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Lancaster, Lancashire, Lancashire

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JamRock Design

Lancaster, Lancashire, Lancashire



JamRock is an innovative, client focused digital marketing company specialising in web design, SEO and social media management. We take pride in providing our clients with a bespoke website designed to engage your customers and we also have the right team to help you optimise your website to it’s full potential to improve your chances of being found on the major search engines.


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27 September 2016

I was very dubious when I signed on with Jam Rock as I did it from a cold call, not my normal way of working. However, they have surpassed my expectations, I am very happy with my new website, their commitment to my site has been ongoing, they are easy to get hold of, reply to emails and delivery what they say they will, on time and as requested. Most importantly, my client base has increased by about 50% since I took on the SEO campaign they offer. Very Happy Indeed. More...

20 September 2016

This is a BIG Thank you to all the Jamrock Team!!!!

We have worked with Jamrock over the past 18 months, as well as there friendly manner there expertise is second to none.

I have used the so called big companies only to be disappointed with there service and high prices for poor reward.

What you get with Jamrock is the knowledge your company is in safe hands, any problems, changes, advise it has never been a problem and has been dealt with straight away.

I have asked many questions and the Jamrock Team explain everything fully, they always make the time no matter how simple the questions.

My business is specialised and these guys have taken upon themselves to research & understand my requirements, which has helped me to grow and climb up the numerous rankings.

Prices are really good too !!!!!!!!!

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We pride ourselves on our professional approach to web design. We’ve created websites for clients in almost every industry imaginable and strive to create the ideal vision that meets your requirements and expectations at a fair price. In the initial stages of the design process we take the time to make sure we create the correct website for you. We not only take into account the aesthetic feel we will also consider the level of functionality you require and make suggestions for any additional features. With web design it is often a case of less is more so we are not going to create a website with excessive, unnecessary pages or functions that you do not need. All of our web design packages include an integrated blog, feature responsive design which makes them suitable for mobile browsing, social media buttons and a .co.uk domain and hosting is included in the price. To find out more about what each of our packages contains and how they can help you visit our Pricing page. When we create a website for you we will also copyright it so the entirety of the site’s content belongs to you. This includes all the sites written content, images, code and SEO work. This is a service that not all web design companies offer and we believe this gives you more piece of mind that we have created a completely unique, bespoke website for you.

No two websites are alike and bearing this in mind we understand that many of our clients often require additional functions. Although web development is a broad term it primarily consists of creating and coding new aspects of a website that go beyond traditional graphic design and content writing. If you feel your website is missing that essential something to spark an interest in your customers let us know. If you would like a new design feature to highlight a specific product, service or event we can help. You may have seen something that caught your eye on another website recently that really impressed and amazed you. Why not let us know how much of an impression it has had on you and discuss if we can facilitate a web development project for you too? Whether you are in a specialist industry and you require something unconventional to demonstrate what makes you stand out from competitors or if you would like additional functions or design features added to your site we can create your vision.

Google’s Adwords service has been available for some time but many business owners are still not using it to it’s full potential. Like many of Google’s services, Adwords can generate great results when set up and maintained properly. Adwords is a unique approach to advertising that combines elements of SEO to help your site secure a sponsored result viewable on the first page of Google when prospective customers search for your products or services. Adwords allows you to choose a budget that you will effectively use to place bids against competitors for industry specific keywords. If you feel as though your Adwords campaign isn’t performing as well as it could be we’re more than willing to help out. From conducting keyword research to help you target the right searches to complete Adwords account management we can offer the correct solution to improve your Adwords success.

Social media is becoming increasingly more important for the majority of businesses advertising today. What may have initially been considered as a gimmick or purely a way of targeting younger audiences has know developed into a huge growth sector with sites such as Facebook and Twitter amassing a huge market value which in turn further enhances the potential of businesses incorporating a coherent social media strategy into their marketing campaign. Almost every business imaginable can benefit from promoting themselves on social media however some sites are more beneficial to certain industries and not all techniques are universally guaranteed to generate good results. Whether you’re a complete novice to social media marketing or if you are fairly well versed but would like to increase your reach and effectiveness we can provide you with the solutions to get you noticed. Whatever market you’re involved in get in touch to see how we can help with your social media management.

an’t find your site on the major search engines? Maybe our Lancaster based SEO services can help put you on the map? Whether you are well versed in search engine optimisation or a complete novice we aim to increase your knowledge in the key issues and help your site get the right amount of traffic to allow you to carry on with the day to day running of your business. Search engine optimisation is essential for any website that wants to be found on Google or any of the major search engines. To those who aren’t in the know SEO can be a long and sometimes perilous journey which may result in very little results. Based in Lancaster, our SEO specialist has years of industry experience and is prepared to optimise your site and continue the SEO process once on site optimisation is complete to retain your search positions. We pride ourselves in our natural approach to SEO and use only organic methods when optimising your site. We begin the optimisation process by assessing your sites content and on site optimisation. Next we conduct keyword research and review your competitors’ sites to formulate the best plan for your own SEO strategy. After presenting the findings back to you we will then implement the on site optimisation and update your site content where necessary. Once the on site optimisation is complete we will then begin the off site optimisation and start developing your link profile. We carefully select all our links to make sure you have a healthy link profile that will prevent your website from receiving a penalty from Google. As the off site optimization progresses we will report back to you with any significant results and offer further suggestions if your business expands or diversifies into a new market. So whether you are seeking SEO in Lancaster or any location worldwide Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Logo design is essential for almost every company especially when you want to stand out online. If you want to instil confidence in your customers a distinctive or memorable logo can really go a long way. Whether you have something specific in mind or if you’d like to leave the creativity to us we can create the right logo design for your website. After an initial consultation we’ll get started with the design process and then get back to you when the work is nearing completion to make sure we are still on the same page. From text logos to more involved designs our in house logo designers can create exactly what you need to make help make your business memorable. Contact us to discuss your logo design requirements today.

Our in house photographer is available to take stunning shots to help make your website come to life. We can take photos of your business premises, your team and even product images for listings and catalogues. This service is only available to customers in Lancaster or close by, Contact us to book your photography session now.

Ever wanted to go viral? Well we can’t guarantee that but we can help you on your way with our video marketing services! Many businesses can get discovered in the most unlikely ways and it often starts with a well filmed, engaging video that reaches out to your customers. Some products or services can really only be shown off to their full potential with a good video and we’re the people to help you achieve this. Get in touch to find out more.

Many businesses of all sizes are using mobile apps to engage with customers. As smart phones continue to increase in popularity it makes sense to create an app that will appeal to your customers. If you have an idea for a mobile app our team of developers can create it for you. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team today.