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Jigsaw Jungle International Inc.

Quebec, canada

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Jigsaw Jungle International Inc.

Quebec, canada



Jigsaw Jungle International Inc.'s website boasts the widest selection of Jigsaw Puzzles, paint-by-number, crafts, brainteasers, and more from a broad manufacturer base, with over 3500 products aiming to offer something for everyone - and we ship just about anywhere in the world!

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Annie Gauthier

super service!


Sébastien Loy

Super entrepôt de puzzle. Aussi bien pour les petits que pour les grands.
Une vraie caverne d'Ali baba.
Super service, très gentil.
Il y a aussi deux magnifiques chien Danois ^^ (C'est le bonus)
Mon fils a trouvé son bonheur et idem pour mon épouse Lucie.


Melonia Nicol

A wonderful and extensive selection of puzzles at affordable prices!


Brad Sacks

I bought several jigsaw puzzles from Jigsaw Jungle and literally within a few hours, the package shipped. Everything was packed perfectly and as received as ordered. I was thrilled. Keep it up! Thanks! More...


Yasmin Devji

The best puzzle store in North America. Great prices. Love shopping here, they have a massive selection of puzzles and great service. Robert and his team are awesome. Thank you everybody. More...


Marilyne Tremblay Coutu

If you like puzzles this place is like Heaven! Incredible selection at a good price!


Clare Kwo

I have been a loyal customer with Jigsaw Jungle for over 20 years! Very very happy with the service! And I didn't know this hobby could be so addictive!


Janet Friesen

This place rocks.Its like a candy store to
me.The delivery great love the heye cartoon ones great job


Alena Seresova

I was very pleased with the customer service we received. Both the owner and the staff went one step further. This is where you want to get your puzzles. If you can go and visit, it will get your creative juices flowing. The prices are great! More...


Heather Thibodeau

Ordered puzzles in December. Delivery was extremely fast :-)


Tina Bizier

I ordered for the holidays and the delivery was extremely efficient. Great products also! thanks


Noah Trister

What an amazing place. A puzzle lovers dream true!
Great staff and incredible selection.


Mel Cousins

I've ordered from Jigsaw Jungle twice (both large orders) and I'm always pleased with the whole process and their team's work ethic! My recent order got a bit messed up with Canada Post and the employee at Jigsaw Jungle that helped me (I believe her name is Andrea?) was absolutely fantastic with providing me all of the help and support she could (even though it was not her fault or responsibility and it should have been Canada Post doing the work to fix it). I also had a man call (I believe the service manager, it was early haha) and he took the time to call just to thank me for my patience and make sure I was a happy customer. Well, you guys can bet that I am satisfied and will continue to order from you :D More...


Lily Tsui

For sure the best source for jigsaw puzzles in Canada. Excellent service, very fair prices; just put in my 3rd order today after having trouble checking out and received a super fast response during evening hours.


Carole Winser

I have ordered twice and have to say the service is all one could wish for. Robert certainly does read an e-mail before answering.Yes it is certainly the best to order jigsaw puzzles from in Canada.It is good to know exactly what the shipping will be,one of the other places that sell in Canada often advertises free shipping,then when it comes to checkout it is not,most annoying.I have a long 'wish list with the 'Jungle' (trying not to add to it.lol) More...