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Georgian Acres, Travis County

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Georgian Acres, Travis County



We offer. A various kind service. House cleaning, We’re a family business.

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Steven Ng

21 October 2019

Recommended by my neighbor after a good job there, a professional teams removing and clearing up all the branches above the roof line and they did a great clean-up, will call them again in the future!


Mark F.

3 October 2019

Used Joe and his crew again. We need major tree pruning around every four years. They did a great job as usual. Highly recommended.


Crystal S.

3 October 2019

Joe and his crew did a great job on cleaning up a few of my trees and shrubs. They were quick, thorough and affordable. But a day after service I messaged Joe regarding a tree that had been trimmed and could he send someone out to help me with a branch that I had changed my mind about, I was willing to pay for them to come back out but I never got a reply back.


Alan Michael K.

19 September 2019

Joe was quick to respond here via Yelp - quick to provide an estimate - and quick to complete the work. Outstanding quality of work and overall experience. Highly recommend.


Havalah W.

25 June 2019

These guys came out to our house today for tree service. They were awesome! We couldn't believe how fast and well they did their job. They took down a tree for us and cleaned up the other 12-20 trees we have in our yard. The price was more then fair too. We would hire these guys again in a second! More...


Chelsea R.

13 May 2019

Super quick response to our emergency tree issue! Came and cleared the tree from our roof and car within an hour and were highly professional!


Stephen H.

4 May 2019

Joe and his crew did an amazing job taking down our enormous tree. He gave me a great price compared to others I found on yelp, and scheduled me promptly before thunderstorm season. They were very safe and thorough cleaned up everything really well. We will definitely use Joe's services again. More...


Tyler A.

7 January 2019

Stop everything you are doing!! Call Joe and thank me later. They were awesome. Got the job done and within the budget they quoted. I already plan to use them for my next project. More...


Daniel L.

28 November 2018

This is our second time calling on Joe for tree help, and his folks did a great job!  They were on time, finished quickly, and left our trees looking fantastic!  Thanks, Samuel and crew, for the fine work! More...


L K.

13 October 2018

We had used Joe's before to remove a dying tree, so when we were getting ready to sell our home we call them again.  Our front yard was a jungle.  Joe came out with a helper and whipped it into shape in one afternoon.  Very Reasonable rates too. More...


Janice Hamrick

4 September 2018

Outstanding work. Joe's removed a really large pine, raised the canopy, and cleared out all the dead stuff. They were great to work with. Couldn't be happier. Many thanks.


Jay Azurin

4 August 2018

I had Joe and his team work on several landscaping projects for many years, including tree trimming, bush reshaping, flower bed mulching, and tree removal. Joe is very knowledgeable about plants and landscaping. On the last occasion he even helped me figure out a solution for a mosquito issue I had in my front yard. I highly recommend Joe and his team, they do great work on a timely fashion. More...


Donna W.

4 June 2018

Today was year 2 we've had to call for emergency tree removal. And just like they did a year ago Tuesday, they came right out!  They showed up about 6:30 this morning and true to his word Joe called in his calvary and we are happy. More...


Amy O.

17 April 2018

Storm attacked our one tree the other day and came home to it a very high up major limb half fallen. Was scared it was going to fall on my family so needed it removed ASAP. I contacted many tree services to get quotes and Joe was not only affordable but willing to get it taken care of same day. His brother and their crew showed up within a few hours and cut it down so quickly and were all so nice! Was very impressed and very thankful. More...


Jason L.

13 March 2018

This is the second time I've hired Joe and his team.  They are halfway through their project at my house and everything is coming along nicely.  They are better than competitive with their pricing and I'm impressed with their work (again).  Waste no time with competing bids, the reviews speak for themselves.  There is a reason people want to write great reviews for Joe and his team, you will be writing one next.  I'll update with pictures of the before and after. More...


Austin A.

19 February 2018

My wife called Joe on Friday morning to trim a couple of live oaks. He had a couple guys at our house 90 minutes later. Joe has reasonable prices and is a nice guy. After the pruning, we actually had him cut down and haul away 4 trees on Friday. Excellent work, left everything nice and clean. We'll be calling Joe again the next time our live oaks need pruning. More...


Amy M.

31 January 2018

We've used Joe's twice this year and are very happy with their services. Joe is easy to communicate with, provides a quick and fair quote, and follows up after the job to make sure you're happy. The crew is polite, on-time, efficient, and does great work--thank you! More...


Shane F.

8 January 2018

I used Joe and his team to trim my trees.  Very professional, fast, and neat.  Left the trees and the yard in great condition.


Nick W.

29 November 2017

I received 5 bids to cut down a mimosa tree in our front yard (with and without stump removal), and Joe was one of the two best bids for both options. His team showed up as scheduled and took care of it quickly and professionally. He is also a super swell guy, responsive to messages, and a complete pleasure to do business with. I highly highly recommend! More...


Jackie S.

14 October 2017

We have used this company before. After Hurricane Harvey came through, one of our biggest trees (close to our home) had started to split at the base. The tree still had lots of life left in her so they came and removed 40% of the weight and added a sway cable. The tree is a Red Oak. I thought to myself "A cable is going to be a little eye sore."  I trusted their work and the cable was nicely put in the trees and not from the ground. We have had a storm here and there and our, still big, beautiful tree has been just fine. The crew were professional and did a great clean up job. Joe himself was also involved. They are also very reasonable in their pricing. I highly recommend them! More...


Ronald H.

26 August 2017

Joe's team just came by and removed a tree on/by my house that fell in last night's storm. They were very nice, did excellent work at a fair price, and worked quickly and carefully. I highly recommend them!!!


Angie C.

18 August 2017

We contacted Joe's earlier this week to tame our 1/2 acre yard that the previous owners had neglected for the last 3 years.  We needed trees, bushes, and weeds that had grown as tall as trees removed.  Joe came out the day after my call and gave us a quote, which was 25% less than the other 2 quotes we received from other companies.  They were able to schedule us a day later.  The workers arrived on time, completed an initial walk through with me to make sure we were on the same page, and completed a final walk through when they were done to make sure nothing was missed.  Their office also followed up today to double check that everything we needed was done correctly.  Overall, great and affordable service! More...


Joe H.

4 August 2017

Great job and attention to detail.  Trees look awesome and the crew left our yard exactly how they found it.  They took their time and did the job right!!!


Jennifer Bittner

26 June 2017

We hired Joe's Trees to do pruning, trimming, and lifting the canopy of approximately 20 trees in our front and back yards, as well as removal of one dead tree. It was a sizable job so we secured bids from three companies before deciding on Joe's Trees. Their bid was mid-priced relative to the other two companies, but they offered to nearly match the lowest priced estimate and they could do the work the very next day. We initially met with Gus, Sr. to do a walk-throughout yard for the free estimate and when we hired them, Gus was on-site to take his crew through the details of the job. They did an excellent job. The crew was on-time and professional. We would hire them again! More...


Jennifer B.

26 June 2017

We hired Joe's Trees to do pruning, trimming, and lifting the canopy of approximately 20 trees in our front and back yards, as well as removal of one dead tree. It was a sizable job so we secured bids from three companies before deciding on Joe's Trees. Their bid was mid-priced relative to the other two companies, but they offered to nearly match the lowest priced estimate and they could do the work the very next day. We initially met with Gus, Sr. to do a walk-through the yard for the free estimate and when we hired them, Gus was on-site to take his crew through the details of the job. They did an excellent job. The crew was on-time and professional. We would hire them again! More...


Chris B.

