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JDog Enterprises: One-stop shop for Business Consulting, Responsive Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Citation Tracking, Reputation Management, Site Analytics, and Reporting.


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Responsive - Meaning, looks good on all screens (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile). Also, must be easy for the client to use.

How will you use your website? (i.e. Informational, Selling something, Blog, etc.) How experienced are you with using a website?

Helping clients realize the effectiveness of using a website and online marketing to make their business more successful!

To help others develop an online presence via a website, social media, and online marketing.

I can help explain some of the big mysteries that surround websites and online marketing. Most clients I work with have successful, established businesses but struggle to find a web designer who also understands online marketing. I make sure all the key ingredients that make a website successful are part of their site.