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Feeling isolated?

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Wow, things can get confusing and overwhelming so quickly! It is my job and my pleasure to help turn the tensions and pain you're experiencing into opportunities for growth and expansion.


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Caroline L.

18 September 2019

I really appreciate the many ways that I am able to be myself with Brian.  He has a disarming presence, and with him I feel that I can fully show up in my authenticity without worrying about feeling judged or criticized (something I have felt from other therapists before).  In my life I have struggled to voice my true feelings with men, but with Brian's support, I now feel more confident in my vulnerability.  I am truly grateful for him and would recommend him as a therapist to any person. More...


Joanna C.

17 September 2019

Brian is a remarkable person. I trust him deeply and feel I can be all of me with him. His insight, care, and compassion has helped me discover deeper wells of love for myself and my life. His sense of humor and playfulness makes me feel lighter and hopeful when life gets too serious. I recommend him widely to all who are seeking to heal, grow, and explore themselves deeply. More...


Rebecca F.

14 May 2018

Brian is an incredibly compassionate, intuitive therapist. His process is gentle while still going deep, I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to do powerful work while being held in a safe, reliable container.


Monica B.

13 February 2018

One of the first things I noticed about Brian is how refreshingly down-to-earth he is. He brings a great balance of realness and humor, depth and curiosity into his work with clients. I especially know him to be helpful and engaged in his work with men and couples. I would definitely recommend some of my friends to him and that says a lot! More...


Stephanie S.

12 February 2018

Brian and I have been consulting together for some months now, and I can attest to the deep care and compassion he puts into his work.  He is curious, insightful, and I feel at ease in his presence.  He is high on my list as a recommended therapist. More...


Anya L.

5 February 2018

Not only Brian is an exceptional listener, his insights are on point and help me dive deeper into an understanding of my humanity and struggles every time. I feel fully supported, accepted and safely held in our sessions, which I find to be very hard to come across. Wholeheartedly recommend him. More...


Megan L.

12 October 2017

Brian facilitated a T-group in my home last week, and I felt so happy, safe, glad... (speaking in t-group style) :) to have him be the one holding down the space with us.  His light-hearted nature, along with his depth of understanding of the human experience ~ from both his training at CIIS where he received his Master's degree, to his countless hours with clients, and most importantly, from his own life experience~  all shines through with his big heart, compassionate ways, and the insight and empathy he offers, with just enough humor to keep things movin'. I believe everyone on the planet could benefit from this type of experience, in one form or another right now.  Thank you Brian, and looking forward to the next T-group experience with you! More...


Eli Z.

25 September 2017

I met Brian through a friend and immediately realized that I found an amazing human being who's a gifted facilitator for going through growth. I'm really grateful for finding Brian and warmly recommending for working with him. More...


Shena T.

14 September 2017

Brian is one of those people that it is easy to warm up to immediately. He makes it easy to relax and be yourself, which is extremely helpful in the vulnerable and challenging process of being in therapy. It is clear that he is very dedicated to his work and while he is caring and compassionate, he is not afraid to confront the important things may otherwise be avoided or remain hidden. Anyone that gets to work with him is fortunate. More...


Zach S.

23 May 2017

Over the past few years I have been continually impressed by Brian's ability to be spacious and flexible in response to my own issues. Without diminishing the pain or confusion I may be feeling, he somehow also does not let me take it too seriously, which immediately helps me see whatever it is I'm struggling with with more lightness and with more faith that things will change for the better, and probably sooner than I think. Things are never as bad as I first think they are ; ).I've been very appreciative of Brian's impact on my life. He's helped me be more lighthearted, more flexible, and enjoy the ebbs and flows of life more than I would otherwise have been able to do. More...


Owen M.

20 May 2017

Brian is a true gem.  The combination of his huge heart, great sense of humor, and intuitive insight has made for a wonderful experience of therapy.  As a result of my work with Brian, I have undergone a deep transformation in who I know myself to be.  Brian's continual seeing and appreciating of all of me--even the parts that I'd always hated and wanted to get rid of--has helped me love myself in a way that I never thought was possible.Brian's style works really well for me.  Our sessions are filled with laughter, and his skillful use of humor helped me recognize deeply rooted patterns while learning to not take myself too seriously.  At the same time, you can tell that Brian is serious about his work--that he really cares for my well-being and that he puts his whole heart into the work.I feel deeply grateful that I found such a wonderful therapist.  Thank you Brian! More...