6 June 2017

These guys did a great job taking out a giant hackberry tree in my yard.  I couldn't believe how careful they were not to drop any limbs on my garden that was sitting next to the tree.  Nothing was damaged and the tree is gone.  I will definitely be calling them again for a few more trees that need to come down. More...


Larissa P.

12 April 2017

Thank you for your service! Very knowledgeable staff and  crew. I recommend this company 100%!


Donna B.

29 March 2017

We've used them several times to trim the top of the trees behind our house (so we can continue to get our panoramic greenbelt views, along with the trees in front of our home and some overgrown bushes that I wanted removed completely. They came in competitively priced, came to work as scheduled, and did a great job, including cleaning up. I had them however remove some tree/bushes and explained that I needed it removed in such a way so the tree/bushes doesn't grow back. A few weeks later,  I started seeing new leaves appearing where the stump was, so I called and they came back within a few days of my call and took care of it with some machine grinder. Will use them again to trim our trees. More...


Trevor L.

5 January 2017

Joe is very knowledgeable about what he does and the quote given was very competitive.The crew were excellent, efficient and did a fantastic job on trimming up all my trees. It is obvious from looking at the job done they take great pride in their work. One minor point, I did have to check with the forman about taking out two trees I had discussed with Joe, but was not on the work sheet. But it was not a problem and they took care of them in no time. I will definitely be calling again for service. The team did such a great job, my neighbors have contacted them for service and they've offered me a discount for the next visit. More...


Robb M.

10 December 2016

Once again, great service from Joe and his team.We moved and the very large, probably 30 ft tall with about a 60ft canopy spread, and old post oak in front of the house died. So, we called Joe to come give us a quote. Price was more than fair. His team came out and safely and efficiently removed it. They cleaned up very well too.Very recommended. More...


Jeff W.

7 December 2016

Friendly, fast and did a great job on removing a large tree in my front yard. The root system was threatening my slab. When they finished taking the tree down, the stump and large roots were ground up as though they never existed. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. More...


P H.

27 October 2016

These guys are just straight up awesome. They consistently come out, quote competitively, and do the work to your expectations. This is a no BS kind of company. No upsell, no nonsense. They have taken small and large trees including one that fell to oak wilt. Grinding the stump when I asked them to and cutting very very close when I decided to add some mulch to the area. More...


Stephanie Y.

21 October 2016

Requested a quote on Friday, and they were able to come out on Monday. Gave me an initial quote higher than one I got from another business, and when I told them what the other company quoted me, they came down 25 dollars below the lower quote. I appreciated their willingness to earn my business, but made me wonder how often businesses do this.Scheduled to come out later that same week on Thursday. When I called to confirm and ask for what window they would be arriving, they told me it would be any time in between 8AM and 5PM. When we scheduled the service, they told me they were not particularly busy that week, so it was no problem to come on Thursday. If I had known they were busy or overbooked, I would have been fine to schedule it for a later date. It's frustrating to not be given a more specific window of time, especially if you're taking the morning off from work, or need to make sure your dog isn't there going crazy, etc. By 11AM, I had not heard from anyone, so I called them. There were some issues with their appointments that morning and they told me they may need to postpone until the following day. I said that would not work for me because I had arranged to be home from work that day. We played phone tag a few times, and they finally showed up around 3PM. I felt bad for the crew because right after they got there, they sat down under a tree to eat their lunch. Obviously they had been working straight through the morning and did not have a chance to stop before then. I did find it odd that they rushed to my house, and then proceeded to sit down and take a break though.The guys did a great job though. They finished much quicker than I thought and amazingly picked up every last branch, limb, and twig on the ground in our front and back yard. I was kind of in shock at how much they picked up. They were friendly and, overall did a great job at a good price. I did not realize how much of a difference trimming some trees that were growing into the house would make. Now when I go in my backyard, I immediately feel how much cleaner and healthier all the trees look. They also have a landscaping service, so I will consider using them for that too. More...


Bret W.

29 September 2016

Joe sent out Daniel and a helper and they worked HARD all day long trimming my large Oaks and other trees.  They did a great job, knew what they were doing and cleaned up the area very well.  Even making sure the branches that fell on the neighbors land were picked up.  the price was lower than other quotes I received.  I highly recommend Joe and his crew. More...


Travis Fagala

14 July 2016

We had Joe's trim all the trees on our property and not only did they do a great job, they have got to be some of the most courteous people I've ever dealt with. I can highly recommend them.


Glenn N.

4 July 2016

Good price, and the work was professional. Gustavo, the point of contact for Joe's, did a walk through with me and the crew before work began to confirm the service to be done.  Once work was underway they did a few extra things I asked for without an up charge.  The crew was experienced and hard working and wasted no time.  They finished a pretty big job in about 2.5 hours and cleaned up after themselves before leaving.  Will use them again. More...


Jean S.

30 June 2016

Two mature oaks in my front yard absolutely exploded with growth in April-May, hitting my roof, my neighbor's roof, and genuinely obscuring my house from the street. I called Joe's based on the great Yelp reviews and Steven set up an appointment for an estimate that day. The estimate was not only a good price, but I really felt that they understood exactly what was needed--and they could send a crew to the house the next day!Sure enough, the crew did a spectacular job of raising the canopies, thinning out the trees, and balancing them beautifully. Great clean-up as well. I am so, so happy with the results. I know that Joe's is also doing landscaping and xeriscaping now as well, and I plan to call them about this work in the fall. More...


Jason S.

13 June 2016

I've used them a number of times for tree removal services and pruning.  They have always done good work, been punctual, and have been reasonable with their pricing.  I would recommend them for tree services! More...


Deborah F.

12 June 2016

Awesome! They came quickly and gave me an estimate. Then, the work was done the next day. Excellent job!


P L.

29 April 2016

Joe's provided great service at a very fair price. They cut down a small tree both in my yard and at my neighbor's house. They came out to give an accurate quote and were very prompt the day of the appointment. I have already had them out to look at another tree and will continue to use their service. More...


Becca McPherson

29 March 2016

Joe's came highly recommended through reviews on my "Nextdoor" app. I was not able to use Joe's as a neighbor stepped forward to assist with my project, but just wanted to post that their customer service was excellent. Their website was easy to manage, they contacted me back immediately for a time to do an estimate. When I informed them I was recruiting the assistance of a neighbor, I again was contacted back immediately with a very nice email. Was impressed and, when needed, will definitely use them. More...


Erika T.

14 March 2016

Their response time is quick and they can usually come out within a couple days. Their prices were lower than other quotes we got so we've had them cut down 2 of our large cottonwood trees. They sent a crew out of 5-10 guys, cleaned up everything really nicely and even offered to haul away some of our other brush laying around. I would definitely recommend them! More...


Annie C.

10 March 2016

Very happy with their service and fair price!  We used Joe's tree care a few years ago to trim our trees and they did a great job, so when we had to get a tree cut down we contacted them again.  They responded back to quote request within 1 business day. Joe came out for an on-site estimate the same afternoon their friendly rep called (Even arrived a few minutes early but waited until it was time. We appreciated that).  He quoted a fair price and offered to schedule us for the following Monday. They came bright and early on the scheduled date to cut down a tall sycamore tree for us in the yard (that was poorly positioned between houses, power line and fences) plus a few smaller tasks.  They finished up in good time and hauled everything away without leaving any damages.  We changed our mind on the 'ground level cut' previously discussed and called them again for stump-grinding service. They came out again quickly and (to our surprise) took care of the tasks even on a rainy day.  They also honored their web promo and gave us 15% off the service bill. =)All in all, we have been very happy with Joe's tree care and will be happy to use them again in the future. More...


Austin G.

