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J David Tax Law Reviews

J David Tax Law Reviews

Review of J David Tax Law by Karen F.
5 15/11/2018 Karen F.

J. David Tax Law is simply the best. I found them on here to help me navigate through a complex IRS situation with a lien and a levy. My first contact with them was amazing, Bryan is so very nice and professional. The communication and support was exceptional, I could not have asked for anything better. This firm provided me with absolutely sound representation that later turned out exactly how they anticipated saving me thousands of dollars. I’m so grateful for their representation. My attorney was a hard worker and great communicator providing me updates late in the day and weekends when it was needed. There is nobody else I would recommend to a friend or family member but J David Tax. Don't waste time with anyone less than a tax attorney you can work directly with. I'm so happy I did and this tax nightmare is over.

Review of J David Tax Law by Clarence Carter
5 19/07/2018 Clarence Carter

J David Tax was an invaluable help in resolving all my tax issues with New York and the IRS. Due to extreme procrastination I needed to file four years worth of state and federal taxes and was looking at substantial interest and penalties. This firm was very thorough and reviewed the situation with me, explained all the options, took all my records and communications, clearly and thoughtfully answered all my questions, filed all overdue paperwork, communicated with both agencies on my behalf. I never had to talk to anyone other than my tax attorney, and he followed up with me at every step. They were very upfront about what they thought would happen, and it worked out exactly like they said. There was little to no guesswork. I am so happy to have found them and although I hope I never find myself in this situation again, J Davd Tax is the first call I would make with any tax problem.

Review of J David Tax Law by Mark Simmons
5 19/06/2018 Mark Simmons

I learned the hard way after opening a business about federal taxes and the consequences of not paying them. The IRS showed up at my business and scared my employees, and me. I had no idea what to do so I brought the problem to BNI networking group I was a part of and found that one of the other business owners had a similar problem in the past and recommended this firm. I am so thankful for my group and the referral that led me hear. After six months of hard negotiating J David was able to get me into a settlement that I could do and still maintain my business and it's future growth. As a business owner I take reviews seriously and this was the easiest review for me to write because of the outcome and how I was treated by everyone at the firm throughout the process.

Review of J David Tax Law by Aubrey Thompson
5 09/05/2018 Aubrey Thompson

I had a car lot with my boyfriend and we didn't know anything about paying sales taxes. Fast forward two years and I start getting notices from the State Department of Revenue but honestly I didn't know how to handle it. A few months ago, I am now 7 months pregnant, and the Sheriff's Office comes to the door with a warrant for my arrest for not paying sales tax. He gave me 24 hours to turn myself in. I searched and called the first name I saw, J. David Tax Law. I'm glad I did. They were able to get the Revenue Department to drop the charges. My attorney went to court with me and we had the entire matter resolved in a month. I am so thankful for the help this firm provided me in a time of dire need. This is the easiest review I have ever written. Thank you so much!

Review of J David Tax Law by Dustin Bowlin
5 07/05/2018 Dustin Bowlin

Taxes are stressful. Realizing you need help maneuvering the the tax laws makes it even more stressful. That was until I encountered J. David Tax Law. Working with the great professionals at this firm have helped to erase my fears in dealing with any tax issues and questions I have. They have always been available to answer any of my questions even after settling the initial concerns and issues. If you need any assistance in dealing with the legalese of the tax code or you need assistance in interacting with the IRS, look no further than J. David Tax Law!

Review of J David Tax Law by Daniel Hall
5 05/03/2018 Daniel Hall

I have a business that fell behind on 941 Payroll taxes when I was ill. I knew nothing about taxes but one day a revenue office showed up saying he was going to shut the business down. I didn't know where to turn until someone in a networking group I'm a part of recommended J David Tax Law. Within a few short days they stopped the aggressive action and one of the best things for me is that the revenue officer was obligated to deal with my lawyer and not stop in my business and scare my employees and runoff my customers. They got us into a settlement that we are happy with that allows us to continue to grow our business. My wife and I are appreciative for all they did to help us in our most desperate time. Everyone I talked to bent over backwards to help us.

