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Construction - Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Complexes and Apartment Blocks. Steel Fabrication and Erection. Refurbishment of Buildings. Demolition of Fire Damaged Buildings.

Construction services/Refurbishment of properties, such as the complete replacement of roofs, wall structures, and rebuilding of structures.



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Japac Water Barrier was established in 2010 . Our motto is ingenuity, practicality and quality.

Our staff are trained on a regular basis and hold multiple certifications, and bring years of expertise to a project.
We provide 10 year warranties on painting projects if Dulux paints are used.
A 10 year warranty is provided for Torch-on waterproofing projects.

We bring high levels of expertise, a penchant for paying attention to details and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. There is nothing better than a happy and satisfied client, especially when the project is unique and challenging and requires us to draw on our skills to meet what seems to be a difficult project requirement. We enjoy interacting with our clients and understanding the complexity of what they do, and being able to meet their unique needs.

We diversified into the areas of Construction, Refurbishment and Steel fabrication & Installation when we were approached by clients who felt that our services could meet unusual requirements, such as replacing roofs on galvanizing plants where production could not be stopped. The demand for services which may be a little extraordinary proved an exciting challenge which we felt we could meet.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that projects are done with a high attention to detail, correct project planning, involving clients at all phases, ensuring that qualified project managers are on site every day and meeting project deadlines.


Refurbishment of Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing and Apartment properties, such as the complete replacement of roofs, wall structures, and rebuilding of structures.