7 March 2016

I requested a quote online (through this yelp site) and received a call within an hour to setup an appointment.  Joe showed up on time and gave me a very fair quote.  I had a few other tree companies (all highly rated on yelp) give me a quote also.  They all offered to come down to what Joe quoted me.  I appreciate that he gave a me reasonable quote from the start.  A team of 3 men worked in my backyard all day (I have a lot of trees).  They did an excellent job.  I actually have some sunlight coming through my backyard now.  It looks beautiful!  Additionally, they made sure to clean up after themselves (this includes my neighbors' yards).  I will use them again in the future. More...


Beth E.

10 February 2016

We are using Joe's Tree Care again for the 3rd time in the past 6 years.  These guys are super reliable, fast, and incredibly reasonable on their prices.  I will use them for years to come and cannot recommend them enough. More...


Sean C.

9 February 2016

Amazing service and great follow up. Beat other quotes to do a fantastic job. I did not do a walk through once they were done late in the evening. After checking I called them up for some follow up and they promptly took care of things I pointed out to them. Highly recommend them! Great team. However, the admin staff is a little lax, but if you speak to Joe, he takes cares of things right away! More...


Suzie L.

12 November 2015

This is my second time using Joes. This was a very large project of tree removal,tree treatment and canopy raising for a lot in Austin. Just as my first experience they exceeded my expectations!!! Truly a rare find these days. I can't say enough about this company and their staff. Well done. More...


Bob F.

15 October 2015

Joe's Tree Care took care of a small job at a reasonable price without the huge minimums some other companies were wanting to charge.  Thanks Joe's!


S A.

23 September 2015

I stumbled onto Joe's after reading Yelp reviews on a different tree company recommended in my neighborhood's newslist. The other company had several negative reviews and one of their reviewers recommended Joe's, and after seeing all the glowing feedback I gave them a call. Joe himself came out the next Saturday to give me an estimate to remove a Mimosa tree that won't stop growing and touching the house and a large tree stump that had grown into the chain link fence in the backyard. Joe was right on time. Based on my experience with other tree care services I have purchased the quote was very reasonable. Said they could do the work the next Tuesday morning and I wouldn't have to be home so no taking time off work to deal with this, yay! Happy to report that upon my return home Tuesday it was like the tree had never been there. The tree had been completely removed and all evidence of it whisked away. The site looks great! They did an amazing job with the tree stump too. We want to replace the chain link fence with a wood slat fence and the stump would be in the way. Somehow they were able to remove the stump and leave the fence intact. Everything was left clean and looking great. Funny thing is they didn't even leave an invoice or anything. I was supposed to get an email regarding payment but when I hadn't heard anything I called to make sure they got paid! Did it over the phone with a credit card. Thanks Joe's! More...


Donna W.

11 September 2015

Had this company out again and they were just as awesome as last time.  Came out quickly for an estimate and then were ready to do the job the next morning.  Pricing was great.  It was big job with a LOT of branches being cut down.  I expected it to take at least half a day but they got a big crew out here and were done within an hour and a half!  Not so much as a stray branch was left from what they cut and the trees look great.  HIGHLY recommend this company! More...


W B.

13 August 2015

Great experience. I had a large tree that needed to go as well as a bunch of trimming that needed to be done for our corner lot. They were able to come in quickly and haul it away for a great price. Will call them again when the need arises. More...


George H.

21 July 2015

It has been several years (and a house ago) since I used Joe's tree service, but here I am again. Last time Joe provided great service despite a scheduling snafu.This time his crew and foreman were on the ball and on right time. They did a great job pruning trees, shrubs and keeping everything clean after the work was done. The pricing was very reasonable as well. My yard looks great! It's nice to have a go-to person for this type of work and I look forward to using them again when the time comes. More...


Lyndsi P.

11 June 2015

Joe's tree service just finished removing an almost 30 foot hackberry tree from our yard. They did a fantastic job and we would definitely recommend them to anyone because:1. They came out for a free quote faster than any other company we called. 2. Their price was the most competitive. 3. They scheduled the removal for the day after we accepted their offer. 4. The tree was removed along with every trace of them being there (no limbs, water bottles, etc) when they left that afternoon. More...


Cassidy T.

28 May 2015

Removed all dead branches, raised canopies and trimmed back 4-6ft from roof all the trees on our property.  They sealed all the Oaks, advised on the Ash and cleaned up nicely....EXACTLY WHAT WE ASKED FOR!!!  Of course it didn't hurt that they underbid 3 other local companies for at least $200.00.  They came out the same day for the estimate and showed up the next day to complete all the work....it took them 2.5-3.0 hours from start to finish and it was done correctly!!  Great job!  I would highly recommend to anyone More...


Mark F.

20 May 2015

Just got another round of excellent service from Joe's Tree Care. Manny came by earlier than the appointment after calling to see if that was ok. He bid a fair price for the work I needed to have done.The crew arrived the next morning. I walked the foreman through the job and then they knocked it out. Good cleanup afterwards, too. This is a great business. I've recommended them to my friends and I will definitely use them again. More...


Cheryl R.

14 May 2015

We bought five large trees and needed to find someone to plant them because we didn't want to deal with digging through the limestone. I was worried we wouldn't be able to find someone who could come quickly. Enter Joe's Tree Care. They were able to come the same day the trees were delivered (which is less than a week after we bought them) and they did a great job. They were careful to watch for sprinkler pipes and were a friendly crew. We have more trees to buy and I would definitely call them again. More...


Jim K.

6 May 2015

Joe showed up and gave me an estimate. Two days later his crew performed the work in about 1 1/2 hours. Everything went smoothly. The crew was friendly and professional. I'm calling him again to come out and remove another tree. These guys are great!I wholeheartedly recommend Joe's Tree Care. More...


Todd D.

29 April 2015

I found this company using yelp, so of course, I need to reply and tell others that it was a great recommendation.  I got 2 bids to remove some dead trees in the back, but also take out a large hackberry in my front yard.  Their quote was competitive, and I appreciated Joe confirming that they would not trim any oaks until late June.  The other company was willing to trim oaks now and I don't want to risk oak wilt.  The crew showed up on time and got straight to work.  This was a hard job and they never stopped until the job was done!!  it took about 4 hours and they even cleaned up all the clipppings and blew the saw dust off the driveway.  Joe said this is basically a family business and I'm happy to support hard working guys like this!!! More...


Maureen K.

9 March 2015

Joe came right away when I asked for a quote to cut down two giant dead oak trees from my backyard. The trees were about five feet in diameter each, and one had some concrete in it, and the other had an old tree house, so this was not the easiest or most straightforward job. However, Joe gave me an extremely competitive quote (I had gotten two others that were much higher), and said he would be able to grind the stumps down too (many other services do not offer this, or only offer it separately). He said it was no problem and sent his team out within the week. He and his team were very professional and everything now looks great! Very impressed, and would definitely recommend. More...


Felipe G.

21 January 2015

Amazing customer service and skilled personnel.  I received 3 quotes for a very large tree that was pressing up on my home.  The project was very complex and dangerous.  The crew arrived on time and ready to work.  They were very skilled and were able to remove the tree without any damage to the home.  In addition they cleaned up very well afterwards.  The supervisor came to the job site to ensure that I was satisfied.   Out of the 3 quotes that I received Joe Garcia had the the best price.  I would highly recommend them for any basic or complex tree project. More...


Kelly C.

