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Company Description

I trained and graduated at London College , I studied with Marisa Peer among others. I am more than confident in any area of the mind. My specialist areas are the more difficult to deal with, those that most therapists tend to shy away from. Weight, sugar addiction. Anxiety, stress and depression, overcoming addiction. I am also really well known for my success rate. I have a five star rating on facebook from clients. I suffered with my weight and anxiety all my life, i worked as an Area Manager in banking for many years. But could never control what I ate or my anxiety levels, i had also previously suffered PTSD. I felt like i was living and pretending to be someone I wasn't. I had counselling, CBT, you name it I had tried it. I eventually decided that I wanted to study the mind and how it worked as I never seemed to get the answer or the results I wanted. I am 4 stone lighter and do not suffer anymore with anxiety or PTSD. I have gone on to make this my career, to let people know that you can actually live differently, all the things we tell our self , our belief's can be changed. I guess I was so sick of not having the answer I went out and found it myself , it worked.
I don't really believe in the 'airy fairy' Hypnosis, I totally have faith in my therapy which combines every approach in a very rapid timescale, I cannot see the point of suffering for weeks, back and forth to a therapist, when i can change this in a few hours. I have all the qualifications, diploma's, letters after my name and more which I can list, I have endless 5 star reviews on Facebook, and I am booked weeks ahead , this is all great but most importantly I have actually been where you are, that voice in your head is lying, its time to stop pretending and let me show you that you do not have to live as you are. I am living proof that you can from watching life and getting by or living life. So if its something as easy as smoking or phobia's or binge eating to cocaine, anxiety to depression feel free to ask me

Jenni Bell Dhyp, Chyp, CMH,RTT,MPM,CNLP,GHQR,Adv.WLP Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love love love the feedback i get from clients, I also love it when they arrive at the appointment like a small frightened child believing they are the only one, that they are different to everyone else, and i love it when we are done and the way they feel the body language the overall change you see immediatey. I love most of all that I can make a difference, that that person no longer feels like they used to, its an amazing gift for me to do this job

What inspired you to start your own business?

I had tried everything over the years to stop my binge eating and to get rid of my constant anxiety, i would go for weeks on end to a therapist but never get the answer , i read self help books, i even spent time in the Priory clinics as i had private healthhcare. I remember being told in one session i had a higher than average IQ and thinking, then maybe I'm the best person to figure this out. I left that session and started to study, NLP, Hypnosis, I looked at the best in the world and wrote to those people to be trained, it took years, everyday I would study something else, watch everything i could , read everything i could get my hands on. I was driven to cure myself and would not give up. I then mastered and learnt from the best, I even started working with some of them helping deliver training. After i sorted myself out I started with friends and the successes i was having spread so I packed in my job as I didn't have time to do both and I am now booked about four weeks in advance, I have clients all over the world as I also use Skype

Why should our clients choose you?

I find that clients chose me because what I do works, its that simple, All my clients are word of mouth. I do the job because I offer a much more advanced approach and because I'm competent and confident that I can deal with any issue, I'm pretty much a perfectionist, and I treat each client with the respect they deserve, I see my clients as people in pain, these are just usually people hurting and having the ability to change that for them is phenomenal for me

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Jenni Bell Dhyp, Chyp, CMH,RTT,MPM,CNLP,GHQR,Adv.WLP

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3 Avocet Cl, Rugby CV23 0WU, UK

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Jenni Bell Dhyp, Chyp, CMH,RTT,MPM,CNLP,GHQR,Adv.WLP Education


London Colledge - Graduated

Marisa Peer - Rapid Transformational Therapist

From May 2016 to June 2016.

Qualification - RTT, MPM Chyp Studied and satisfactorily completed the course of instruction and study in the practical application of the Marisa Peer Method, The Marisa Peer School

Unity Principal Birmingham

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Certified Nuero Linguistic Programme practitioner - Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

From February 2013 to June 2013.

Qualification's - DipHyp , CMH, CNLP

Health and Science Academy - Level 5 Diploma

Advance Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

From February 2014 to February 2015.

Perform body composition assessment, weight history evaluation, metabolic analysis and track anthropometric changes Identify Food addiction and food intolerance's, acute stress, circadian irregularities make recommendations to alleviate them Evaluate food records ,fluid intake, fitness levels, build a personalized nutritional activity and lifestyle programmed for effective weight loss Advanced knowledge to identify food triggers and cravings , overcoming binge eating and overeating, hunger, hormones , diabetes management and reversal calculate individual protein, carbohydrates fat and nutritional requirements for weight loss, activity levels and metabolic rates advanced strategies for succesful weight loss, including SCM coaching,motivational system and personality profiling

Member of the council of Pyschotherapist's

Continuing CPD development Evidenced

From January 2015 to December 2017.

Provide satisfactory evidence of good character, training, knowledge & professional standards and is therefore entered onto the council's register as a member

General Hypnotherapy Register

Member Of the General Hypnotherapy Register

From January 2013 to January 2017.

Qualification - GQHP For the maintenance of good practice and continuing development within the profession, having satisfied all requirements and having undertaken to meet all future criteria deemed appropriate the maintenance of ongoing professional practice

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