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I am the co-founder of an art fair called Superfine! as well as a fine art photographer, but in my spare time I offer a wide range of photo, video, and digital services, including but not limited to:

• Headshot photography
• Portrait sessions (can be as creative or technical as needed)



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The secret is slowing yourself down enough to consider all factors of the photo you are taking. Paying attention to exact angle of the lighting, pose and expression of the subject, and overall composition of the image bring your image from *here* to *HERE*.

When starting a new project with a client, I of course ask all of the technical questions that help me understand the scope of work, but the perhaps obvious yet under-asked question is what the client's ultimate intent is. For instance, if I am taking general portraits of a client, I'm going to provide a great final product. However, if I know that those photos are going to be used on their website as a header image, I will implement more negative space into the image so the website's composition is stronger.

This will probably sound cheesy, but I love meeting new people and spending an hour+ with them. Photo shoots are often such bonding experiences!

My full-time business of owning an art fair has left me with invaluable skills across so many photo and digital services that it seemed like such a natural fit. Beyond founding Superfine!, I act as the Creative Director of the company, meaning I'm working on a daily basis with our website, graphics, marketing, advertising, and all things visual.

Not only do I have 10+ years of experience taking photos, making videos, and graphic designing, but I also have a strong marketing background and am a visual artist. Whether you are looking for professional and persuasive or imaginative with a creative flair, I'm your guy!


From headshots to event photography to artistic photo commissions, I offer a versatile range of photo services.

Simple but powerful, my videos will always leave you and your clients impressed.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I can create striking logos, advertisements, business cards, and just about anything else you need.

Already have your shots but need a pro to put on the final touches? I'll make the final product beautiful.

Tired of static? I offer simple animation services using Adobe After Effects.

Using Squarespace, I can design a beautiful website for you that's sleek and advanced at the same time.