7 January 2015

After reading good reviews and having 2 other estimates we decided to go with Joe.  They were easy and quick to contact and respond and the estimate was within our budget too.  We had them come out after the new year and the work was done within 2 hours.  Joe was very prompt and his crew worked great in getting our trees trimmed.  We had a lot of smaller trees and some dead ones hanging over my new garden area and we had several removed and several cut way back.  We had a very large Live Oak that needed limbs cleared form the house and also the tree needed to be lifted.  I cannot say anything else other than they did great work, were efficient and on time.  I would use them again. More...


Jessica F.

11 September 2014

We had a great experience all around! When I called for a quote, they got me in the next day and showed up on time. When we decided to go with them, they got to my tree the following day. They removed it to below the ground while I was gone, and when I got home, I couldn't even tell they had been there. No mess, and the spot the tree used to be in looked great. Thanks! More...


Nicole S.

24 July 2014

These guys were great!  Someone came in within 2 days of calling and gave us a quote.  Joe came in $400 less than our highest bid and really seemed knowledgeable about the forest of trees we have to deal with.  The team came out on time, were efficient and thorough.  Our landscaping looks great now at an affordable price.  We'll definitely use Joe again next time. More...


Jessie P.

11 July 2014

We used Joe's tree care in 2011 and had them come out again to trim our trees this year.  I just wanted to write that they haven't degraded in service and are still wonderful.  I got a great estimate for all the trimming I wanted done (and to have a small tree removed) which was higher than when they trimmed my trees in 2011, but I was also removing a tree this time.  Still a great price for ~8 trees that were over 60ft!  They were able to come out that Thurs to get the work done.  They worked ~9am-12 and asked if I could check if it was all to my satisfaction.  I asked them to trim a little more in some places and they happily obliged.  When my husband came home he couldn't even tell we had a tree removed.  Looked great. More...


Debbie C.

7 July 2014

I am thoroughly satisfied with Joe's Tree Care!! They did an AWESOME job!! Out of three bids they offered me a fair price and came on the day I chose. My trees look completely transformed and so beautiful. They cleaned up with blowers, ensured that I was satisfied and waved goodbye as the drove away. I will recommend this company to all family and friends and would not hesitate to call them again!!! More...


Colin S.

23 June 2014

After almost giving up on Joe's Tree Care, they finally sent a crew out and honored their promise of a discount.  4 crew members worked for 4+ hours on my trees and they look pretty darn good.  They took extra care to clean up after themselves. More...


Lisa D.

16 June 2014

I can't say enough good things about this company!  Getting an estimate was a breeze - he was on time, explained my options and gave a VERY fair quote!  Joe's price beat the other guys by at least 20%.  Scheduling was just as easy.  Adriana was very responsive and accommodating.  On the day of service, the guys showed up on time, worked their butts off, cleaned up after themselves and left my trees looking AMAZING!  Thank you!!! More...


Jason M.

7 June 2014

Carlos, Dan , and Joe did a great job! They removed a 40ft ash tree and ground 3 stumps for a really good price. Showed up on time, were extremely nice and were very through. I will call them again. Keep up the good work guys! More...


Ryan O.

23 May 2014

THE ESTIMATE PROCESS:This review is for the estimate process only because I've read a lot of other reviews which report issues with promptness.  I had an appointment with Carlos at 10am today and he showed up at 9:45.  If I choose this company I will update this review based upon the service.UPDATE: 8/6Carlos and his crew showed up to do the job on time and ultimately did a great job.  My neighbor even asked them to trim some of his trees while they were out.    Because the job was pretty big, they missed a few limbs that I asked for but they came back the next day to take care of the rest.  Thanks guys! More...


James E.

29 November 2013

These guys are great!  Very professional and super customer service. After a mix up on the work that needed to be done, they came out and completed the job on a Sunday and at no extra charge.  And who came out to do the work?  JOE himself!  Wow! More...


David P.

20 November 2013

I had Joe's out again to trim some trees and take down a dead one.  I e-mailed them last Wednesday, had a quote on Friday and scheduled the work for Monday.  They were there Monday, did a great job and cleaned up well.  Price was reasonable.5 stars because they not only do great work, but are very responsive.  I have been in contact with numerous vendors as I am getting extensive work done on a rental house, and responsiveness is not a quality most vendors have. More...


David S.

14 October 2013

At about 3 pm this Sunday, the 30-foot oak tree in my front yard decided to lay down and die. Thankfully, it didn't hit anything or anyone, but it was inconveniently laying across my driveway. I called Joe's about 6 pm - they said they could be out by 8 am the next morning. Sure enough, the next morning I had Joe's guys swarming all over the tree - they cleared my driveway in time for me to get to work, and the tree was gone by the time I got home for lunch. Great experience.I am docking them a star because the office help leaves a lot to be desired. Joe is pretty easy to deal with, but the person who answers the phones really doesn't seem interested in helping you. More...


Natalie C.

5 October 2013

Didn't show up in the allotted time - but I understand that in this business you can't always foresee what's going to happen.  No biggie.  We called and they said they would still be coming - even though it was getting later into the evening (1 star off for not notifying us, since we had t call them to find out).  I was thrilled that we weren't going to get bumped to the next day.  Team showed up, removed the tree, cleaned up, and got out.  Fair price, nice people, good service.  I would definitely recommend them and use them again. More...


Sara K.

29 September 2013

Our trees needed a good clean-up.  After reading the yelp reviews we gave these guys a try.My husband called them on Tuesday, and made a Wednesday morning appointment to meet.  Something came up and Joe couldn't meet at the original time, but husband explained what we needed done over the phone.  Joe called later in the day to give us a bid.  We were happy with the quote and scheduled the service, for the next day!  The crew came out on Thursday.  They did a great job on our trees.  Cleaned up nicely and were gone.So from a phone call on Tuesday to a job well done on Thursday, we were very pleased. More...


Lisa R.

21 August 2013

Joe arrived promptly for our appointment for him to give us a quote, his price was $400 less than a previous quote. We have a large yard with 4 shrubs that needed shaping & 14 oaks that needed pruning badly!  One tree reaches out over our pool. 4 guys turned up, worked hard all day, sealed every cut, cleared not only our yard but the pool & our neighbor's yard where branches fell as they pruned.I would highly recommend Joe's tree care!! More...


John C.

9 August 2013

Joe came out himself and gave me a very reasonable quote which beat out several other tree care services I was considering using.  His guys came out the next day and cut down a 300 year tree that died of oak wilt.  There was a huge branch just inches above the power line to the house and another directly over the roof.  It was amazing to watch how they skillfully worked around all those obstacles.  Then they cleaned up all the debris and blew the driveway.  I would definitely use them again in the future. More...


Brandi M.

19 July 2013

living out in the country and having these large trees, we've needed to call a tree service a time or two to do what we couldn't.  that being said, we will never look for any other tree service company again.  we called joe to come out and give us an estimate to have a couple trees removed and one trimmed up - the price he gave us was $1400 cheaper than the next top rated yelp company even with their "yelp special" deal.  anyway, there was a crew of 3 guys that completed the work we agreed upon plus trimmed the dead stuff in another tree!  they cleaned up the debris from the work they did, took it with them and offered to pile up a mess left over from previous tree company.  quick, efficient and safe guys - i HIGHLY recommend them, thanks so much! More...


Stacey H.

17 July 2013

Well, my tree decided to slowly lay down on the neighbor's house after the rain started a couple of days ago and the leaves got heavy.  I had multiple bids, Joe's won  because they were going to get to it quickly and the pricing was very reasonable.  The crew showed up yesterday afternoon and cut out what equates to 3 large hackberry trees.  If you know how big they are after their full life, you know this was no small tree.  I'll miss my big shady leaves, but am absolutely pleased with the work done and the crews that did it.  The effort that was required to cut the HUGE tree that lay on the neighbor's house without allowing damage was no small feat.    You can see their expertise in how the job is carried out so efficiently and effectively.  I also appreciate their patience with the fact that I was so in awe of their ability to climb/cut and chainsaw that I did embarrass myself to stand in the yard and watch more a few times (out of the way, of course!).  Amazing!  Great job!  We will use them again and recommend to friends and family.  Thanks you!! More...


