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M402SP, West Yorkshire

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JL Health & Performance

M402SP, West Yorkshire

1 hire on Bark.com


I understand that every client is different, and that your goals may vary from losing weight, to gaining muscle, to just improving quality of life. Whether you are looking for someone to push you in the gym, or hold you accountable for the things you do outside of the gym then I am here to help.



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Once we have been through a comprehensive consultation process to learn as much about you (the client) as I can I will then build you a bespoke, individualised fitness and nutrition programme. This programme is forever changing as your body, and your health begin to adapt and change.

I can summarise this in only one word..........


Most people think its fancy diets, fancy exercises. The truth is its doing the basics, doing them well, and being consistent with them.

My clients!

I can think of no other job where not only do you help people feel better, more confidence, and healthier, and where you also get to meet such a vast aray of people in the process.

After working for large gyms I soon realised that my job was not as a personal trainer but I was infact a sales person. All the gym was focused on was money, not my clients.

To me my clients are the priority and I wanted to make that the basis of everything I do.

The sad truth is, becoming a personal trainer is easy. Most personal trainer will complete a 6 week course and then that 'qualifies' them to coach and educate you on health and fitness.

I have spent 8 years working in the industry, I have completed a degree in Strength & Conditioning, I am currently working towards a masters degree in Strength & Conditioning, and I have been fortunate enough to work with proffessional rugby clubs. I have spent years to make sure that I can provide the best service possible to my clients, and belive this is something very few trainers can say themselves.