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Janet Montgomery Hypnotherapy

Calabasas, California


Janet Montgomery Hypnotherapy

Calabasas, California


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ladyhusband b.

14 October 2019

Bring the skeptics- this woman is the real deal.  I have no idea if the hypnosis aspect is working yet, but after just two sessions, she has illuminated revelations that years of therapy never uncovered.  I am cautiously optimistic about where this treatment is headed.   If you are struggling with literally anything, you have nothing to lose - and potentially everything to gain- by giving her methods a try.  She provides a quiet, safe space to explore what is going on in your brain- and she has a wealth of knowledge she shares without judgement.  You might find yourself with a new perspective, and who couldn't use more of that? More...


Debi Bartoli

26 September 2019

I’m really thankful that my mom sent me to Janet. I really like her comfy, cozy, and calming atmosphere and personable approach. She really helps you understand what is going on in your head and makes u fee like your not crazy it’s just how your brain works. Thank you Janet for helping my relationship with my mom be better and help me be a better person. More...


Audrey C.

14 July 2019

I went in to see Janet because I wanted to try a different therapy approach than sitting with a psychologist.  I have seen psychologists on and off for over 10 years.  What Janet did in two sessions, no other psychologist has ever been able to do.  I had a breakthrough with stage-fright; speaking in front of groups of people is my worst fear.  Usually, I have high anxiety with palm sweats and nausea, but on July 11th, it was a different story.  I didn't fixate, I got up there and did my presentation and actually received compliments after.  I know I can do even better, but the regrets, self-doubts and sabotage was not there.  Thank you, Janet! More...


Brian Ross

9 July 2019

Janet montgomery is very professional in the way she approaches her treatment.I felt very comfortable with the Hypnosis and was fully able to resolve my situation.I highly recommend Janet.


Joey R.

13 April 2019

I had a wonderful experience with Janet. She is incredibly gifted and the real deal. I went in with sleep problems, but she tackled some much deeper underlying problems.  It was fascinating for me to experience and witness my subconscious having dialogue and understanding how by altering my past it changes my future.Give Janet a try - she will impress you with her natural ability to see you, hear you and be a vessel in helping you heal you. More...


Tala B.

13 September 2018

Janet is wonderful to work with. I was referred by a friend and am happy I was! She is thoughtful, understanding and approaches hypnotherapy in a way I have never seen before. I love her methodology and find great value in it and so have the people I referred to her. She is able to talk through a wide range of topics and get you to understand the underlying root of your concerns or areas you are working on. More...


Jennifer K.

20 July 2018

Janet Montgomery is a miracle worker. She really gets to the heart of the problem you are there to see her about, and she figures out where our beliefs come from and how we came to have these beliefs that we have, then she does her magic. Her practice is highly personalized and she is smart and intuitive. I am thankful for Janet's services. She is a healer for sure! More...


Milla G.

1 August 2017

Would recommend her to all my friends and colleagues who are seeing to improve upon or re-wire deep seated beliefs that are holding us back.I went to see Janet based on a referral, after having researched Hypnotherapy and considered it for some time. Personal growth and self-improvement (for the sake of... well, finding happiness!) has always been of tantamount priority to me, so I've gone to all kinds of folks for guidance in different arenas. After having spent large chunks of time in traditional therapy, I've realized that there are many ingrained beliefs that self-awareness and traditional therapy (and other modalities) cannot quite get to the core of. One can understand that there is a issue and WHY, but yet not be able to re-wire the brain to get beyond those beliefs.So far, I have had only 1 session with Janet (and 2nd is on the books this week), and I am very excited to spend the next 6 months working with her consistently.She is clearly a professional, who knows her science and technique well. Beyond this, she is clearly a compassionate human, and has not seemingly gotten jaded by the day-in-day-out that one might experience after having worked at the same trade for decades.It seems she has found her calling; and it seems I have found my new favorite hypnotherapist. I also noted that she is more affordable than any Hypnotherapist who has rates posted on their sites! It seems she really does love helping people, rather than gouging them - and for someone who is literally talking directly to your inner child - you certainly need a COMPASSIONATE person with INTEGRITY.A+ for Janet. More...


