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Since 2000 we have been placing world-class work and renovating homes and places of business to suit.


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Your condo or co-op by-laws will tell you the steps you need to take to have work done,

Start by referring to your by-laws and receiving approval for the work from your condo or co-op board. Then complete a detailed plan for the work with a budget and schedule, and begin.

We begin with free-flowing brainstorming process to arrive at the final look and feel, then source materials and services to complete the work to the highest professional standard and at the most-competitive cost, and check in with clients each step of the way.

Contemporary is our specialty; this is what we have been doing since 2000.

The satisfaction of a job well done and the happiness of clients loving how their lives ‘flow’ inside their spaces.

This aspect of the work simply flowed from the gallery business. Clients who purchased art also wanted interior work done.

Our approach is simple — measure twice, get your plan all the way right. and then get it done on time or ahead-of-time, and on budget. That’s all anyone wants from this process.