people and providing them with really enjoyable experiences which are captured for posterity in very high quality photographs for a sensible, I.e. Not inflated price.

I've been interested in photography for decades, and, for the period of 2003 to 2013 I used photography as vehicle to engage disaffected and disengaged young people and give them ownership for recording their studies. Post 2013 I decided to go professional, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

My maturity, my experience, my fun loving no personality and my desire to porovide my clients with what they want without them paying " over the odds."