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Jemi Hodge & Associates Inc

Brandermill, Virginia


Jemi Hodge & Associates Inc

Brandermill, Virginia


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Cindy Sartain Hubbard

12 September 2019

Jemi is fantastic. She loves animals and is completely dedicated to her profession. I highly recommend her. She not only lives your pet but takes a lot of interest in you as an owner.


Moe Godfroy

28 June 2019

What an amazing service Jemi offers. Thought our dog was untrainable. 2 hours and we have a different dog. Jemi went over and above what we expected.


Shelby Alexis Slattery

30 March 2019

One of Jemis consultants came to my house for 2 hours to show me how to train my pups.


Whitney Roberts Hill

11 October 2018

Jemi worked miracles with us & our dog. After 9 days of boot camp our anxious shar pei mix has loads of confidence and so do we! Cannot recommend Jemi highly enough. She took beautiful care of our girl and helped us learn how to be better dog parents. So happy we found Jemi! More...


Ann Wagner

25 September 2018

Wonderful help with 2 aggressive dogs toward each other! I’d recommend over and over!!!


Nicole Brengel

10 May 2017

FIVE STARS. I don't know where we would be without JEMI! I have a very stubborn Australian Shepherd who I love to pieces but, has some behavioral issues. Jemi has helped me build up her confidence and taught me tricks to end excessive barking & separation anxiety. My only wish is we/libbie could see Jemi more :) Truly the best. More...


Susan Wenograd

31 December 2016

I don't know where we would be without Jemi. We've our German Pointer mix since we rescued him as a pup, and he's always been a handful...very high strung, and often defiant, but incredibly smart. We relocated back to Virginia and the move really made him start acting out. He started snatching food off counters, running from us, whining constantly for absolutely no reason, losing his mind at the doorbell, pacing constantly...we couldn't keep up with all of his nervous every. He literally dismantled his crate when we would go out, bar by bar. He was like a coiled spring ready to pop at every moment. We had him go with Jemi for boot camp since his overall demeanor had become a huge problem in our home. He was more work than our 18 month old toddler! To say we are stunned at the change when we got him back would be an understatement. He's now the dog we always knew he was lurking under the anxiety. He lays calmly at our feet and no longer paces. He doesn't run from us at all. He's a champ on the Gentle Lead when we go for walks. He's sweet as can be and is still his silly, somewhat mischievous self, but without the defiant side that was impossible to handle. Jemi called us regularly with updates, and we really appreciated her holistic approach with him, from his food, to its quantity, to his anxiety and the proper meds for it, she left no stone unturned in helping him calm down and understand the manners that are expected of him. He's so much happier! One of the things we appreciated most is that Jemi was never judgmental. She never made us feel like bad owners, or like we were incompetent for the struggles we were having with him. She completely understood the frustration, and gave us great direction on how we might be contributing to making him worse without her making us feel badly about it. She truly cares that both the dog and the family live in harmony together, and we are so grateful we found her. (Our dog adores her too...he pouted and stared at the front door she exited the whole first night back!) More...


Mary Cay Thomas

17 October 2016

After having my adopted 3 month old boxer/beagle mix for 3 weeks, I thought something was wrong with him. He was making life miserable for me: pooping and peeing all over the house, nipping at me and my cat, rolling on the ground and biting the leash during walks. After a horrible display of his behavior on a trip to my vet, he recommended I call Jemi. I was reluctant because we had already tried Petco classes and NOTHING sunk in with him. But after a 2 hour in home session with Terry, he is a new dog (and I am a new owner!). We are only 5 days out from the training with Terry, and Titus and I continue to work on the recommended skills. Titus now listens to my commands (turns out he knew them all along and was choosing to ignore me) and has stopped eliminating in the house. The philosophy of the training at Jemi Hodge is just what I needed to become a better leader for Titus. We couldn't be more thankful and pleased! I look forward to continuing our training! More...


Russ Edwards

14 September 2016

Jemi saved our Cocker Spaniel Casey. He came to us as a rescue that had aggression issues. To the point that even the foster that we got him from, after boarding him for a weekend suggested he be put down. After spending two weeks with Jemi he is a completely different dog. One that we can happily live with and enjoy. More...


Barbara Dale Doutt

31 August 2016

Jemi worked with my rescue Whitney, my Papillon in boot camp & now she is lovable, playful, though sometimes a handful. She had grabbed the little 4lb Chihuahua & broke his jaw & he had to have surgery to fix. I would say 99% of her agression is gone & the little 1% can be handled using techniques taught to ME by Jemi! Many thanks to her. More...


