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JDO Electric

Ten Hills, Massachusetts


JDO Electric

Ten Hills, Massachusetts


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Tony Biscardi

30 July 2019

We picked him because everyone in our condo complex had used him and liked the work he does. We’ve used him over the years to replace our circuit breaker box, replace our outside light fixture, replace the lighting in our kitchen, and now to revamp almost all of our lighting, installing recessed lighting in most rooms and having him install lights we bought next to our bed, all led lights with dimmers. He is responsive, does a good job... and his estimates have always been the actual cost. It is nice to be able to make good decisions due to accurate information. More...


Eva Jellison

30 June 2019

Jim is excellent to work with and very responsive


Noel V.

31 May 2019

Excellent communication from when I first called for an estimate to when the project was completed. Jim was very professional, forthright and detail-oriented. He explained everything and helped discuss options throughout our bathroom project. He was very good about scheduling and always showed up when promised. I would strongly recommend JDO Electric. More...


Jim Kennedy

1 July 2018

My wife and I are so pleased with the work that Jim from JDO Electric did for us. The projects consisted of installing a plug in a gas fireplace, upgrading our electric service, installing recessed lights in four rooms, and rewiring switches and a plug from the sides of a wall that was removed. Jim is reliable, professional, and went above and beyond! More...


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27 May 2018

While most electricians we reached out to wouldn't even call us back, JDO Electric got back to us immediately and was able to come within 24 hours. They just left and the problem was fixed. They were kind, courteous, patient in explaining what was wrong, and how it was fixed. I'm so grateful! More...


Andrea S.

7 January 2018

Had a great experience with Jim and Chico right before the holidays.  Reached out to Jim at a busy time of year and he was able to squeeze us in as promised.  They did a great job on a variety of lighting and electrical projects inside and outside our house.  Appreciated the let's get it done while I'm here attitude, and the three separate trips to the supply house over the course of the day.  Will definitely use again. More...


Henry J.

7 December 2017

Jim and his assistant Chico did an excellent job in putting up our kitchen range hood.  Henry


Ulysses L.

2 December 2017

We had a assortment of minor electric project needs (replacing a trio of troublesome light fixtures, rewiring and replacing some light switches, etc.) but were having trouble getting a response from an electrician wiling to take on odds and ends. Someone on Nextdoor recommended JDO and indeed, they were willing to help us out with all of the work. Jim (the owner) and his assistant Chico took care of everything in about three hours, and the price per item was as estimated (with the added bonus that Jim was cool with me canceling one item at the last minute-- the last time I modified the scope of a job with another electrician, that one gave me a hard time).My only minor complaint was that it took a while to get the job set up in the first place. Fortunately none of the projects were urgent, so waiting a bit didn't really matter to us. Since I was pleased with the price and quality of the work, I'll use JDO again next time I have electrician needs; if the turnaround time from initial inquiry to completion of work is faster than it was this time, I'd revise my rating to 5 stars. More...


Caroline L.

22 July 2017

I've been calling Jim for 15 years and I wouldn't call anyone else. Honest, fair, and the workmanship and cleanup are always spot-on. He books out well in advance but he's worth it. More...


Maggie B.

6 December 2016

I was so grateful for the support and install work from JDO Electric. Not only did he come quickly when our hot water went out, and instructed us how to fix the situation ourselves next time, but he installed a new thermostat and stuck with us as we troubleshooted it with the thermostat company. Any other company could have easily said, "go figure it out" but Jim remained available to us at all hours to make sure it was working appropriately. He goes above and beyond. More...



27 October 2016

*** did the wiring for my small condo association's new porch light. He was efficient, did quality work, communicated well, and charged a fair price. He saved us time/angst by handling the permit process and by providing a utilitarian fixture which we have yet to replace, as was the original plan. We remain well satisfied with his work and would not hesitate to call him in the future. More...


David M.

18 October 2016

A few days before I closed on selling my condo, the breaker box had a melt down: smoke, sparks, a pretty dangerous combination. It had to be replaced immediately. Using ******* **** I chose JDO Electric and I couldn't be happier: the job was done professionally, quickly, at a reasonable cost (I compared with other vendors), and they installed a few missing smoke & CO detectors for the cost of the hardware, saving me another headache and expenses. Highly recommended. More...


L. S.

22 September 2016

*** ********** of JDO Electric replaced 4 smoke detectors with combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. *** was easy to get a hold of, stopped by my home the same day to check what was needed, and then returned the next day on time to complete the job. He is straightforward, responsive, efficient, and professional. More...


C. L.

15 August 2016

The experience with JDO Electric, was the most pleasant experience we have ever had. They were professional, came on time every day, did everything that was required and cleaned the whole area when they finished. I would highly recommend them and will use them for any electric project I need in the future. ********* ***i ###-###-#### More...


Guido S.

3 August 2016

Jim was good about answering emails and set an appointment very quickly. He showed up and was very professional and detail oriented. Pointed out some issues that had been overlooked by the original installers and recommended a resolution. He also did his best to make sure the wiring of the new appliance was to code and did not change the arrangement of our cabinets. Good guy, not chatty. More...


Jared M

27 May 2016

Jim from JDO Electric was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had a 3-condo building that needed to be completely re-wired. The project looked like an absolute mess. Jim was very quick, efficient and finished the entire project on schedule and updated everyone in the building throughout the entire process.I would highly recommend him to anyone else! More...


Phil S.

