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Having over 5+ years working in broadcasting and photography, James Morgan prides himself on producing high quality, engaging photo and video content, enabling you to effectively communicate your message, strengthening your business in the process.

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Joe Mussi

11 March 2019

James was very kind, showed great attention to detail and patience with me. I was very happy with the headshots I got, would use again!


James Webb

11 September 2017

These guys were very professional and affordable. Exceeded my expectations massively.


Digital Image Team

4 July 2017

The dedication and expertise that you have given has made us extremely proud of the videos for RS Components.


Richard Simpson

4 July 2017

Very professional, happy with results and service.


Every day I get to meet new and interesting people to start a new 'project'. I love having the chance to shine, forming a rough idea and turn it into something that the clients can relate to and identify with. Whether the project frightens, excites, or draws them in, it's all in my court.

I also enjoy the editing - The fact that I can create raw video and photography and turn it into something that engages with a wider network is fascinating.

I love being adventurous and breaking the rules trying new things. I am creative and conceptualise ideas very quickly, I simply needed a platform that allowed me to be expressive and work outside the box. I like to move around a lot, building a network of friends and clients, and love when the working day has more variety than simply sitting in an office.

I have worked on a number of exciting different projects in a number of different industries. I successfully rebooted the social media content for the most recent series of Doctor Who, which saw its first female Doctor. In this position I successfully enhanced and enriched the digital content, creating fun, shareable and engaging video and photography which saw a growth in followers by 50%.

Before that I worked at a start up company producing online degree that went global. I successfully wrote the branding guidelines, enhanced all imagery and produced eye catching video and animation.

Lastly, I took the business to business wholesale company RS components from a catalogue based seller to an online retailer by enhancing all of the product photographer and digital content, which saw a growth of over 90% in revenue.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and am always on hand to see if I can get you to the best possible outcome. I like to give more of a personal touch by getting to know my clients and what it is they want to achieve by using me as a service provider. I am extremely friendly, approachable and my sense of humour is that of a Dad trying to embarrass his children, so we will most likely get on.