Review of J David Tax Law by Kenneth Bondurant
5 27/02/2018 Kenneth Bondurant

My experience with J. David Tax Law has been excellent. I especially extend my thanks to Attorney Toni Fleming for her professional and calming assistance to me.

Review of J David Tax Law by JohnnyR
5 21/02/2018 JohnnyR

I hadn't filed taxes for several years because of a bad time I was going through in my life. I didn't have any documents and knew that I could owe a lot after the taxes were filed. I didn't know what to do. My sister spent two days on the Internet doing research on tax law firms and she decided on this one. I'm glad she did. In a few weeks from when J David became my attorney they had it all squared away. Now I can go on with the new start to my life and not be loooking over my shoulder. Thanks!

Review of J David Tax Law by Brian Anderson
5 16/02/2018 Brian Anderson

Extremely Professional Group. I highly recommend working with this firm. I was kept informed every step of the way and just had exceptional service.

Review of J David Tax Law by K Dietz
5 14/02/2018 K Dietz

I hadn't filed taxes for several years because of a bad time I was going through in my life. I didn't have any documents and knew that I could owe a lot after the taxes were filed. I didn't know what to do. My sister spent two days on the Internet doing research on tax law firms and she decided on this one. I'm glad she did. In a few weeks from when J David became my attorney they had it all squared away. Now I can go on with the new start to my life and not be loooking over my shoulder. Thanks!

Review of J David Tax Law by Sherry Taylor
5 14/02/2018 Sherry Taylor

I am not one to leave a ton of reviews but felt compelled to for this experience. I screwed up as a business owner and had the IRS take money from my bank account. On the recommendation of my CPA I contacted this firm. I am an analytic and distrustful by nature but felt I had to trust someone the understand the IRS better than me. They did a phenomanel job, stop the IRS from taking more money and negotiated an agreement that allowed my business to stay open and have a chance to thrive. Thanks to Bryan and Chris, they were awesome!

Review of J David Tax Law by Liz Smith
5 07/02/2018 Liz Smith

My attorney did more for me here than I thought was possible after trying to deal with this tax debt on my own. I consider myself a fairly intelligent and accomplished person but when I tried applying that reason to the IRS, it didn't work. They are the most unreasonable bunch I've ever dealt with. Made me feel helpless. J. David Tax exceeded my expectations and I'd be happy to reccomend them to anyone with a tax problem.

Review of J David Tax Law by Connie B.
5 06/02/2018 Connie B.

I owed over $97k from my hair salon. It started out a hobby and before I knew it I had a real business with employees and no idea how to pay the taxes. That's how I ended up owing the IRS and North Carolina a LOT of money. I had no idea what to do but was so fortunate I found J. David Tax Law. They were able to get some of my penalties removed and was able to get a payment to the IRS that I could pay. They saved me and my girls from doing without from having to pay the IRS. I'd reccommend them to anyone!

Review of J David Tax Law by Randy Doan
5 06/02/2018 Randy Doan

Excellent service. They performed all that they said they would. Most of the time they were available all hours and when not promptly returned my call with an answer to my questions.

Review of J David Tax Law by luis d
5 06/02/2018 luis d

after trying others company that promised that will help you, just to find out that they were interested on take my money all they can, I found J. David Tax Law LLC, WOW !!!they where very professionals and they are for real , they help me till they resolve my case with the I.R.S. specially Mr. Castro he is an awesome person, he explain to me very good and take all the time to call me email me he really care about my situation, he is very professional and very kind, I am super gratefully pleased that I found them, give them a try, you do not regret it

Review of J David Tax Law by jonnie mellen
5 01/02/2018 jonnie mellen

I can’t tell you how great full I am for their help. I was worried when I saw some reviews but felt I was in a bind. They eased my mind and worked immediately to help me. I saw the proof from day one. I am hopeful for a fair outcome.

