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Elegant, unique and intricate twists on both contemporary and classic songs. Music that intrigues, excites and ensnares to enhance a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. 

My specialities cover the genres of pop, jazz, rock, lounge, soundtrack and folk.



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Music has been my passion from childhood. I love playing music to create an atmosphere, and there's something very special about contributing to weddings and events where guests are enjoying themselves. I always endeavour to pick the right songs for the right moments, and to add the right amount of ambience to a space.

The love of doing what I do. I find playing to be fun, engaging and therapeutic all at the same time!

I have 10 years experience in high-end venues such as the Hilton, Royal Festival Hall, Soho House & Co to name a few. At the same time, I love quirkier venues - I'm not what you'd call a run-of-the-mill pianist. When given free reign, I play songs I love that are often pretty alternative covers of obscure rock songs! I don't base my repertoire on what's popular right now. Obviously I love the classics as much as anyone, but I try and go for something a bit different - perhaps that my clients haven't heard for a while and forgotten how much they love.


Events / Weddings / Hotels / Bars

Events / Weddings / Hotels / Bars