Jessica B.

2 May 2017

Brian is a warm and gifted therapist who has helped support me in some of my most vulnerable struggles. He is approachable, easy to talk to and has helped me feel very safe and supported. His skills in Hakomi and using the body for deep reflection and insight are one of his main strengths. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a safe space to go deep into themselves. More...


Lauren S.

27 April 2017

Brian brings genuine curiosity and deep presence to his work. He is passionate about helping couples and individuals create awesome relationships. I'd highly recommend having him on your team if you are looking to improve your life with the support of a positive, caring, and dedicated therapist. More...


Mark N.

26 April 2017

Brian is a very special counselor and psychologist.  His intelligence and warmth helped me open myself up more.  Brain's very presence is relaxing and healing.  He provides a low stress environment, but his work with me was fully engaged and very focused.  As a result, I was able to work through the questions I had built up over several years.  I highly recommend him. More...


Dennis D.

22 April 2017

I am so impressed with Brian's practice. I trust him fully, even when shit hits the fan (like when my beautiful son was born the same week I was diagnosed with cancer ).  These events triggered within me an exhausting emotional range, especially unserving childhood rage, trauma, and deep grief. In addition, I was also offered up a clear invitation for healing, especially self compassion. Wherever I'm at I feel safe to share it. I trust Brian. He hears me accurately and see me clearly. More...


Alexander K.

4 April 2017

Brian is an exceptional person.  I felt so safely supported in the therapeutic field he created for us to drop into and explore for my healing.  I was able to access threads of my grief that were hidden from me and left the session feeling uplifted and lighter.  Can't recommend seeing him enough. More...


ashley w.

30 March 2017

Brian has become an extraordinary person in my life.  I find him to be one of the most empathic and comforting men I have ever met.  I have struggled to have healthy relationships with men, and Brian has demonstrated that it is possible to have a healthy, caring relationship to a man. He brings such depth to his work.   He makes me feel important, each and every time I see him.  I never doubt his authenticity.  He carries a tremendous amount of tenderness, while still being very masculine in his presence.  I feel safe with Brian.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking to heal trauma, work on relationship issues, who is experiencing a lot of shame, or is feeling stuck.  He is an incredible person and I feel so much gratitude for having him in my life. More...


Jessica S.

28 March 2017

Brian offers a safe space, compassion and support to work through difficulty. He has been instrumental in supporting me overcome deep sadness and grief. I especially recommend one of his expertise, Hakomi. More...


Jaime K.

10 March 2017

I've been seeing Brian regularly for a while now and every time it's a great experience. Brian truly cares about people's health wellbeing and I would highly recommend him!


Jessica k.

28 February 2017

I've been working with Brian for over a year and it has been amazing! He's heart centered, a wonderful listener, great at reflecting back parts of me that I couldn't see, and solid at what he does.


Molly M.

25 November 2012

Meire Santos is the absolute best therapist!! I've been seeing her for 7 years, she has enriched my life beyond words!  There is always plenty of parking and good magazines to read.  The office has a very homey feel and is very inviting.  If you go on Wednesdays be sure to check out the small local Farmer's Market.I highly recommend coming here and if you have the pleasure to see Meire you will be a long time client.  I feel so completely blessed to be Meire's client and to have her guidance. More...


Douglas D.

19 August 2011

Anna Bennasi is a Therapist Intern with Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center in San Francisco.I have met and worked with several therapists over the last thirty years. That may not do much for my credibility and then again, it may. You decide. But all I have is my opinions. And in my opinion, Anna is a fine therapist. She demonstrates all the skills and practices that are needed in therapy. She is highly intelligent without arrogance, a wonderful listener without being passive, and a caring and compassionate healer. In the six months since I have met Anna, she has helped me with my wife, my marriage, and my life.If you are looking for a therapist anywhere near Castro, you would be wise to consider her.Douglas Whitinghardworkisfun@gmail.com More...

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Watching people live into their potential and thrive! Seeing relationships get easier and more satisfying.

I love working with people. I also tend to get bored easily and therapy is never boring for me.

I am fun, light hearted, and easy going, but I take this work very seriously am not interested in wasting your time or mine. Lets get to work.