Katie P.

11 July 2013

On time for estimate and work day. Fair price. Cleaned the yard well after service, even used the leaf blower on my deck. Double checked that I approved of their work after finishing.Thanks!


Jenno G.

30 June 2013

Joe and his team were awesome.  Professional, polite, and thorough.  Highly recommend.  I found the service (and the cost) to be excellent! Will use them again!


Donna J.

24 June 2013

Mr. Garcia arrived promptly for the estimate appointment, and his crew arrived a few minutes early for the job. Three hours later, my trees look great! Joe's took great care of my very old black walnut tree (best feature of my front yard) and pecan trees in the back, including removing one that didn't survive the drought. They even ground down the stumps of some shrubs we had cut down ourselves. They were careful in the flowerbed under the walnut tree, and cleaned up all the debris (a whole trailer full!) - all for a very reasonable price. All in all, a very positive experience. Thanks, Yelp! More...


Mahadevan G.

20 May 2013

Just had 10 oak trees trimmed in my backyard. They were large (30-40ft oak trees) with 2 of them towering over our roof.My first estimate was from Joe's and I felt the price was reasonable. But being the avid shopper that I am, I got 2 more quotes from reputed tree services based on Yelp reviews. Both of them came in higher than Joe's by nearly 20-30%.So finally I scheduled the service with Joe's. There was some difficulty in making the schedule work on their end, and so the appointment was rescheduled twice. But when they actually came to do the work, I was pleasantly surprised.Three words describe the work they do : professional, meticulous and perfection. Although the contract stated that only large dead wood needed to be removed, Joe's guys went beyond their call of duty, and cleared all dead wood to ensure that the tree was in good health. They cleared 2  large (15ft) branches from above my roof without touching the roofline. They were very skillful and precise. They also cleared the branches that were hanging over my neighbors roof from my trees. An impressed neighbor makes for a perfect neighbor. And finally they cleared all the wood without leaving a trace that the trees were worked on, except when someone notices the beautiful canopy that surrounds the house now.All in all, I would highly recommend Joe and his men and would definitely call them if I need more tree work done.Thanks Yelp for allowing me to find Joes Tree care. More...


Megan W.

6 May 2013

I found Joe's through the negative reviews that were written about Brent's, ironically enough!  We got an estimate from Brent's ($1600) and pulled the plug after reading their reviews.  Got a second estimate from Joe's ($800!)... so glad we did.They did the work, cleaned the yard, we very kind to our trees (not too much, not too little).  We had the work done April 1st and they have bloomed/leafed out so beautifully over the last month.  We have a huge live oak, 3 huge elms, a pecan, and some neighboring trees that were trimmed at our fence line (and over our roof).  Our trees are all 40+ years old.  They're the best thing about our property, so taking care of them is a priority.A bonus star for Joe's: there was a discrepancy on what was included and not included in the estimate.  I thought they had missed a tree.  I called, unhappy with the service, and Ariana and her crew were back out at our place that same night.  They did the extra work for free, even though it was likely not included in the original price.  Great, great customer service.  Will use them again for sure. More...


John P.

28 March 2013

This review will be short, because Joe and his team were great, as many other reviews have indicated.The price was reasonable, service was timely, and the guys spent extra time making sure they picked up every last twig and leaf that they cut down, leaving my yard looking spotless.  Five stars for doing what he said, when he said, and cleaning up the mess.Oh, the trees look great now! More...


Tony C.

24 March 2013

Joe worked with me on the price for the tree trimming (he was the cheapest bid I received, btw).  He & his crew showed up when they said they would and did a great job.  I would definitely use them again. More...


Mark B.

22 March 2013

We had Joe's remove 4 very large sycamore trees around our home.They did a great job and after they cleaned up so well you would have not know they had been there. Very impressed.Other reviews complained about them late to the estimating appointment. Knowing this I was provocative and made my appointment the first one in the morning plus called then that morning. They were still late but only by about 15 min.The price was very fare and the work part was done exactly as agreed.I would use them again. More...


Gary P.

14 November 2012

Joe's crew came over to my place and worked on all the trees around my house. I was surprised how much dead wood was in the trees. After 3 hours of work the three men crew did a great job. They trimmed all of the trees away from my house and fences, and my tree from the neighbor's house. They cleaned up the grounds, and hauled away a big trailer filled with tree trimmings. After they left I was so amazed how much better my two oak trees in the front yard look, and very happy that I had the work done, and done by Joe's Tree Care!!Thanks Joe, to you and your great crew!! More...


Austin V.

12 November 2012

We had a tree that feel into the house and we needed intimidate removal before it damaged our home.  Joe's Tree Care was the only tree service that respond in a timely manner.  They removed the tree and ground the stump.  I was thoroughly impressed how Joe's Tree care completed its services.  I will be using Joe's Tree Care in the future and recommend them for anybody needing tree work. More...


Matt J.

19 October 2012

I've used Joe's Tree Care twice in the last 6 months.  First to take down a large dead tree in my back yard last Spring.  During the quoting process he found two more trees that were terminal as they were inundated by boring insects.  Had no idea.  He removed the three large trees and ground the stumps for a price that was close to what others quoted for one tree.  In and out in a day, and the place looked like he was never there (except for the missing trees).  Asked him about doing a full cleanup of the many overgrown live oaks on the property.  He quoted me a very very reasonable price but said he wouldn't do it in the Spring since it would stress the trees.  He came back this week to do the job and all I can say is WOW, the quality of the work and the high level of service provided far outweighed the moderate price he charged. Joe is a tree guy.  He cares about the trees and he doesn't try to rip you off.  Five stars all the way. More...


Jennifer N.

24 September 2012

Joe's crew was quick and efficient. Overall excellent job. Will definitely hire them again in the future!


Ryan F.

20 September 2012

I used Yelp! to find Joe's Tree Care - all the accolades were right on.  I had to have a 100 ft. tree removed in my backyard.  They did an excellent job, from timely service to limb and stump removal, all for a great price. More...


Heidi M.

24 August 2012

I picked this place because of the awesome yelp reviews, and I was not disappointed. The staff was polite, prompt, and went above and beyond my expectations. They did their best to protect my flower bed, blew the dust off the patio afterwards, and hauled off some brush with no extra charge.  The price was right, and it as fun watching grown men climbing the tree outside my window! More...


Esteban G.

17 August 2012

I called Joe's based on the positive reviews on Yelp, and I was not disappointed. He arrived on time for the initial free consultation and was able to clearly explain and show me where beetles had infested my +30' Ash tree, what limbs he could save, and what should be removed as a hazard. his quote was roughly 1/2 to 1/3 what I was quoted from a major competitor. We scheduled the appointment for three business days later. His team of five guys arrived on time, were up, down and around that tree for about five hours, safely removed some MASSIVE limbs that were threatening power lines, a tool shed, and my neighbors fence, and hauled everything away without damaging my lawn or my wife's flower beds (something Joe took note of during the initial visit and promised me his people would be aware of, thanks Joe!). The tree looks great, much healthier, and I have peace of mind regarding falling branches. My neighbor had some tree work done a few days later by a different company, and I was fairly certain those guys were going to seriously injure themselves based on their lack of safety equipment and apparent inexperience. Joe's guys didn't make me anxious at all; it really seems like he's trained his guys well. Joe mentioned that he has a policy of replacing big trees that are completely removed with good sized (30gal) new trees, which I feel is a great policy that shows he cares. I would recommend him and use him again should we need more work done in the future. The one missing star is that in the process of removing branches the crew knocked down the Time Warner Cable internet and cable lines and tried to haphazardly tie them back to the house. I was not informed of this, I happened to witness it while I stopped by the house for lunch from work. No one mentioned this to me when I called in, but when I asked about it I was told that they would fix the problem. There wasn't a problem to fix however, as I had cancelled my Time Warner service earlier that week and those lines had no power. Time Warner won't come out and remove the wires, but that's another review. I do feel that if I had pressed the issue then Joe would have done his best to make it right, but I took the star for not being upfront about it from the get go. More...


