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JMT Publications provides written content for print or digital publication. A portfolio of work can be found at https://jeanefritz.contently.com/.

I have over 10 years' experience writing SEO rich articles for digital publishers worldwide.



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My ability to research my topic has been one of my greatest strengths, and it is also a passion. I love digging into a subject and ferreting out information that is useful, practical, entertaining or just plain interesting.

I have always worked in very left-brain positions for very left-brained organizations. I've been an inside sales representative for a retailer of drafting and engineering supplies, and my client base was very logical, detail oriented and results driven. After that, I took on the dual tasks of setting type for two print shops and doing bookkeeping for mid-sized corporations. These positions paid well, fed my family but didn't feed my soul. I needed to be able to create things. My business allowed me to do so and get paid for my efforts.

My standards are high, and I have a proven record of meeting deadlines and producing quality content. I will ask a LOT of questions at the outset. This ensures that I have a clear understanding of the job and your expectations, and it also allows me to make an intelligent and informed decision as to whether the job is a good match for my skills. In short, I choose my projects carefully, will generally under-promise and then will make every effort to over-deliver.