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We've been taking photos since 1996. Starting out with just a camera and a passion, I quickly found that photography was something that I not only enjoyed, but it was something I was really good at! Just like everyone I started clicking family and friends, the dogs and the sunsets.



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There are really 2 "secrets."

First, and more important on a basic level is being able to connect with your subject and communicate with them. Whether it's a person and just putting them at ease and getting them to relax or smile, or even getting an animal to trust and engage with you instead of worrying about that little black box in your hands.

Second, and less important than the first, but also the thing that will set your photography apart is knowing your craft. Not having to think about settings, knowing what to expect often before it happens, and knowing yourself well enough to know that you can "nail it" somehow translates beyond just "the math" of shooting a photo. Without it, you're just guessing. A lot of photographers will shoot 200+ images just to get 1 or 2 good ones - the "blind squirrel finds a nut" method. Instead, I'd rather shoot 200 images and have a much harder time choosing "the best one" since most if not all of them are "good"

Who's involved?

What's the timeline? Both for when you need to have the photos taken and when you need to get the photos back?

How do you want to get your photos back? Do you want to look through a proof gallery and order prints, or are you looking to just get digital downloads (not necessarily cheaper).

What's your realistic budget?

Have you done this before? If not, let's talk about how the whole thing works. If yes, what did you love about your last shoot? What didn't you like that I can try to improve?

I'm my own boss. I get to work with great clients, travel the world shooting awesome things, and get to use my technical nerd skills to do some really cool stuff, but at the same time being a social person means I'm not stuck behind a box every day!

I've been a business owner of some sort almost my entire life. I think it's part of me.

If you're simply looking for the cheapest photographer out there, you're going to be disappointed. In that case hand a relative your iPhone. Even with that, you'll probably get one or two cool photos. If you're looking for something far superior to 'one or two cool photos' where we've considered lighting, depth of field, years of posing experience, tens of thousands of dollars of photo gear we can use (if the situation allows) to get just the right photos, then look for a professional like myself.

Don't leave the important memories to "chance."