Amy S.

9 August 2012

So far, so good!  Granted, they haven't even done the work yet, and I'm already writing a positive review.  I had a great experience from the initial phone call to the guy coming out and giving me a quote (I completely forgot his name).  He was supposed to be here at 8:30 yesterday morning and I just assumed he'd be late (some contractors are not as prompt as others!) but he got here a few minutes early.  He took a look, surveyed what I needed done, and gave me a very reasonable quote on site.  We have a large oak tree that needed to be trimmed back away from our roof and pretty much everywhere.  We had this done by an arborist a few years ago and paid a lot more than what Joe's Tree Service is charging us.  Granted, the arborist spent a lot of time explaining the science of the tree and more, but this time, I just needed an honest and reliable crew to make the front of our house more appealing. I called yesterday to see how I would make a credit card payment and the person who answered the phone said that I could call their office after the work was done to ensure that I was happy/satisfied with everything and then make a payment.  I was very surprised that they didn't require a credit card number prior to the work (since I told them I wouldn't be home when they were here doing the work).  Regardless, I am satisfied so far with their service and their reasonable quote.  I'll have to update this review later today once the work is complete! More...


Cory C.

30 July 2012

I really don't know how much more I can say that everybody else hasn't already.  I decided to use Joe's based on the reviews, and everybody was spot on!  These guys are prompt, courteous and extremely professional!  We will be using them again in the future when we need to remove a few more trees!  I honestly can't say enough nice things about these guys!  ps...the pricing is also incredible, especially given the service you receive!! More...


Ash W.

20 July 2012

On Tuesday, we decided we needed dead limbs removed from our trees. I got on Yelp, saw that Joe's had 61 positive reviews, and scheduled an estimate. On Thursday, we got an estimate. On Friday, our trees were trimmed. Joe's has gotten two additional reviews since Tuesday, and I'm tacking on another.The gentlemen were punctual, competent, fast, and did a beautiful job trimming as well as cleaning up afterward. We are happy with the price and the quality of service.Hire Joe's Tree Care! More...


Drew J.

19 July 2012

Joe's Tree Care did a huge job for us. We just moved on .6 acres with very unkept trees - many over the roof and around telephone wires. They brought over at least 5 men that worked from 8:30am or so until 6:30pm. There was not a single broken shingle or broken window.  They even trimmed up trees not in the quote. Our yard looks much better. The quote was not real cheap but the job was big and they did allow room for negotiation. More...


Greg G.

19 June 2012

Ok, sometimes people make mistakes and I think they messed up...however, I'm going to give them a ton of credit for making it up to me. They contacted me and offered to do the job at a nice discount. They said they were sorry for the confusion. Came out the day I gave them the go ahead and completed the job nicely. I own a Company and I make mistakes too, like Joe, I will bend over backwards to make it right with a customer. They made me a happy camper... I would use them again. More...


Renee N.

23 May 2012

We chose this company based 100% on the Yelp reviews.  Joe came out to our house and gave us an estimate a couple hundred less than what we expected.  We will be hiring his team for all of our tree needs!  Thanks! More...


Linda N.

22 May 2012

Joe and his crew did a great job trimming our trees and cleaning up the brush.   They showed up as scheduled and he can beat the others in price.   We will use him again.


Jennfier B.

16 May 2012

Joe is amazing. He is very knowledgeable, super-nice, and ridiculously reasonably priced. He is also insured, which is essential when having a tree removed- dangerous work. We first had him out to cut down a large tree. We were so happy with the work and the price that we have had him out to remove a large branch that fell in a storm. I recommend him to everyone! More...


Ronnizia B.

12 May 2012

I had a VERY tall sycamore that was dying - I called Joe's tree service out and he talked me through and showed me what had happened to the tree. I was a little nervous about getting it removed because the tree was so close to the detached garage with a power line running to it. They asked me to talk to the neighbor to see if we could remove it using their yard.The crew did an amazing job. I really thought removing a tree of this size would be a big hassle and they made it painless. More...


Michael D.

10 May 2012

Just adding to the chorus.  Had some wind damage to a big tree on my property last week, which left a huge branch dangling over the roof and threatening the house. I called the same night of the storm, expecting to leave a message, and, to my surprise, they actually answered the call and came out the next morning and got it taken care of immediately.  The job was professional and the price was fair (they even took $100 off the original price they quoted me, without me asking for a discount!)  What else do you need to know? More...


Uncle Stumpy S.

8 May 2012

I have worked with Joe on several jobs removing the stumps for him and his crew.  In addition, Joe has also done several tree jobs that my customers needed taken out including my brothers.  Joe gets nothing but great reviews from everyone that uses his services and charges a good price.   Keep up the good work Joe and look forward to working with you in the future.- Uncle Stumpy - RemoveMyStump.com More...


Julie S.

26 April 2012

We have a few oak trees in our front yard and a big elm tree in the back that have not been trimmed for years.  We received multiple quotes and Joe's was reasonable and can schedule the soonest.  When we called to schedule, the woman answered the phone said she had us scheduled for an afternoon.On the scheduled day, we were getting a bit concerned when no one showed up by 3:30pm.  We called again and was told they were running behind.  5pm and still no show, we called and was told that they were sending two teams and they were on their way.  Finally just before 6pm, one team arrived and started on some simple trimming but they had to wait for the second team because they don't have all the equipment.With less than 2 hours of sunlight left, we were concerned they'd be rushed and do a lousy job.  When the second team arrived, they were very efficient and did all the pruning and cleaning up in no time at all.  The trees looked great and they cleaned up so well that they actually raked up all the compost we put on our grass under the trees!The work done deserves 5 stars but I took one star off because I was stuck home all afternoon waiting for them and had to keep calling the office for status that was not very informative. More...


Brock S.

25 April 2012

Joe's prices are very competitve and they did the job quickly and with no hassle.  I would recommend you at least get a quote from him if you have tree work that needs to be done.


rose c.

16 April 2012

Thank you Joe and his great crew! They finished taking down a very big dead tree of ours in half the time quoted. The crew was very nice and cleaned everything up when they finished, even fulfilling a request we had for a small cut from the old oak tree for a souvenir...Thank you again for an excellent job at a very fair price!  R & T Coop More...


Howard B.

5 April 2012

I have to join the chorus of happy and satisfied customers of Joe's Tree Care! Joe is the kind of guy I like to do business with and I highly recommend Joe's Tree Care. He was easy to deal with, the estimate was priced right, the crew was very courteous and the trees look great. All of my neighbors are impressed by the work and at least a few are having their trees trimmed by Joe's. You can't get better than that! More...


Q S.

1 April 2012

Awesome service. Called on Sunday around noon and they arrived at 3pm. Great work and very professional. Will definitely be using them again.


Robert M.

