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Angie Simmons Morris

I was blown away by the beautiful pictures Jen took of my girls. The whole experience was wonderful and she made my girls feel like supermodels. I will treasure these pictures forever!! Thank you so much Jen!! More...


Jessica Vannatta

Jen is an amazing person/photographer! She captured some great photos of my children and the whole experience just went so well! My daughter just went on and on about how special Jen made her feel while she took her photos! That meant a lot to me! � More...


Leah Martino

My daughter just had the Ultimate Confidence Building Girls Day photo shoot with Jennifer and there are not enough great things i can say about this woman. An artist in her own right, she has such a fantastic eye. As camera shy as my daughter is, not once did she feel uncomfortable. Jennifer's fun, loving, free spirit gave us such great energy....We seriously had a BLAST!
From the moment we first made contact with Jen she has been nothing but courteous, professional, and just all around a pleasure to work with. She made Autumn find her beauty again, which so often young girls forget they have at such a young vulnerable age. She connected with my daughter on a personal level not as a client/photographer.
That is just one of many examples of how she goes above and beyond to provide stellar customer service. Business aside, she truly does care about each or her clients and prospective clients and goes out of her way to ensure that the experience is a pleasurable. She comes with many years of professional experience, which is evident through her work. As far as delivering the final product, saying she is "fast" is an understatement...she works at the speed of LIGHTING! She is full of helpful advice...I can go on forever.
I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer Roberson Photography!!!


Jennifer Biesel Quinlan

FABULOUS experience! Jen was so patient with my younger, less cooperative kiddos. My older daughter is not very comfortable in front of a camera but Jen gave her a few tips and great guidance during the shoot, resulting in some beautiful portraits. The special picture we got of my grandma, mother and I will be a family memory we will always cherish. These are the best portraits we have ever had taken. Thank you, Jen! More...


Ron Lambright

I had a headshot that I used in several print ads that I thought was pretty good. Today I met with an advertising publisher to put together a new ad. She mentioned my previous headshot and even said, "I like that picture, let's use it again." Then I showed her the new headshot that you did when you came to my store. As soon as she saw it my advertising publisher nearly gasped and said, "WOW! That is really good. We will definitely use this new picture." Thanks, Jen. It was amazing to me how the previous picture was "OK", and it did seem to be "satisfactory". However, I don't want to pay for ads that are just "OK" or "satisfactory", I want my ad and my image to be "Outstanding" and "First Class". When I saw the completed ad with my new headshot that you took for me I was amazed at the improvement. You captured a warm and friendly expression that seems to say, "You can trust me. Come to my store." Thanks, Jen, I believe the new image I am using in my ads will increase the number of people who actually read my ads and that will make them more likely to visit my store. The time I spent with you was definitely worth it. More...


Amy Torres

Jen did an excellent job creating professional headshots! I look forward to using them for my LinkedIn profile as well as my future website. I highly recommend her services!


Valerie Jo Snead

Jen’s work is incomparable! She has an eye for portraits and the proof is in her work. She is great!


Shelly Gardner

My experience was wonderful. Jen was very easy to work with; very patient -- very kind. The quality of her work is stunning. I am very pleased with my photos! thanks Jen!! More...

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The secret to making a fabulous business portrait is making the client feeling comfortable in front of the camera. People are not photogenic or unphotogenic, they are comfortable or uncomfortable. My goal is to make my clients look like the best version of themselves with authenticity. They should be recognizable not necessarily flawless. They should be photographed at their best angles and with the equipment most suitable to them so that all distractions are removed and so that the viewer gets an acurrate but good first impression.

What is the purpose of your images?
How will you be using them?
How can I make you job easier so I can give to exactly what you need?
How are you currently or planning to market you business?
Is there any feature about yourself that you are sensitive to or would like to minimize in your portraits?

I love seeing people come out of their shell through the process of our photoshoot. I love watching someone become more confident in themselves and their business. I love taking someone who normally is uncomfortable with a camera and giving them images that they are thrilled to use.