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Joseph Zagame

27 May 2018

Jeremy is a trusted colleague who is compassionate and empathetic. I highly recommend him as a therapist.


Bennett Cohen

30 July 2017

Jeremy is an excellent psychotherapist. Professional, organized, responsive, and skilled. He clearly has experience and in various psychotherapeutic modalities and knows how to apply these accordingly.



28 July 2017

Jeremy's helped me a ton with some real challenges I faced when I moved to New York. Highly recommend


Charles Berg

28 July 2017

Jeremy is a skilled therapist who is clearly dedicated to making his patients' lives better.


Justin Lioi

30 July 2015

Jeremy’s calm demeanor makes it easy for clients to quickly connect with him. His knowledge and skill, especially of DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), makes him a logical choice for me when I am seeking to refer someone who is struggling with personal relationships. He is also a therapist who has a deep understanding of couples, queer and straight, and gently guides them through exploring the issues they are struggling with in a sensitive and informed way. More...