26 March 2012

I originally planned to get at least 2 other bids but working with Joe was easy and the price was right, so I didn't bother with the others. Anyway I called Joe for an estimate, he was easy to schedule a time with, and he arrived right on time. He gave me a price right on the spot, there was no pressure, he seemed competent and affable, and I knew his price was very good from having handled a lot of tree issues for my HOA. He had a copy of his insurance with him so I hired him and Joe and his crew showed up right on time on the day of appointment. It was a 2 day job. They left the place spotless and did exactly what I needed them to do with the trees. A plus rating. I'd definitely recommend highly and will use again. More...


Stephanie L.

16 March 2012

I prefer doing business with someone who is honest, who provides great service,and doesn't rip you off. This company is the one, if you need a tree trimming service.I called, Joe came to get an estimate, and after two days they came to move 2 trees in my back yard on time.  I am very impressed. They finished it beautifully, and like everybody said here, they give a very fair price.  I would do business with them again. More...


Tamara C.

16 March 2012

Like with most of the other reviewers on this site, I came across Joe's Tree Care on a competitor's review. So glad Joe has such loyal clients!I have 9 trees on my property. Annual maintenance and upkeep can be pretty costly. Joe came out for an estimate on Friday, and the following week delivered what he promised, and more. Honest. Dependable. Insured. Prompt. Effective. Efficient. Super competitive. Super reasonable.What I liked the most: Joe came out personally to perform my assessment. The next week, he sent out a TEAM of 6 men to execute the service...and showed up midway through to make sure his team was doing a good job. If that's not personal customer service, I don't know what is!He's definitely got my referral! Client for life! More...


William W.

15 March 2012

I highly recommend Joe's Tree Care.  They're professional, timely and inexpensive.  What more can you want?I had several quotes to remove a large (60') tree in my yard that ranged from $2200-3000.  After a very negative experience with another company, I looked up the competitor's review on Yelp.  Most people had the same complaints and recommend Joe's.  Glad they did.Joe did the entire project for $1600, arrived the morning after the quote as scheduled and finished on time.  On top of that Joe is a friendly guy and very likeable.  If you need tree work done, give them a try. More...


Connie T.

2 March 2012

Glad I looked at Yelp and called Joe! I, too, was almost a real sucker after buying a Living Social coupon for Brent's tree service.(paying $75 for a $225 coupon which would cover half the price of the main tree I needed trimmed according to Darryl at Brent's tree service! Darryl was very high pressure and had me agree to 1285 plus tax for 3 large trees and  5 small trees trimmed. With my coupon it came to 1,057. After looking at Yelp I cancelled that service and called Joe's Tree Service. Joe came same day and offered me $675 for the same trees with taking one of the smaller trees down. The total with tax came to $729.00, a sizable savings even if I can't get my coupon refunded! Joe and his crew came next day and did a great job. He takes pride in his work and does a little extra(like cleaning out dead trash trees)One big lesson when buying those "great" coupons- check out yelp first! More...


A S.

27 February 2012

I had Joe come out for an estimate on a tall palm tree job after reading Yelp reviews. He was perfect all the way around. I don't write many reviews but I'm taking time for Joe, he earned it.


Tammy W.

27 February 2012

Joe and his team did a great job removing a huge dead tree, trimming 2 other trees and grinding 6 stumps all for a very reasonable charge.  He showed up on time, and the whole crew was very pleasant to work with, were fast and hard working.  Thanks Joe! More...


Melissa C.

6 January 2012

Just had Joe's team trim our trees and we are so happy with his service! They did an outstanding job in a timely manner and the price was great!



27 December 2011

I'm going to agree with the reviews here. I had Joe remove a dying pecan.  The price was more than reasonable, the crew arrived on time and finished quickly.  They cleaned up after the removal and I can't express enough how impressed I was with his work.  I'll be using him again in the spring to shape up some of my other trees! More...


Joel H.

21 December 2011

I found Joe on Yelp and he came out the same day I called to give an estimate.  He provided a written estimate and proof of insurance.  He said he could start work within the week.  After comparing bids from some larger companies Joe's cost could not be beat.  When we called to schedule the work he offered to start the next day.  We had an estimated 60-80 year old dying American Elm that at the base measured about 36", sat in the middle of the yard and the canopy spread over our house.  Joe and his crew did an masterful job removing the tree without damaging house or property and left the yard looking as though they had never been there.Joe's Tree Care will be the first call I make for future tree trimming and removal. More...


Guy A.

25 November 2011

My first encounter with Joe's Tree Care was as I prepared my old home for sale.  After spotty results with three other companies, I went to Yelp, and there was Joe.  He made me a very reasonable offer to trim up oaks and remove junipers on a heavily wooded lot.  His men were pleasant and did everything I asked as the job progressed.  As branches disappeared, occasionally it became obvious that  some other tree might be better gone... No problem (and no quibbling for another hundred).  Joe was there to please.in the end, the work was excellent, quite reasonable, and they consistently did More that expected.  Cleaned up everything.... volunteered to trim some bushes we hadn't even discussed.  HIGHLY recommended.  I used him for a second job at another house about two weeks later. More...


Debbie D.

26 October 2011

I too found Joe on YELP and not at ALL disappointed. Quick, reasonable, reliable service. Would recommend Joe's Tree Care.


Adam B.

30 September 2011

Joe took care of three unsightly mesquite trees in the back yard of my new home.  He and his crew were out within 24 hours of calling and did a great job very quickly.  They ground the stumps and two month later you cannot even tell there were trees there.  I highly recommend Joe. More...


Adrian F.

28 September 2011

Completed all the work they quoted me for and did a bit extra on top of that, even hauled off the limbs we cut down ourselves! They work quickly, clean up their own mess and don't have any surprise costs at the end. More...


Susan P.

22 September 2011

With this horrible summer, several of my trees have died.  There was a monster elm tree in my front yard and two large pecans in the back.  I'd gotten several estimates on removing just the elm which were $1200-$1500.  So, I checked Yelp and saw all the great reviews on Joe's Tree Care.  I called them Monday afternoon and he came by my house that evening.  Gave me a combined quote of $1000 for all three trees!  I signed right up.  His crew was out bright and early on Wednesday and by mid-afternoon all the trees were down and hauled away.  They were skilled, professional, courteous and effective.  I'll definitely call these folks again should the need arise. More...


Matt F.

9 September 2011

Joe came over within 2 hours to give me a quote on some trimming.  He was friendly and accommodating, which was in direct contrast to Brent's.  Did a great job, though was a bit late. More...


Pat E.

28 June 2011

My neighbor and I both hired Joe's Tree Care to do some pruning and cut down a large tree.  He arrived on time for the appointment for the estimate, was very professional and knowledgeable on trees.  He's not just a trimmer but offered sound advice and suggestions on the best way to tackle the issues I was facing with tree growth.  He proactively provided me with his insurance policy which I highly recommend to anyone considering getting trees trimmed - make sure whoever you hire has full insurance.  Joe's price was the best one hands-down of the 3 company's I called (all from Yelp reviews).  He and his crew were very conscientious and when the job was done it was beautiful!  Amazing transformation of my yard AND they completely cleared away all the debris from the yard.  You couldn't even tell I had work done from one day to the next.  I HIGHLY recommend Joe and his crew!  Great work and thank you Joe. More...


Denise W.

8 June 2011

I called Joe based on the Yelp reviews.  He came out right away, gave me a price and removed a large limb that had fallen into my neighbor's yard the same day I called. Joe is great - efficient, professional, quick, easy to work with and at a reasonable price. More...


Craig Y.

