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Our photography studio exists to empower brands with impactful images that will help them grow.​

Whether it’s for a CEO or a leading lady, every image we take is for someone’s job. Our specialties range from simple and eye-catching headshots to customized, personal branding images for businesses of all sizes.


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12 August 2019

Joseph you are so much fun. i miss you :(. our session was just what I needed to put myself in a position to get the jobs i hoped for. thank you thank you thank you! Addison isn't the same with out you. More...



9 August 2019

I'm not a bark.com customer. I met Jay at a small business conference and we talked about my a number of things including the non-profit organization I was in the process of starting. Jay produced amazing professional images for my branding. he took the time to understand what I was looking for during our consultation and made sure that he covered all of the issues that were most important to me. It was an eye opening experience from start to finish and I was speechless when I saw the final product. He showed authentic concern and true professionalism. More...

Marlie thank you for reviewing my page. It was so much fun working on your PB session. You are most definitely as vibrant as you are brilliant. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any other imaging for your brand.



7 August 2019

High end beautiful work. My first choice when I'm in Houston.

Bryan! Thanks my good man. I apologize for hitting you with this so early this morning. I'm trying to boost my profile for my clients. You are amazing and I look forward to you coming back with your new crew. Let's do Ruggles Black next time. I think you'll love it.



7 August 2019

I walked in to the studio and immediately felt at ease. Very professional environment, a knowledgable personable and efficient photographer and amazing images. Great combination!

Thanks for the quick response on the review request Ms Bee. Hope to work with you again in the near future.


I live for the opportunity to change a persons perspective of the way they see themselves. It brings fulfillment to my life to make the most authentic portraits of my clients that they have ever or will ever see of themselves. That is my service, to bring beauty to the world by showing my clients the the truth of themselves and guiding them through them through the process of showing the world who they are. I tell my clients by the time you leave my studio, I will know who you are and and you will have images that show who you are.

I opened my own photography studio because of the empowering feeling of knowing that my clients will always get the best service and the best treatment because I am determined and committed to provide that level of genuine service. I used to take photographs for another company that I will not name and it was so dull and drab. it was do this and do that and it was so mechanical and cold. There was no real experience. There was no connection. I need to create connection when I do what I love. No one who walks through my door will ever leave my studio feeling like they were just another face or just another transaction. They will know that I appreciate them whether they were a client or not.

Because our mission is to reenforce positive self image and beliefs through the power of effective branding, expressive images, deep connections, and exceptional experiences.