Tess N.

9 January 2017

WANT RESULTS?! CALL JANET NOW!! Janet has been my hypnotherapist for years. She is a true healer, and she is invaluable in my life. Janet has helped me accomplish major goals in my life including cigarette cessation, getting married and operating a successful business. I honestly don't think I could have done it without her. I refer all my family members, friends and clients to her. Don't think twice about it. I LOVE HER AND SO WILL YOU! More...


Kari M.

28 May 2016

I was very happy with my sessions with Janet. The therapy alone is unique and very effective. The hypnotism portion of the session was incredible. I felt so relaxed the whole time and felt as though I could share anything with Janet. After my first session with Janet I found myself less anxious in day to day life which was huge for me! I did two sessions total and all I can say is that I'm so glad I did. I feel more balanced in my thoughts and more driven to pursue the life I really want. More...


Mark S.

8 May 2016

Well I'm one of those guys who has some barriers I'm struggling with, but know I can fix them myself! Wrong, wrong wrong! I met Janet at a networking group I was in, and always heard people give her good testimonials about working with her. We talked I kept procrastinating, and finally said to myself, okay lets give it a try. Well I did, and mad at myself I waited so long! She really had me relaxed, and was helping me deal with some stuff I've been struggling with a long time! I will be going back again soon, as I really feel like she touched on something. With her care, and expertise, would recommend her to anyone, having trouble with anything in their life, thanks Janet! More...


Meredith G.

31 March 2015

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Janet some time ago. It took me awhile to get around to making an appointment, but I finally did and was so pleased with the result. Any preconceived notions I once had regarding hypnosis or any stigmas I'd attached to the therapeutic approach were quickly banished by Janet's utter professionalism, sincerity and dedication. She took the time to explain to me the reality of just what hypnotism is and how it can be of help to someone stuck in a potentially self-destructive cycle.Having practiced with her for several sessions now, I can tell you that I have seen vast improvement, so much more than I achieved from actual therapy. This goes beyond the repetition of affirmations or the power of "positive thinking." It significantly confronts and, with focus and openness, rewires the long held patterns and habits that have informed who we are. It teaches one how to build new positive thoughts and actions, which eventually lead to liberation from whatever it is that ails you. In summation, it encourages you to take control of your brain, which is indeed there to protect you but from time to time gets the job wrong. You redirect it down the proper path toward positive progress and walk away refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Janet's cozy chair is one of my favorite places in the world to be, and I am learning to create that world for myself and by myself. It's a beautiful, empowering thing. :) More...


Andrea H.

24 July 2014

Janet is amazing.  I call my visits with her "therapy without the heavy lifting".  She can sometimes help me shift an issue 180 degrees in ONE session.  Unbelievable!  I feel her services to be a Godsend and a necessary tool for mental health and peace of mind!!!! More...


Jeff G.

20 September 2012

Janet Montgomery's voice is very calming and reassuring. She has a way of finding exactly what is going on with you and then guides you to a  state of mind where you are receptive to making changes.   My issue was stage fright - not a good thing if you are a professional musician.  A few sessions with Janet and now I look forward to every performance...in fact, I never want to stop playing!  Thank you Janet, you are amazing! More...


Kellie S.

19 July 2012

She is the real deal. I was quite impressed with Janet's skills and ability to get directly to an issue. Her presence is calming, caring and focused. Initially I was anxious about disclosing issues that bother me, but Janet is quite healing and it did not take me very long to really feel comfortable. After one session I felt so much clearer and more at ease with myself and my goals- I walked away feeling ligher, calmer and more positive than I have in quite awhile. I can't say enough, really..I waited to write this review to see if the results I felt during the first session carried over into latter sessions. They did. I am quite pleased and will continue to see Janet. More...


Monique B.

26 April 2012

Janet offers a unique and wonderful service to her clientele. Each of us is wired differently and therefore, an individual approach is necessary to help work on our issues and goals.I've found Janet to be very compassionate, patient and caring and sincerely interested in doing the very best she can. Working with her has helped me focus on exactly what it is I want to accomplish in my business and to improve myself as a person. If you want to move your life forward, I highly recommend calling Janet and engaging her services. More...