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J. Easter Marketing helps businesses identify strategic opportunities to grow their business. With nearly 20 years of enhancing the marketing efforts of several Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, there is no doubt that we can create a solution to suit your needs.


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19 August 2019

Jasmine is a veteran to marketing. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares unselfishly with others. Jasmine takes her time to make sure she understands what her clients are looking for and deliveries beyond their expectations.


For me I love problem solving. When a potential client approaches me with project or a challenge I love the aspect of using all of my various experiences to create a new, out-of-the box solution. Seeing the results and the success of my clients makes it all worth it.

I've worked within major organizations for many years and always wanted the opportunity to make a greater impact. While changes and strategies may take years to come to fruition in larger companies, helping a smaller organization may be difference in them staying open or closing.

I am as dedicated to your success as you are. My current and previous clients have always complimented me on not only solving their problems, but also educating them along the way to increase their marketing and business acumen.


What does success look like for your business? Once you answer this question we can create clear goals to help you achieve success. From there we will show you which types of marketing tools would work best for your business and create a plan that you can follow. If you aren't looking to execute the plan yourself, we can manage that for you as well.

Let's examine the best methods to get from prospect to client. Running an effective and efficient business helps reduce expenses and waste. We'll make sure your processes are as efficient as can be and eliminate any gaps preventing you from success. We'll create training and standard operating procedure documents to keep you on track moving forward.

Let's take a look at how you market your business today and identify ways to streamline those processes through the use of technology. Once we've identified the best solutions, I'll make sure they are all setup and integrated with one another for stress-free management. You'll be fully-trained on each tool so you can continue to manage it moving forward.

Want to become a better marketer? I'll teach you how to understand and identify opportunities for your business and implement the right strategies. You'll develop a keen eye along with tools to help you make sound business decisions.