25 April 2016

JDO is - by far - the best electrician I've ever worked with for making some panel changes and installing a 3rd meter and panel in our 2-family home. He showed up on time, gave a reasonable quote, did MORE than he originally quoted, and left the place cleaner than he found it. His assistant was courteous - and the two of them did the work quickly, getting all the work done early. I will DEFINITELY use them again, and I recommend them highly! Btw - beware of the so-called "electricians" that advertise online. Many of them are unlicensed, and if something goes wrong, this could affect your insurance coverage. Don't mess around - only hire a licensed electrician (JDO has a Master Electrician's license). More...


Erik S.

8 April 2016

Needed electrical re-wiring in old basement including replacing fluorescents with LEDs. Jim and Chico arrived promptly, did high quality work, removed hazards and delivered clean implementations for a fair price.


Richard S.

28 February 2016

JDO installed a chandelier and 2 pendant lights in my condo.  They were punctual, provided a thorough estimate and made recommendations for options (placement of lights, dimmers, etc).  The results were excellent.  Loving our new lighting.  Jim was a pleasure to work with and I would use JDO again for future electrical work. More...


Paul B.

5 October 2015

After living in our condo for over a year, we started listing electrical projects that would make the place more enjoyable.  Jim and his assistant worked very efficiently and professionally - even pointing out potential hazards from old work.Having worked with contractors for the past 40 years I highly recommend JDO for all electrical work.  They are now my 'go to' electrical contractor. More...


Nancy M.

5 October 2015

I would highly recommend Jim and his work.  Our condo had 2 jobs to be done and had estimates from another electrician of $1900 and $520 respectively (in both cases he said that the systems had to be replaced).  Jim came by to give an estimate and was able to repair (no replacement necessary) the first system for $175 right then.  He later returned with some parts and was able to repair (no replacement necessary) the second system for $177.   So a savings of over $2000 overall!  Besides that, he was fast, efficient, and very professional.  I can't imagine wanting to use anyone else. More...


C A.

4 June 2015

JDO electric did a meticulous job with the installation of a ceiling fan (along with all new wiring to power it). They were on time, gave an up-front estimate, and spackled the few holes that needed to be made for the new wiring. I was most impressed by how attentive to detail they were: the fan runs silently (perfect!), the spackling is going to be very easy to paint over, and they cleaned up so well it was hard to tell work had been done that day. We were very impressed with the quality of the work and plan to call again in the future if we have other electrical projects. More...


Karen B.

18 April 2015

JDO electric was great. As other reviews stated he was professional, on time and the estimate was accurate. In addition Jim was very helpful in making some suggestions to improve the lighting. For me this was a added plus that took the work from competent to great. More...


Caitlin G.

17 September 2014

We had a simple job: replacing 2 light fixtures. Jim and his assistant arrived when he had promised, and got the job done quickly. He gave us an estimate before he started, and despite an unanticipated complication that required a bit of extra time and material, he did not charge more than the estimate. Jim is really nice to deal with - friendly and professional. More...


Brian F.

23 July 2014

JDO did the breaker box for the previous owner.  The home inspector opened the panel, and it was a work of art, the best he'd ever seen.  So when I needed some lighting added to the living room, dining room, and hallway, I called JDO.  Jim gave me a detailed quote.  The cost of adding lights to the hallway seemed like not a good bang for the buck, but Jim did not try to upsell me.  Jim and his assistant showed up on time, fully prepared, and spent the better part of 2 days doing the wiring.  He told me how things would go, and he was very good with making sure the lamps were in the right place.  Very satisfied. More...


Tara M.

13 June 2012

Overnight, we lost electricity for our light fixtures and there was a burnt electrical smell.  It was pretty horrible.  I signed up for Angie's list to find people to call.  I contacted JDO Electric first and am happy I did! I contacted JDO Electric first thing in the morning (7 am).  He said he was busy but was able to come out right away.  He said the first hour would be the emergency rate of 195/hour, that is the emergency fee.  I said fine.  He arrived a couple hours later.  Found the source of the problem and fixed it. He was amicable and quickly fixed my issue.  I plan on hiring him again to come and do a Knob and Tube estimate, which involves opening every electrical outlet to check the wiring. More...


Rich C.

19 May 2011

Jim came over the next day following my call to review the broken electrical box in my bathroom.  He gave me a good quote and returned the next day to replace it.   He was clean, efficient, and friendly.    I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to others.  He is located in Somerville, but can also cover the South Shore. More...


Kevin G.

9 January 2011

Installation of power outlet for flat screen TV. The outlet was installed above the fireplace (which likely added to the cost)-the wire had to be raised so that it wasn't too close to the hot fireplace. Also the switchbox was on the other side of the house so it had to be run across the entire basement.I called Jim and he responded quickly. We set up a time and he showed up promptly. He clearly explained the work he needed to do and gave me the estimate then and there. I was surprised how much it cost ($495), but I think it was a function of both the additional complexity of the fireplace, and my lack of knowledge about the cost of electrical work. Nevertheless, it still seems a bit on the steep side. I got home and the outlet looked great. The hole in the wall was patched, spackled and painted. I'll probably have to go over it again with more spackle, but otherwise it was fine. More...


Bathsheba G.

11 November 2010

Completely rebuilt two breaker panels, great work on short notice at a very reasonable price.  I'll use Jim again, I recommend him highly.



2 April 2010

JDO Electric was great. Called right back. Showed up on time for estimate. Gave a fair price , and delivered more than we agreed on .Clean, and professional . I highly recommend this company and I will use them in the future . More...