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26 August 2019

I don’t even know where to start. I initially approached Jeff with a crazy idea to have him get pictures of my proposal without my girlfriend (at the time) knowing he was there. Keep in mind, I decided to propose in Tahoe, in the winter, on a snowshoe hike. There was a huge storm the days leading up to the proposal and Jeff hiked a mile, uphill through thigh deep snow to get these pictures!! Needless to say, they came out amazing! We hired him on the spot for the wedding. We actually chose our wedding date to accommodate his calendar.
He was great throughout the planning process and always has such a positive attitude. He makes you feel like everything is going to be amazing regardless of what is going on. Jeff made sure to hook up with us a few weeks before the wedding to tour the property. Since he hadn’t worked there before, he wanted to check out where he wanted to get certain shots. We thought this was great!! The day of the wedding he arrived early with the second shooter (Kate Stapleton) and they got to right work. They were both super professional and knew the wedding timeline. Again, one less thing for us to worry about! Jeff was great at making my wife and I comfortable during the pictures which can be tough if you’re not used to being in front of a camera. He was always smiling and joking which made it feel like we were hanging out with a friend. From helping my wife with her train to carrying her huge vail, he did it all! The venue told Jeff about a hilltop location near the venue where we might be able to get some good pictures, so we took a drive. Jeff found the spot and talked my wife into climbing down onto the edge of this cliff which overlooked a river and train tracks. To this day I don’t how he managed to get her down there, but he did. Turns out, those are some of our favorite pictures. Within a week of the wedding we had all our edited pictures back from Jeff. The quality of the pictures and editing is beyond anything we could have expected. If you are looking to book a wedding photographer, do not pass up on the opportunity to book Jeff Hall!! At the end of the day, these pictures and maybe video will be all that you have to look back on. Make them count!


Nicole Bedard

11 August 2019

Jeff is an amazing photographer. He has a great eye for shots. He is very reliable and will travel. Simply amazing!!!



26 February 2018

To say Jeff was the perfect wedding photographer for us would not be an exaggeration. His gorgeous photos (staggering black and white ones included!) speak for themselves, but his style and presence made the day even more perfect. Jeff was so easy to work with, and provided a laid back and calming presence throughout the process. He never failed to capture the perfect candid, either! The icing on the cake was that my husband loved chatting with him, too! More...



1 June 2017

Jeff was amazing. He came multiple times to check out the site, worked with my family like a dream, teased out pictures from our niece and nephew (who understandably were not so interested in taking pictures!), and made my husband and I feel so comfortable during the whole experience. We are so looking forward to seeing his pictures, but in the meantime the experience was top notch. More...



26 June 2011

Jeff Hall has a great eye for photography, his photographs are unique yet really tell the story. He's technologically savvy and very personable, and would be a great choice!



29 November 2009

Very easy-going, professional, and highly talented. Jeff knows what he's doing and provides an invaluable service. Quality, innovative, unique photos that capture the essence of the celebration. Great service for a great price! Thank you Jeff! More...



24 September 2009

Jeff was an absolute pleasure to work with. We chose him because he had an artistic view and could give us the interesting art photos we were looking for. We wanted more than just the posed shots and he gave us such an amazing array of pictures. He was non-invasive and we hardly knew he was there. We are so glad we chose to work with him and I recommend him to everyone!!! More...

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