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My nonprofit True Heart Path, Inc educates people on developing peace within them and in all their interactions. We educate people on what it means to return to and live from their True Heart.

We are in the process of creating a series of Documentaries that comprise of interviews with people who are living their True Heart by developing and sharing their spiritual knowledge and abilities.


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Daniel Bersh

13 August 2018

When we open our hearts to one another
Amazing connections are made ✨❤️✨❤️✨


Bevan Bird

13 August 2018

Deep love


Vicki Rozanski

13 August 2018

So far I am amazed and feel the energy that I love so much. Happy to have found this . Thank you .


Wink Wilmoth

13 August 2018

Thank you James for accepting my request. We all could use a reminder of Love and Light - and music in our souls.....�


Robert Bounds

13 August 2018

this site is excellent .. im finding lots of good information to show the world the way to peace.. now if we together can make them listen


Mina Milos

13 August 2018

I thank you my friend James for the invite to your awesome site you created that brings like minded people together in sharing wisdom, the awareness of self that we are all discovering within by remembering our divinity ... reminding one another through hearing conversations from heart! Blessings of much love & light More...


Joshua Majkut

13 August 2018

It allowed me to share and listen to intuitive empathetic and wise souls. I felt I became friends with everyone because we all are on our way to find ourselves fully. As I was searching for acceptance, honesty within I felt growth in unity. I felt inspired energetic and thankful as we all were leaving the building. More...


De'Lana Kay Brown

13 August 2018

Thank you beautiful soul..I shall visit you daily..much LOVE

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I love helping people to expand the freedom within them to feel the peace and joy of being who they truly are. I appreciate the opportunity to help my clients to create the life they most want to live and share with all they love.

I created True Heart Path, Inc to help educate people of all ages and walks of life to live their True Heart.

I have extensive experience helping people with wide variety of challenges. I honor their individuality and power to make their own choices. I collaborate with them to heal and to develop a positive and hopeful life path that empowers them.


Provide individual, couples and marital counseling. Also provide Life Coaching to people who choose to live the highest expression of their Soul and to live their True Heart.