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My name is Jessaca and I am a freelance writer and editor. I come with over seven years of experience writing and two with editing. I was a developmental judge for the Ink & Insights writing competition in 2018, a non-profit geared toward strengthening the skills of independent writers by focusing on critique and feedback from industry professionals.


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Tony Adamson

2 April 2019

Very easy to work with and responds quickly, good edits and highlights. Made me enjoy reading my own material.



2 April 2019

Jessaca offers fantastic insight in a positive and supportive way. The perfect choice for any author serious about improving their work!

Thanks, Jake! glad I could be of help.


Ashley Starkey

2 April 2019

Jessaca is very methodical with her work and extremely creative with her own personal work. I’ve never met a more dedicated writer. Can’t sing her praises enough!

Thank you, Ashley!



2 April 2019

I've used Jessaca for my editing needs on several occasions. I found her to be professional and helpful. Not only did she point out my errors, she also offered suggestions on how to improve and why that would help. She is also a talented writer herself. More...

Thanks, Tiffany! I'm glad my suggestions and edits have been helpful and I hope we continue working with each other in the future!



2 April 2019

Jessaca has a unique voice and flair when it comes to writing that is more than brass tacks. She is thoughtful and considerate with her craft and even more so when handling someone else's work(s). Having had blog entries edited by her, she brings the same stylistic passion she does to her own projects that she does to my own. She is cut above the rest and will give your project(s) the time and attention they deserve. More...

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When I submit a project to a customer and they email me back saying, "Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed," that's when I feel fulfilled by my job. I entered the writing and editing business because I wanted to help others develop novels, reports, newsletters, blogs, and more, that would exceed their expectations.

Although I had been contemplating starting my own freelance writing & editing business for a number of years, the final motivation I needed was my kids. I put myself through college, receiving my Master's by the time I was twenty-three, and I thought I'd be working in non-profits the rest of my life—and I was mostly okay with that. But when I had my son, everything changed. I started my own business because it gives me the time I desired to be at home with him, and the flexibility of working remotely on the projects that I choose.

Because the quality of my work is so important to me, when I start working on a project, I immerse myself in it. I want to become an expert in whatever topic; I want to know the lingo, find what's out there already on the subject, and produce something better than anyone else has. I'm one of those people that isn't happy with mediocracy.

Clients should choose me if they want a professional who will treat their writing/editing needs seriously, with dedication and passion. They should expect someone willing to go the extra mile to make sure the project I deliver, meets the clients' standards—and more.



I offer editing services for small and large projects, for non-fiction and fiction, on any piece of written work (blogs, novels, reports, etc.). My editing services can focus on one or multiple of the following areas (depending on client's request): - Developmental feedback (overall plot, character development) - Line editing (creative content, language, style, flow) - Copy editing (grammatical errors) - Editorial Assessment (upon request and at an additional charge)

I offer a variety of writing services, including: - Copywriting - Ghost writing - Blogging - Writing newsletter content - Report writing - And more