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Jayee Enterprises

Orlando, FL, Orange


Jayee Enterprises

Orlando, FL, Orange


What makes us different from the competition and how you can get more value upfront with your hard earn money?
The Emcee is in the house and now you can run the video in your mind to make it a reality, you are the star of this story making a well-informed decision is key.



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Set the mood early in the event, interact with the people early & often, knowing when to stop talking. Create a list of tracks you can play as your secret weapons, something that everyone can relate to moving forward back in the day. Always ready to take any requests about being open to listening to what people say.

#1. Believe You Can! Think of the opportunity to compere as joy. ... Dress To impress
#3. Be Enthusiastic. ... #4. Maintain Good Eye Contact. ... #5. Vary Your Voice. ...
#6. Make Them Feel Good from the inside out... #7. Smile All the Way.

Music speaks what cannot be expressed. It a universal language that we all can understand, soothes the mind and body the it rest like know other It heals the heart and makes it whole. It flows from the most inner parts of the human soul.

After working for many companies, some demanding of my time, I knew that it was time to take control of my destiny. Owning my time is important and putting a smile on people faces that I don't know can lead to many friendships. Do not be conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, having all truths to step out in faith to this new journey a head of you with infinite possibilities.

Nothing speaks as loud as continuously executing at a high level as honesty, It shows we have a well-established process we believe in and trust worthy from start to finish. When we prioritize good work, exceptional service, new ideas, and a long-term relationship, then we're the team to follow. I think that I am the best in this space when it come down to music and selection.