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Life flies by at a blazing speed and before we know it children have grown up, we've decided to propose to that special someone, weddings have come and gone and sadly we have said goodbye to loved ones that we wish we could see just one more time.


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Danny Tripolsky

8 August 2019

John was super helpful throughout my surprise engagement. I thought it was going to be stressful but his attention to all of the details was very refreshing. The pictures came out amazing - he was even able to work some very impressive photoshop magic to remove the people that could have ruined our special moment. I highly recommend J. Duenas Professional Photography to anyone needing their celebratory moment to be captured. More...


Donald Lanciano

25 May 2019

John and Amanda where just amazing. choosing to email them with my request out of the 15 to 20 photographers i reached out to prooved to be the single best decision ive most likely ever made for a photo shoot. They where so kind to me having not yet met me and i was just immediately confident in my decision. In a world where selfishness and deciept are becoming normal it was a nice feeling to know thier is still kindness and thoughtfullness that doesnt get the attention it deserves. Now back to the picks. John and Amanda where in complete control for the whole hour or so we where together. they came preparred and had plenty of shots in mind so that we didnt have to waste anytime tryn to decide what to do next. It was above and beyond what i could have wished for. Folks if you have read my review to this point it means your not convinced so let me end with this. If you book another photographer remember to come back here and read this again because i guarantee that photographer asked you how to complete or fill in the blanks He or she didnt have prepared beforehand. Or they charged you double the rate because honestly photo shoots this good are priceless. I dont care how good your cellphone camera is it cannot capture the moment like John can. Thankyou so much John and Amanda we shall meet again real soon. More...


Ryan Gagnon

4 May 2019

J makes everything effortless! He takes care of all the small details and the pictures came out amazing!!


Jackie Hayes

8 November 2018

What is there to say about J. Duenas Professional Photography? I'm pretty sure there are no words to express the phenomenal work done by, John. He has a God-given eye for beauty. I can not recommend him enough! Thank you beyond words for your amazing work! More...


Paula Bogan

4 November 2018

Mr. Duenas takes his photography very serious. He has a wonderful eye, and knows what it takes to take pictures for young children (he did the best job with my, at the time, 7 month old). He is also very understanding for what the customer needs (As we needed breaks for feeding) and even saw the beauty and opportunity to capture a beautiful day to day task. He operates in a very timely manner, with taking the pictures, giving beautiful sneak peaks, as well as providing the finished product. I give him a 10/10, and I would (and will) take my family to this wonderful photographer for our future pictures. I highly recommend his artistic eye for your future pictures! More...


Denise Leahy

21 September 2018

He is very professional with his work. I would highly recommend him.