2 June 2011

I used another tree service, and had good results, but not great. I called Joe, and he called me right back and was over at my house in 30 minutes. He gave me a very fair estimate and immediately jumped into action. His crew was courteous, motivated and there to  work. He listened to what I needed and suggested options rather than just taking the limbs down that I pointed to, and even did a little extra dead limb trimming while he was up in the canopy, beyond what he was asked to do. Because he was eager, professional, fast and inexpensive I'll use him again without a second thought. More...


Bob B.

17 May 2011

We couldn't be happier with the work that was performed and the manner in which it was delivered.  Joe showed up when he said he would, discussed his recommendations, and gave a fairly priced estimate.  His crew was professional and hard working, the finished product exceeded expectations, and everything was cleaned up better than how it was found.  The trees look fantastic!  Highly recommend Joe's Tree Care. More...


Whitney R.

22 April 2011

I found Joe's on Yelp, gave him a call last Sunday, and he was at our house within a few hours to give us a quote.  We had a virtual forest growing in our front yard, and we needed it cleared out. We also had a dead tree dangerously close to the house.  Joe gave us a very reasonable quote for a very large amount of work.  They came back this week to complete the work, brought 6 guys and had our yard completely cleared of the old trees in about 4 hours. They cleared all the debris and carried it away in their trucks.  See the before and after photos...they did a great job!  Would definitely call Joe again! More...


griffin c.

15 April 2011

Yelp is a good place to find reliable review. It was my first stop when we needed someone for tree removal services. I found Joe's Tree Care and several others on Yelp. The other services also had top-notched reviews and gave fair estimates, but Joe's quote was the most competitive. We are pleased with the job that Joe did in removing a couple of dead trees in our back yard. He gave us his estimate and was ready to work the very next day. We came home and found a clean area, trees removed and stumps grounded. He even removed some branches that we were saving for brush day. Joe's Tree Care did a terrific job at a fair price, and I highly recommend him for professional and kind services. More...


Heather O.

14 April 2011

I found Joe's Tree Care on Yelp and he came out within a few hours to give me an estimate to trim back 2 trees that had grown far over my house. I received one quote that was lower than Joe's, but the low quote guy  seemed mentally unstable, unexperienced and unknowledgeable. I am glad that I went with Joe's instead. The men arrived the next day and were courteous, professional, skilled and thoughtful with their work. They did a beautiful job. Not only did they remove all of the branches and debris, but they also took away and disposed of the branches that I had cut myself before I gave up on the project. I will definitely use them again, and feel that the cost was fair and the work done was excellent. More...


Liz C.

14 April 2011

I called Joe's Tree Care based on Yelp reviews and I was very happy with him. I called him on Monday and made immediate plans to come give me an estimate on Tuesday night. He showed up a little early even on Tuesday and spent a while looking at my tree and explaining what needed to be done. He made sure I understood and was comfortable with it. Then we made plans for him to come at 9/9:30 on Thursday. He was here at 9:20 and did a WONDERFUL job, all for a really reasonable price. I'm very happy with his professional and kind service. More...


Meredith V.

5 April 2011

I usually never write reviews but I have to leave one for Joe because he is just a wonderful guy who really cares about his work!. I learned of Joe because I was looking to have some trees trimmed and I found great reviews for him here on yelp. Joe quoted me a terrific price (lower than all my neighbors payed for their trees) and he took the time to explain everything to me.  The trimmers did an excellent job and cleaned up every little twig when they were done. More...


Gayathri B.

25 March 2011

Got Joe for cutting our trees yday!  He gave us a great quote (we compared it with 3 other companies we found on yelp).  His was way way better than the others.  The job was done well.  The guys who came over were great and did a clean job!  They even cleaned up all the branches and hauled it all away!  We are very pleased.  Will definitely be using them the next time and highly recommend them! More...


Jamin G.

23 March 2011

I found Joe through yelp and I'm really glad I did.  Last week he and his crew removed a large, dead, oak tree from my lawn and they were as good as it gets.  First of all they are amazing at what they do and it was incredible to watch but, combined with an obvious care for his customers and his crew, prompt communication, awesome clean-up (they even took a few things that weren't a part of the job!),  and a fair price, Joe cannot be beat.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  I look forward to working with him again, next time. More...


Nick Q.

5 November 2010

I found Joe via yelp, and the reviews were very accurate.I met with Joe, he gave me a great quote, and was very knowledgeable about the many different types of trees I have on my property.He and his crew were quick to respond, and were working on my house the very next day.  My tress look amazing, they even trimmed some of my large shrubs. Everything was cleaned, better than when they arrived!He hauled away all the trimmings, and cleaned my roof from any debris.I will continue to call Joe's Tree Care for any all all tree trimming, removal, etc. More...


mindy b.

21 October 2010

We tried Joe's after reading great reviews on Yelp and getting a few other bids. He and his crew were extremely thorough and we're really happy with the results.They trimmed front and back yard trees, including a huge old oak in great need of lightening up. Due to growing around a now-gone larger tree, our largest existing trees all lean to one side. They also hacked out a few stumps, removed a large shrub, and even chopped and neatly stacked some wood for firewood (my request). The yard, patio, etc. are clean of all debris, and the trees all look larger, open and more balanced.Joe was very responsive, knowledgeable, and gave us a great value for the money. I'd definitely recommend him! More...


Dana M.

19 July 2010

After receiving four different flyers on my door for tree and hedge trimming services, I went through each reviewed which ones who had Websites and those who didn't. I wasn't impressed what I had seen, and half of the Website domains were void. Then there was Joe's flyer...blue, simple, spelled out, phone, email, and no Website. Something to told me to give them a call for a bid so I did.I spoke to Joe Garcia himself--who was as pleasant and polite as they come. We set up a time for a Friday morning. Later that day, Joe's business partner Jason Wilson called, who also btw was as pleasant and polite, said he was going to be in the neighborhood and offered to come by that evening if it was convenient for me, versus the morning. I happened to be mowing the lawn and took him up on it. We walked through the front and back yard and he made mental and physical notes of my needs and was very attentive. The bid he gave me was beyond reasonable for both tree trimming and hedge trimming plus cleanup and haul--and what impressed me most was that he said he wanted my business and wanted to give me the best price possible. And he did.Fast forward and its Monday morning--the workers are here on time and I'm already happy with what I'm seeing. Might I note the workers are incredibly polite too...gotta LOVE the courtesy and politeness company wide! The detail and care they've put into my yard is impressive. The trees are raised and the hangers removed; the hedges are trimmed and clean. And all trimmings have been hauled and removed. I highly, highly recommend Joe's Tree care to you. They are licensed, insured and do both commercial and residential. Services include:- Tree trimming- Hedge Trimming- Roof Clearance- Stump Grinding- Raised Canopy- Removal- HangersEmail is Joestreeclimber@yahoo.com. Note the address on this initial review is wrong. It is 9903 Woodglen Drive, Austin 78753.Enjoy! More...


Karen W.

27 April 2010

This guy is phenomenal!  I've tried both the "professional" (read: overpriced) companies as well as the cheap (read: shotty) companies, and can tell the difference between a great job and a poor one.  Joe does GREAT work for a very reasonable price. I have multiple, beautiful live oak trees as well as tropical trees around the pool and he was able to give the whole property an awesome facelift.  I've nicknamed him "mono" (monkey) for his ability to climb the tallest trees on his ropes with his saw hanging from his belt.  His tools are cleaned between jobs and he seals the open wounds on the live oaks---he KNOWS his stuff!  (He happens also to be the tree expert for Kadish Properties). I can't recommend him highly enough!!! More...

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