Review of J David Tax Law by Jackie W.
5 29/01/2018 Jackie W.

Words can not express my appreciation. YOU DID IT!!!! I have dealt with and paid multiple so-called tax relief companies to resolve my tax problems, however you were the only one who was successful. ...My birthday is in two days; settling with them (IRS) is the best gift I could have hoped for. This has haunted me for years. If feels so good to be out from under this burden. THANK YOU!

Review of J David Tax Law by Dexter Howard
5 29/01/2018 Dexter Howard

I am writing to thank you for the very professional job that you and your colleagues accomplished in managing my recent negotiations with the IRS concerning an offer in compromise. At the beginning of our work together you clearly mapped out the steps involved in the process and you accurately predicted the response of the IRS at every step. You completed the negotiation in a fairly short period of time, within the budget for fees that we initially agreed upon, and with an outcome that ultimately saved me tens of thousands of dollars. Please don't hesitate to use me for future client references.

Review of J David Tax Law by Kirk Buhl
5 08/01/2018 Kirk Buhl

I decided I needed a tax attorney to represent me in dealing with the IRS due to having very large prior year taxes due, even though I was current in tax return filings, and having just received notice that the IRS had cancelled a prior installment agreement and were threatening me with wage garnishment, property liens, etc. After a telephone call with J. David Tax Law, we set up a "game plan". I found my attorney to be extremely knowledgeable, and he quickly outlined my options, listened to my desires relative to my financial state, and recommended a path forward that his firm would totally manage with the IRS on my behalf. I left feeling a great weight had been taken off my shoulders. I sent backup documents to my attorney's legal assistant, provided a signed power of attorney form so they could represent me before the IRS, and was informed that a response to the IRS was in process. They contacted regularly to keep me informed of where they were in the case. Surprisingly, five weeks later I received options to settle the tax debt that I could handle. This options were drastically better than what the IRS had offered when I spoke with them. J. David Tax Law's ethical, and forthright treatment of this unique situation gave me reassurance that their reputation is justly deserved. Without hesitation I will immediately engage J. David Tax Law should the need ever arise again. Hopefully it won't but you never know. Good to have options.

Review of J David Tax Law by Crystal Stalker
5 02/01/2018 Crystal Stalker

My attorney at J. David Tax Law respectfully understood my range of emotions and concerns I had regarding my situation. He thoroughly explained the process, set expectations & options, and helped guide me to a successful outcome. The organization was responsive, knowledgable, and happy to answer any questions, no matter how mundane. Jonathan's diligence, experience, and personal commitment, made me feel that my case was important & that I was more than just another client. Because of this, I am so thankful that I found them.

Review of J David Tax Law by Adam Harris
4 18/12/2017 Adam Harris

I would have given J. David five stars but I thought my IRS offer in compromise would be a couple hundred dollars. It ended up being almost $900. I am not really complaining since they wiped out $19,286 that I owed to the IRS and left me paying the 900. I just did not want to pay the IRS anything since I don't think they deserve it.

Review of J David Tax Law by Judy Ratliff
5 28/11/2017 Judy Ratliff

I was so glad when my Accountant referred me to someone that they new were reputable. I didn't know what to do but J. David Tax did. They saved us from losing a lot and not being worried to death all the time. It's over and done and I don't have to worry about this tax stuff any more. THANK YOU!

Review of J David Tax Law by Raymond Avaya
5 06/11/2017 Raymond Avaya

Had a construction company that the IRS was trying to shut down because no pay my taxes. Their staff are real pros, knowledgeable, responsive, sensitive to the pressures from the IRS. They did everything they said they would and, in my case, were able to resolve the matter to my benefit. I'd have no hesitation in referring J David Tax to a family member or close friend. They saved me from ruin.

J David Tax Law

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