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JMAK GROUP LTD is a reputable video production that offers contents through creative media such as film, corporate videos, music video, tv programmes, promos, bespoke training videos and events.

Founded by Jean-Marc Aka-Kadjo,
JMAK GROUP LTD is steadly growing to become a leading video production company.


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3 January 2017

Very professional and excellent attention to detail
We’ve worked with JMAK GROUP LTD on several projects over the last 2 years. They have an eye for detail and keeps the intended audience in mind - this has been evident in the careful selection of recording ambience, sound track and tone of the videos they produced.

Whenever we’ve sought to reduce quality because of resource constraints, they have consistently held us up to high standards of excellence. They have brought a new level of professionalism and creativity to the quality of videos we release - the last promotional video they produced for us was instrumental in allowing us to exceed our retreat ticket sales target.

3 January 2017

I’ve had the pleasure of working with JMAK GROUP for several years: they've always been fast, friendly, efficient and helpful. We’ve sent them dozens of recordings every year to process: their editing and production have turned several raw products into highly-useful pieces of training for our lawyers around the world. I was initially sceptical of how easy it would be to capture the knowhow that our people generate in an effective manner. But JMAK GROUP changed my mind entirely: Their diligent approach has made the world of difference to how we use video as an integral part of our business. More...

3 January 2017

I had the pleasure to work with JMAK GROUP, and they have always delivered a high standard work for us

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I love to see the joy and satisfaction of my client when the final product is delivered. Production tend to be quite demanding at times as we are trying as a company to achieve to deliver 100% quality products

I have always have a strong inclination into filmmaking. After my qualification in Film and Broadcasting i have worked for many companies but always wanted to provide a top product which combines service, value and customer care. As professional filmmakers, we can be quite expensive. I wanted to give the opportunity for those on tight budget to still be able to acquire a professional service which would meet their need.

As mentioned earlier we are steadily growing to become a leading video production. Our works are innovative and creative, but the most important thing is that we can deliver a service that meet every need. We have worked and we continue to work with corporations, business, individuals, charities, organisations. Our prices are tailored for the project and our consultations are free of charges.
Our clients never complained before and we want to make sure it stays that way.
Our team is dedicated and professional and are able to assist you in every steps of your project.