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I have created the most effecient and cost-effective training program that is safe, adaptable to all goals, challenging and fun! Most importantly, it gets long-term, injury free results!

This unique system allows me to offer private personal training at my private training studio, at semi-private prices!


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27 May 2018

Jason is extremely motivating and committed to your fitness goals. The workouts were challenging and engaging, and made me feel great! I would highly recommend Jason as a personal trainer. You won’t regret working with him! More...


Joelle B

27 May 2018

Jason is an amazing trainer - he is so patient and works diligently to ensure my goals are met and that I am progressing! I highly recommend him.


Jessica Burnett

27 May 2018

Jason is the best! I have had a few trainers and have been to countless classes and programs, and I finally found something that works. This is the first time I’ve done real training with progression — we do major lifts and he makes it really fun and challenging. In 6 months I feel stronger, way more fit, Ive actually lost 5% body fat so far, and my overall shape has changed pretty dramatically. I’m no longer just focused on weight loss, and I love it! Can’t recommend Jason enough! More...

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I train people the right way, based on science. No gimmicks, no fluff just to pass time or to make you tired, no random or unsafe exercises -- what I do is pure programming in my own unique way.

Everything we do together is planned and tracked and you will see the progress you make based on the numbers, as well as how you feel.

Hard work and proper programming — in order to see positive changes, the body must be challenged to adapt! Progressive overload and proper nutrition are the only way!

I love helping people improve so they can feel better and enjoy life!

I have been training for about a decade, and in that time I have started 4 different training businesses and owned and operated 3 different training studios. I always wanted to work for myself as it allows me to help people the right way!

I promise you will not find a more qualified, more caring and more passionate personal trainer. After years in this industry and constant research, I know what’s safe, what really works and I make sure my clients are saitsfied.