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Jason is an internationally-renowned Comic Magician, Corporate Speaker, and Master of Ceremonies, and a previous winner of the prestigious national “Entertainer of The Year” Award, presented by the Canadian Events Industry. He appeared on the season 5 finale of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us”, and for over 25 years he has entertained and received rave reviews for his performances.



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Ever notice how many magician’s bios and background information will start off with something like: “They first got a magic set when they were 9 years old…”? Well, funnily enough, I also was 9 when I received my first magic set. What a coincidence! However, by that age, I was already a natural class clown, expert joke-teller, trickster, and people-relater.

I'm a Comic Magician, so everything that I do in my show (whether it's performing for a party, acting as an emcee, or doing a keynote speech) is hilarious, full of audience participation, and of course mystifying. You'll see tricks with cards, coins, ropes, and objects borrowed from the audience (don't worry--they are all returned safely!), plus I also do some mind-reading (or "mentalism" as it is also referred to). I don't want to give too much away because it is a magic show after all, but suffice it to say that you'll experience a dynamic performance that you'll talk about and remember long after the event is over.

Like most performers, I love being in front of an audience. Making them laugh, mystifying them, motivating and entertaining them are things that I always look forward to. Also, my performances rely heavily on audience-participation and ad-libbing (unless it is an event where it needs to be custom scripted for the client, of course). Therefore, no two of my shows are ever the same, and this makes it exciting for the audience and even more fun for me!

When I was younger, I realized that I could make people laugh and entertain them. I received a magic set as a present and saw that I could turn my new hobby into a way of making a living. I started performing for children's parties and private events, and it became evident that I could do this full time. A Comic Magician was born!

I am an award-winning magician, and most recently appeared on last year's season finale of "Penn & Teller: Fool Us". Honestly, I never have felt that my true strengths are my sleight-of-hand or even my illusions. Sure I’ll fool the socks off of you...but any magician can do that. I believe where I excel is in my ability to accurately read any crowd, and connect with them in a way unlike others. My belief is to always make ‘em laugh with clean comedy, and mystify them at the same time. I'm also a people-person, and know how to communicate and talk, so I give my clients a sense of confidence when they book me.

So there you have it. You now know my life story from fetus to present. So do not pass “Go”, do not collect your $200.00 (those are Monopoly references, by the way). Just go ahead and book me for your corporate event, private party, theatre, casino, resort, cruise, university or college; we’ll both be thrilled that you did!


Close-up magic is the perfect ice-breaker for your function. Unbelievable feats of magic and clean comedy, combined with tons of audience participation, take place mere inches from your audience as Jason wanders from one small group to another. Your guests are totally involved as Jason does up-close and personal magic with cards, coins, money and borrowed objects (don't worry, everything is safely returned at the end).

The energetic stage performance is suitable for audiences from a few to a few thousand. Jason performs a wide range of magic, mind-reading (mentalism), and even large-scale illusions, blended with hilarious clean comedy, and lots of audience participation. Jason will stun your audience with disbelief while keeping them in stitches with his quick wit and hilarious antics. While watching Jason’s shows, everyone asks, “How the *#$& did he do that?!”, and always are laughing hysterically at the same time!

Whether you just need someone to just introduce speakers and guests, provide some filler between speeches, or be the “Ringmaster” for your whole event, Jason Palter is your one-stop-shop! He can custom-tailor his whole presentation to suit your particular theme, corporate message, or your group’s dynamics. By sprinkling in fantastic morsels of magic, mind-reading and comedy while at the podium, Jason is the perfect ingredient to add to your event’s recipe, and ensure that it is successful, fun and memorable!

As a Corporate Speaker and presenter, Jason Palter has turned his craft into an innovative approach of delivering high-quality energetic presentations that enhance trade shows, product launches, executive training seminars, and corporate speaking situations. Jason delivers custom-tailored keynote addresses and business presentations for companies and organizations that are looking for a unique and innovative way to deliver their message. It is easier to be motivated and educated while being mystified and entertained. It is this entertainment and amusement in presentations that makes participants better retain the information they are learning. It’s truly magical!