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Hello, we’re Stephanie Jager and Britta Kokemor.

We’re about what’s on the other side of the lens – in other words, we’re about you. We believe that your photos should fill you with pride. We believe that after your photo shoot is done, you should feel amazing.



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The most important element of a good photograph is the ability of the photo to communicate with the viewer and evoke emotion. It should be able to tell a story through its composition, lighting, and most importantly its subject matter.

A few questions we like to ask are:
1. Have you worked with a professional photographer before?
2. What is the scope of your project?
3. What are you hoping to achieve with these photo's?
4. What is your timeline/deadline?
5. What is your budget?

Hands down we love meeting new people and hearing about who they are and what they do - taking their photo is a bonus.

Let us tell you about what we value and how we work:

We take a lot of pride in our work and we know that the secret to truly great photos is in making our clients proud. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Our client relationships are based on trust. We offer our clients more than just expert work and professionalism so that we can build lasting relationships, because we know that’s how great photos happen.

We create the absolute best product possible. We achieve this by keeping our skills and equipment current and staying focused on our clients and their needs.