Wynoka Jones-Pardoe

31 March 2016

Jemi thank you for all that you have done. You are one awesome doggy trainer. Your support has meant a lot to me.


Rachel Biundo

15 February 2016

We are so grateful to Jemi! Our 13-year old dog, Cody, developed a crate phobia. Jemi worked with us patiently and described the things we needed to do to help him find peace again. She has had wonderful suggestions for our aging dog that have improved his quality of life. Jemi has followed up with us multiple times to check on our progress and offer encouragement. Cody is a happy and calm boy again and we owe it to Jemi. Thank you Jemi! -- Rachel, Sal and Cody! More...


Kelly Savage

18 October 2015

I was told by so many people to put my destructive, separation anxiety beagle to sleep. One week with Jemi has put us on the right track with a calm, confident dog who is totally peaceful after a work day spent in her crate! I don't know what I would have done without her! More...


Rebekah Weill Tucker

7 October 2015

My sweet Mishka just graduated from the Good Manners class. We both learned so much!! I am thrilled with the progress she has already made and I am looking forward to the perfect lady she will become


David James Fetchko

5 September 2015

I would like to start off saying that Terry is an amazing dog trainer and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for dog training. You will not be disappointed! I brought Terry my 4 year old miniature dachshund, Mowgli, who had some aggression, barking and alpa male issues. Looking for a trainer in the Richmond area who would be dedicated and thorough about training in a loving, humane way was no easy task. I searched for quite some time until two of my close friends recently had their rescue pit bulls trained by an associate from Jemi Hodge & Associates. They were extremely pleased with the results and told me to give them a try. The next day I called and explained the issues I was having with Mowgli. They answered all my questions and told me he would be paired with Terry since her home environment would be the most ideal for the week long puppy boot camp. Terry and I spoke on the phone and went over my issues, concerns and all the pre puppy boot camp preparations. When I dropped Mowgli off for bootcamp, Terry explained her plan of action and assured me he would be in excellent care. She also gave me a tour of her house and introduced me to all of her dogs. While in bootcamp, not only did I receive daily updates but Terry was available to answer all of my questions while Mowgli was away. After completing his weeklong boot camp Mowgli came back different dog. Terry corrected all his issues and wrote me a detailed report of how I can continue to correct and positively reinforce her training methods. I would recommend anyone who is in need of excellent dog trainer to contact Jemi Hodge & Associates and speak to one of their associates. Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work, Terry! More...


Barbara Dowtin

28 May 2015

Jemi is amazing! I had tears in my eyes just seeing the possibilities with my dogs and foster dogs. What took me so long - I will never know!!! Thank you so much.


Gail Wilson Davis

19 April 2015

We took our Lab to Jemi for 3 hours and he needed training for leash aggression and aggression towards people when walking him. He also had a problem with barking and whining and we were to the point that we thought we may have to give him back to the Rescue Group we got him from. Jemi went over what she was going to do and how she was going to do it and we had a training manual that she had us look at as we went along and as she would go over different commands with "Kolby". As she was training Kolby then she would let us take over Kolby and do the commands. The last part she had one of her trained dogs and Kolby meet each other and then we left them alone and we came inside so they were alone and I expected to hear barking and lots of noise but nothing so when she finally opened her front door there sat Kolby and she gave him a command to come in and he was fine. When we got home he was exhausted and went to sleep but when he woke up I took him for his first walk after being at Jemi's and he was a different dog. I had complete control over him and he was so easy to walk and when we came upon people with their dogs it was like he didn't even see them. Jemi is "An Angel". Kolby is such a well behaved dog from having those 3 hours of training and we work with him every day but Jemi is a "MIRACLE WORKER". She is now Kolby's "GOD MOTHER". She doesn't know that yet. Gail Davis and E.B. Snow and "Kolby". More...


Henry Green

13 January 2015

Miracle worker doesn't describe jemi good enough. Hands down the best and most positive trainer you can get. Amazing to watch her work her magic. Shy aggressive house broken separation anxiety barking no matter the problem ms. Hodge has a solution More...


Sara Clark

13 January 2015

Terry is absolutely amazing! She came for an in-home session for our 4 month old Australian Shepherd who was struggling with fears of people and dogs, along with separation anxiety. 2 hours with Terry and we have a completely different puppy! Not only did Terry help with those issues, but she assisted with other training techniques. Terry has been very accessible from the beginning with any question (no matter how small). I would recommend the entire Jemi Hodges team to anyone who needs help! We are forever grateful!!! More...


Becky Williams Birckhead

1 January 2014

Rocky is much better behaved already!