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Full-stack web development services specializing in WordPress.


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Guidance to develop a great website comes from putting yourself into the visitor's shoes. Doing so makes it possible to provide answers to questions visitors have. Clarity and simplicity are important. Lack of clarity and complexity evoke anxiety, which is a bad user experience. If there are options, most flee causes of stress in search of a better experience. Great websites are a product of effort.

Business questions like, Why do you want a website? What do you want it to do? What problems will it resolve? Do you want to conduct business transactions (e-commerce) now? Ever?

Development questions like, Do you have layout ideas? Do you have brand colors, artwork, images, content? What are some web pages you like, dislike? What do you want it not to be?

Management questions like, Do you want to add, edit and delete data? Do you want to add, edit and delete pages? What level of control do you want for yourself?

SEO questions like, What do you understand about search engine optimization (a website's relationship with search engines).

Writing code to do amazing things. I love the functionality of the back-end and the creative challenges and rewards of the front-end. Both are necessary for an effective website.

A desire to chart my own course. Being employed has advantages, but for me choosing my path was more important.

Skills, experience and predictability. I have over 20 years of business experience and over 7 years of web development experience. The client testimonials on my website testify to their satisfaction. I do what I say, which makes me predictable.

I understand the need for value, for getting the most bang for the buck. I seek to bring value. But value does not mean being the least expensive. The "cheap" solution can be the right or wrong solution based on short and long-term objectives. If you know what you're talking about, you can list the pros and cons of what you recommend to clients.