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Your one-stop production house for all of your digital marketing material needs. We are a boutique south Texas production house creating affordable, eye-catching, bespoke branded visual content for businesses all over the world. We also produce websites, TV and radio commercials, print and digital graphic design, commercial photography, and more.


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Sara L.

2 September 2017

Jason went above and beyond our expectations for our wedding videography. He drove from Harlingen to South Padre during hurricane harvey to make sure we had our wedding video. He worked with my budget, also took photos not just video, and stayed later than we had planned. I am so grateful for this because it shows how much he genuinely cared about making sure we got the perfect footage of our special day. To top it all off, he actually had fun with us and our wedding guests. Everyone talked about how nice of a person he was. Great personality and wonderful to work with. I am so happy that we crossed paths with such an awesome human being. Highly recommend Jason if you need videography of any kind. Thank you Jason!! More...


Understanding the subject of the photo and the context of the entire photograph. Then, lighting and composing the subject appropriately to service that context. You also have to enjoy the fact that you're a photographer! I do. ;)

What's it for? When do you need it by? What's you budget?

I like to have an informal sit-down discussion with the client to figure out where she's coming from, what the purpose of the work will be, and any particulars. Then, once a plan has been sketched out, I formalize the plan, get it approved, then go from there. Never do anything without a plan the client has signed off on!

Anything and everything she can tell me about the project.

Meeting new people, and working with my favorite people.

I love the creative freedom and self-accountability. I also enjoy the direct collaboration with clients, individuals, and agencies.

Clients will rest assured knowing the person they met with (me!) will be the project creative lead and have a personal hands-on responsibility throughout the entire process. Also, I'm super awesome and a pleasure to work with.


A single 30-second advert for TV or web, in Full 1080p HD, broadcast-friendly, captioned, and ready to air. Includes: Cinematographer + Gear package, edit, Full HD deliverable, script development, simple CG, English voice-over, licensed music bed, Closed Captions, license to use for your business. Additional spots for additional editing time. Starting at $500

A radio advert, ready to air. Includes: English voice-over, edit, licensed music bed, script development. Starting at $180

Have your next event captured with great video and sound quality. Options for multi-camera and online live streaming are available. Includes ​Videographer + Gear​ package. Starting at $700

A pithy “corporate film” or “industrial film” (up to ~5 minutes in total run-time) designed expressly to promote a particular product, or an overview film of your entire organization. These mini-documentaries include interviews and cinematic footage which embody your corporate image, and serve your business or organization’s marketing needs. Includes ​Videographer + Gear​ package, up to 2 licensed music beds, Closed Captions, and voice-over. Starting at $4,900

Market your band or label effectively with a custom-made music video. Ready for TV, web, or private screening. Includes ​Cinematographer + Gear​ package. Starting at $2,900

Includes ​Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II​ camera kit, EF mount lens kit, E mount lens kit, PL mount lens kit, E-EF mount adapter, EF-PL mount adapter, large LED lighting package, large location sound package, and Sachtler support kit. Does not include post-production / editing. Starting at $400. Minus gear starting at $300. Editing starting at $100.

Includes ​Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II​ camera kit, E mount lens kit, small LED lighting package, small location sound package, and Sachtler support kit. Does not include post-production / editing. Starting at $300. Minus gear starting at $70. Editing starting at $100.

Hire me to capture great photos. Canon EOS 6D kit, plus EF lens kit (17-40mm, 50mm, 70-200mm), and photo lighting package (usage depending on project). Does not include editing / processing. Starting at $70. Editing starting at $100.

27” iMac Retina 5K, FCPX, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X, Photoshop CC. Starting at $50 per hour (2 hour minimum).

Male, English, starting at $45. Male Character, English, starting at $65.

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